Izni's Wedding

Today is the big day for my youngest sister Izni who is getting married with the man of her choice. As I remembered, she has been going out with only 2 men, one was Megat and the other is the man she is going to marry today, Izzat. I don't know what happened to Megat but I'm sure Izni chose the right man to spend the rest of her life with.
After months of preparation, everything is ready now. The invitations have been sent out, the tents and tables are ready and all of our family member will be here in Pasir Mas including my Dad who will be the wali for Izni.
The akad-nikah (marriage solemnisation) ceremony is held at the Kampung Pauh mosque some 5 KM away, the same place my sister Lina and her husband got married. The event started around 10:00 AM and about 30 minutes later Izni is now somebody's wife.
From the mosque we returned to the house for the bersanding ceremony. As you can see the theme for this wedding is green. Well, most of my family member wore green today including me who looked just dashing in this picture here :P
And then the bride and groom and everybody eats the excellent food made by my aunt Yatie who is undoubtedly the best cook in the family (if not in town).
Here in the east coast, the guest came from afternoon until early in the evening. There's no fixed time frame for them to come. We had to entertain a few hundred of them guests all day long. Everybody in my family, friends and relatives lend a hand and worked hard to make this wedding a success.

Now my youngest sister tied the knot, all of my siblings are officially married. That's mean I don't have to go to anymore weddings again after this yay! Okay just kidding. All of my cousins are still single and when the day comes, you can count on me to be there for the big day. So congratulations to you guys Izni and Izzat. May you have a blissful and happy life together. This is just the beginning for a new chapter in your lives. You will face obstacles and challenges along the road but with a little bit of patience, communication and a lot of love, there's nothing you can't overcome.