Old Town White Coffee - Curry Mee

Since Old Town White Coffee restaurants is now certified halal, I'm going to make it a mission to sample each and every one of their dishes. That means I'm going to eat at one of their outlets at least once a month. Since they've got about a hundred different meals on their menu, I predict I will cover all of them in approximately 10 years time. Unless of course somebody at Old Town finds my effort truly inspiring and worthy of recognition and decided to give me like, free treats there everyday or something? Yeah right. Dream on.
Anyway, my first meal in this serial review was the Old Town White Coffee Curry Mee (curry noodle). It's basically noodle served with thick curry sauce and vegetables. Emmm yummy! The Curry Mee here is pictured with Old Town 'Cham' iced coffee for RM 6.80 and RM3.50 each.

Wanna be my friend?

Isn't it curious that most of my friends at Friendster are girls/women? And if some guy come along asking to be friends I'll just reject them out right? (unless they're my real life friends of course). Yeap, that's me. Playboy extraordinaire.

That said, I now compile some of my most favourite photos of my friends at Friendster complete with captions. Enjoy!

"You mean if kiss her she'll turn into a handsome prince? Sure or not!!"

"Man U supporter? Blerghhhh"

"Okay darling now you decide, choose me or the monkey"

"Hangpa jangan habaq bini aku noo. Tadi aku habaq nak pi mesyuarat pemilihan bahagian. Tup tup member aku ajak pi mancing pulak"

"Okay *gasp* 300 down *gasp* 450 miles *gasp* to go *gasp* to Singapore"

"Guys-guys please, get a room!"

"At last, they finally found Nemo. Turned into a parade float in Terengganu"

"Help! The ATM machine is eating me!!"

"And supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! - Poor Has, she thinks she's Mary Poppins"

"So, tell me what you don't like about yourself.
I want more fins. One for each boobs."

"Make my boobies one more size!"

"Hah you!! I know I smell something stink round here!"

"MB Ahmad Said, 30 years ago"

"You know we can get there 4 times faster if we didn't walk like a kangaroo"

"Help save me from the big, bad, bird!
You mean the one carved from leaves and flowers? Uh, okay"

I love this commercial

Makes me wanna go and subscribe to Discovery Channel although I don't need it because I spend less than an hour a day watching TV on weekdays.

Yeap, I love the whole world too :)

Download 3GP Video | mp3

The P036 Kuala Terengganu by-election post-mortem

In the aftermath of the Parliamentary by-election in Kuala Terengganu yesterday, I'm sure many political analysts and experts will be offering their analysis, opinion or post-mortem on the election. While I'm no political expert myself, I do have my own opinion to offer on the by-election.

What BN did wrong:

Like always, they used the mainstream media (TV, radio, papers) to churn out government propaganda and demonize Pakatan Rakyat. While this might work in the 70s or the 80s, people nowadays doesn't buy those crap anymore. They have the Internet and numerous other new media to choose from and they can make their own mind themselves thank you.

Scare tactics also have no place post 0308. UMNO through their running dog MCA tried to scare off the non-muslims (especially the chinese voters) about Hudud which is a non-issue in the first place. Even if Hudud ever get implemented on federal level it won't involve non-muslims so what's all the fuss about? Besides, Lim Guang Eng and other PR leaders came to the consensus a few days before the election that every decision they make in the future will require approval from all 3 parties involved (PKR, PAS, DAP) or they will be no go. It's as simple as that.

Harassment and intimidation by using the police force. 8000 police personnel for one by-election? They'd be better off catching real crooks if you ask me. The authorities also gave the Opposition a hard time during the campaigning period by coming up with 1001 excuse for not issuing permits to them and even gone as far as stopping PR campaigners from going round with a large TV mounted on a truck. The locals didn't feel too comfortable with so many police presences and they especially frown those big wig federal leaders who came with their blacked out, big shiny cars complete with police escort causing unnecessary traffic jams for the locals.

Wan Farid is simply the wrong candidate with so much baggage and negative perception. People say he's involved with the police shooting civilians incident in Batu Burok. Rumours has it his brother pocketed millions of the oil royalty money through projects such as the monsoon cup. Let's not even go about Wan Mokhtar, the former Terengganu Menteri Besar. People see Wan Farid as Abdullah's man and a victory for him is seen as a victory for Pak Lah. And the perception that he's snobbish and arrogant didn't help either.

Anwar's character assasination by Ezam totally backfired for UMNO. So what if he tried to make peace with TDM? That's like 10 years ago, ancient news already. It seems they accepted his return to UMNO just to badmouth Anwar. I think he should totally stop campaigning for UMNO in any election, period. He's a liablity rather than an asset.

Rampant bribery and corruption. RM 70 million worth of contract in lucky draw fashion to class F contractors? RM 12 million for the chinese community? RM 3 million for KT Chung Hwa Wei Sin (C) school? Why now? Why only during an election? Progress and development is the responsibility of the ruling government for all the people regardless of their political affiliation. And I thought we're in for a recession this year? And yet the BN government is splurging and spending hundred of millions for Kuala Terengganu alone like there's no tomorrow. The rest of the country not important meh? And hello, MACC what are you doing about this? Makan gaji buta ke?

RM300 to RM1000 for vote buying. Only this time the BN goons gets a little bit smarter. They require proof before they hand out the money. So the people thought, why bother.

Disunity and factions in UMNO Terengganu. There's the current MB Ahmad Said camp who's out to prove that he's the head honcho in the state right now. Then there's the former MB Idris Jusoh camp whose out to sabotage the Ahmad Said camp. Also although there's numerous UMNO leaders from all over the country down there in KT seemingly in show of support for the candidate when the reality is they're down there campaigning for the March's UMNO elections. You think they actually care about the KT by-election? It's every men for themselves. MCA meanwhile is a totally lost cause. They can't even see their top two leaders working together or see eye to eye so how the hell can they convince the chinese people to vote for BN? That said, BN's showering of love and care for the chinese had somewhat backfired for the malay votes. While the chinese could sometimes be the kingmaker they forget the malays is still the majority in this by-election.

What PR did right:

Pakatan Rakyat's focus and show of unity for the KT by-election. Isn't it heart-warming to see Teresa Kok campaigning for the PAS candidate, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz speaking at a DAP function and other PR leaders working together in spite of their differences? Yes they may have their differences but at least they're prepared to sit together and find an amicable solution unlike those component parties in BN who has no say on whatever and always pressed under UMNO's thumb. Okay maybe Karpal Singh is a little bit paranoid about Hudud but I won't worry too much about him. I mean he's ancient already and I'm praying that he'll step down or retire sooner or later and give way to somebody more sensible in DAP. (No offence unlce but you're like the sore thumb sticking out in Pakatan Rakyat).

The BN camp was elated at first when they heard PAS announced him as candidate. They say he's an easy nut to crack that he's a nobody and the KT by-election is a done deal. Oh how wrong they were. PAS couldn't field a more suitable candidate than Hj Abdul Wahid Endot. With his squeaky clean image and impeccable record as 5 terms state assemblyman, the BN camp had hard time trying to find his achille's heel. And yes we all know there exist the Erdogan and the Ulamak faction in PAS but unlike their UMNO counterparts, the people in PAS set aside their differences and work together as a team from the grassroots level up to the top leaders towards a common goal, to win the KT by-election. And while BN members worship tenders and money, PAS people actually have a God to worship and fear to.

We all know that most prominent Bloggers (RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Bernard Khoo) are all on the Opposition bench. They've been working tirelessly whether at home or up in KT canvassing votes for Pakatan Rakyat since day 1. RPK himself is immensely popular with the locals and also the outsiders who returned to vote and you can say he contributed a lot for the PR cause. Also studies have shown that 60% of young voters aged between 21 and 39 years old are IT savvy and Internet literate and have an inclination to support the Opposition cause. They certainly didn't buy all those BS spewed by the media every day.

Terengganu MCA did a lousy job canvassing the chinese vote in KT. Time and again they've used the age old Hudud scare tactic which has become a non-issue in this election. The chines have settled in Terengganu for over 200 years and yet they're still living on TOL land which requires renewal every year. The MCA tried to intimidate them by playing on this TOL renewal issue but obviously it didn't work this time. They know that the Perak government is giving away permanent land titles for the chinese there and how the federal government (read BN) is trying their very best to frustrate the move.

Pakatan Rakyat campaigners would not hesitate to voluntarily fork out their own money, resources, time and energy for their cause unlike those in BN who wouldn't move an inch without being paid first or at least being promised rewards for their effort. Is it any wonder that which party succeeded at the end of the day?

The Anwar factor still plays a major role in the KT by-election. The Opposition leader is hugely popular among the locals, leading to packed ceramahs wherever he goes. Despite his failure to make 16 September a reality, his ideas still sells and people still looks up to him as a national leader, a worthy alternative against BN.

While BN splurges money and rewards or propagate hate and fear, their PR counterpart spreads the message of love and equality. Anwar once said ""Anak Melayu, anak saya. Anak Cina, anak saya. Anak India, anak saya. Anak Iban, anak saya. Anak Kadazan, anak saya" while Tuan Guru Nik Aziz famously quote that we are all sons of Adam therefore we are all equals.

Maybe Malaysians simply don't want Najib as their next premier? With all his (and Rosmah's) excess baggage and questionable dealings? PAS victory as a vote of no confidence for him? Enough said.

Shortly after the result of the KT by-election was known last night, you can hear Najib saying that the rakyat had send BN another message and they will do a post mortem on this result and find ways to attend to the people's wish? Well look no further dude, I've listed them all here for you. But knowing UMNO like they do, they'll probably blame it on everybody else except for themselves. Argh, no point really. BN and UMNO had reached their expiry date on March last year. There's no room for raced-based politics. No place for fear-mongering and intimidation no more. The political tsunami of 803 is going still going strong. If PR keeps this up, there's a huge possibility that they can win the next Sarawak state elections (not so far now) and kick out BN for good. The people has spoken and the message is loud and clear, they wanted change.

KT voters, let's send BN into the South China Sea

Dear Kuala Terengganu voters,

Now is the time for you to be part of history. You know a victory for Pakatan Rakyat won't change the government overnight but it sure will keep the momentum of March 2008 political tsunami going. God-willing, if BN loses today, it's possible they'll going to loose all the future by-elections until 2013. If BN loses today, it will rubberstamp the demise of the BN government, marks the end of mostly everything's wrong with the country today. Corruption, discrimination, inequality and gross injustice.

Terengganu is a rich state. With it's abundance of natural and other resources like oil, gas and tourism, Terengganu is second only to Selangor for it's wealth. So why does 15% of the Terengganu people living below the poverty line? Where has all the billions of ringgit of the oil royalty gone? That billions belongs to you the people of Terengganu and is high time you get it all back, not be thrown scraps and pieces during by-elections such as this.

If the BN government is really sincere and they really care, they won't have to wait for an election to hand out incentives to contractors, promises of developments overnight and even blatantly giving bribe to the people. I trust the people of Terengganu should know better by now. Progress and development is the responsibility of the ruling government. It is why we voted them into power in the first place. So when certain politicians keep harping on the need to be eternally grateful for all the current administration had done, it doesn't hold water anymore. Leaders are entrusted by God to take care of the people. Not use their position to pile up riches for themselves.

People of Terengganu,

I know many of you is promised (or even given already) money in exchange for a vote for BN. It's an open secret that BN does this in every election, big or small. And naturally since corruption is so endemic in BN, even if anybody file a million report to the authorities, no action will be taken. Either to the giver or the taker. I understand for those who lives along the poverty line, 300 or 1000 ringgit is a lot of money. But before you draw that cross next to the BN candidate today, bear in mind that BN had became smarter this time. They will require you to show proof that you have indeed voted for BN. Morality and sin aside, let me remind you that there's no guarantee that those scum from BN will actually pay you the money even if you showed them the proof. I know this for a fact. In my hometown during the last general election I saw a stream of villagers standing in line at the BN's office, waiting to be paid for their vote. Form what I heard, most of them never got the money. Yes there is an allocation for this daylight bribery but you know how it's like in UMNO. The insiders hijacked most the money meant to bribe you in the first place. I think after 52 years, we should all know by now how trustworthy UMNO/BN is.

Anyway, is this the example we would like to portray to our kids? That corruption is okay and that our soul and dignity is so cheap that they can be bought for anything? I don't know about you but I would be really ashamed and scared to be asked in the Hereafter, who taught you to receive bribes son? My parent did.

Kuala Terengganu voters,

Now is the time to end all this. I won't promise that the Pakatan Rakyat government would be perfect but I can assure you they've got the rakyat interest at heart. The PR supporters, they voluntarily forked out their own money and energy for their cause unlike their BN counterpart who wouldn't do anything if you don't show them the money first. I think the PR people has a very bright future indeed. So guys, it's now or never. Vote BN out and show that we have no faith in their administration and leadership, old or new. Stop them form plundering the country's resource among themselves and their cronies. If anybody can put a stop to this, that somebody is you. Let us send BN into the South China Sea. Vote for the PAS candidate, vote for a change. Yes we can!

p.s: For KT voters from all over the peninsular, it's still not too late to make it home today. let's do an Afni today! We don't know who she will vote for but looking at this picture here I think we got the general idea.
She came all the way from Bangi to exercise her right. If Afni can do it, sure can you!

So cold in PMC

Yesterday I was told that Adam had to stay for five day at the hospital. Today though we were told the good news that Adam could go home tomorrow if everything goes well. So on Friday night all four of us decided to sleep overnight at Pantai Medical Centre.
These past few days Linda had been staying at the hospital with Adam so that leaves me alone at home with Mia. Previously my wife took care of everything but now I had to do it myself. Prepare Mia's day care bag, bath and feed her, put her to bed. Not that I have any qualms with that. What's more Mia is a really good girl and she's never been any problem to me. Usually she would lay quietly on her comforter sucking her two fingers while I go about with me business.
Adam was admitted in pediatric ward on the fifth floor. First he stayed in a room with 4 beds then the next day he moved to the 2 beds room. Unlike the old room, this new one has (albeit limited) satellite TV so at least Adam can watch the Disney channel.
While Adam and Mia slept on the patient's cot. Linda and I had to take turns to sleep on the reclining visitor's chair. It was truly a pain in the back experience. Earlier tonight I managed to sleep on the vacant bed next to us. But around 4 in the morning a new patient was admitted hence I had to make way for her. I swear this is going to be the last time I'll ever sleep at a hospital as a visitor. Well if I had to, I'll make sure they have a proper place for me to sleep on.
And it was so cold at the hospital. I'm eternally grateful that I remembered to bring my Adidas sweater but my legs was numb cold nevertheless. Although we turned up the air conditioner to 30ºC it was still freezing.
So right after my Subuh prayers, I left the room and went sight-seeing around the hospital. The parking rate was pretty reasonable. 2 ringgit for hours, 1 ringgit subsequent, RM max per day. If I park after 7:00 PM like today, I only had to pay RM3:00 until 8:00 in the morning.
The building was largely deserted save for a few nurses doing their chores. The first doctor that we met (who didn't speak any Malay) was co-incidentally the nurse who looked after Adam throughout his stay here. She was good too, attentive, paid attention to details, very professional.
As a matter of fact, I think our experience with PMC had been really good (save for the initial long screening and admission time). The doctors knows what they're doing, the nurses was amazing, everything was well taken care of plus the place was squeaky clean.
As a patient of the hospital, Adam was served a balanced (and delicious) meals four times a day. The rest of us though had to buy our own food. I don't know what Linda had (maybe she went for a diet) but I bought all my food from outside the hospital. The evening before I bough nasi lemak near my office. Early in the morning I went out to Warung Rindu our former favourite hangout place in Pantai Dalam to buy nasi lemak again. There is a café downstairs called Livingston but as expected it was beyond our limited budget.
Our new roomie came in early in the morning, probably for food poisoning according to the conversation that I heard. She threw up a few times and later soiled her pants creating this funky stench inside the room. Her grandma (I think) grumbled loudly when the nurse said she'll have to pay for a new the sheet. Duh, you can afford to come to PMC but you made a fuss over a new sheet?
Apparently Adam was quite a hit among the nurses and some of the patients there on fifth floor because he was quite talkative and really friendly with everybody. Some were even sad to see he go. Linda managed to befriend a fellow blogger, Tinie.

Overall our experience at PMC so far had been very pleasant. If Linda or any of the kids had to get admitted to a hospital again (God-forbid though), PMC would certainly be high on our preferred list. That said, I think we would want to try a hospital much nearer to home.

An evening at the hospital

Adam was having this prolonged bout of cough for over 10 days now. First we thought it was just a regular cough so we just give him Breacol. It did subside for a while but not for long. So we brought him to our regular panel clinic and the doctor suspects nothing serious. She just give him some more cough syrup and antibiotics. Last night though, Adam's coughing was so bad, all of us couldn't sleep much at night because of his condition. We thought it is time to take him to the hospital.
Therefore right after work today I rushed to pick up Linda at her workplace and then we straight to Pantai Medical Centre. This hospital is another panel under Linda's PMCare health plan so we won't be paying nothing for their services. We arrived just before 9 and were directed to go to the Emergency section because the regular clinics were closed already. And there's when the waiting began. We waited for an hour to get Adam admitted. I know they use the triage system where the more severe case will be admitted first but seriously, can't they hear poor Adam coughing non stop since the moment we stepped in there?
After an hour we finally get to go in. But first we had to wait a little bit longer at the consultation room. Poor Adam is still coughing incessantly and he even got a cold and a fever to boot. When the doctor finally came, she made a quick check on both Adam and Mia (who happens to have a temperature too) and later ordered for both of them to be given rectal paracetamols (the one that is administered from the rear). Then we waited again for another hour or so before we took Adam to the x-ray room. When the doctor finally came back with the x-ray result, she said Adam is having a little virus infection on his lungs and advised that he be admitted to the hospital. The infection is only minor for now but it can be serious if left untreated she said. So Adam is warded at the hospital tonight and we are going to take turn to look after him tomorrow.
We chose Pantai Medical Centre because it is a well known hospital and also because it was under Linda's panel hospital. But seriously, I think the hospital is understaffed and a bit too crowded for our liking. There were about a dozen patients in the Emergency area tonight and there's only one freaking doctor to attend to all of them. She had to like run from one patient to another for the rest of her shift hence the long waiting time. And when the time Adam had to be warded, even all the rooms are almost fully occupied. Not to mention most of the nurses (especially in the blue uniform) cannot speak a word of Malay (much to my wife's ire). Seriously, you worked here like what, 1, 2 years? At least take the initiative to learn basic terms like 'Kecemasan' for goodness sake.
Around the same time we were there, there was a Japanese couple (I think) on the bed next to us. The wife was having some problems with her pregnancy and she was like bleeding really heavily. The doctor who checked her advised that the wife to be admitted to the hospital but after much persuasions and coercing, the couple just flatly refuse. The husband (the one who speaks very little English) said they don't like the hospital. I can totally feel you mister. You waited for hours for your wife to be checked and its understandable that you don't have much faith with the hospital. Maybe he's thinking that back in Tokyo, he wouldn't have to go through all that crap. Ah well, you better buckle up PMC. People have so very high standards and expectations nowadays.

First day at kindergarten (again)

Today is Adam's first day at his new kindergarten. His previous kindy didn't teach him much for the whole year there, that's why we decided to change. We woke him up around 6:30 AM this morning. We were a little bit concerned at first because Adam was coughing and crying and he demanded that we bring Mia along to the kindergarten. Thankfully his condition improves and when he got there at the gates, he quickly goes inside without even turning to look back.
We arrived at the kindy around 7:15. Adam had to wear this funky maroon uniform. I wish we could loose the maroon skull cap but then Adam would look different from the others. We deliberately bought the L size which is slightly over sized, because we're pretty sure Adam will outgrow his uniform in no time. Before Adam ran inside, I managed to get hold of him and took this picture of him with the principal (owner).
She taught him to arrange his shoes properly in the shoe rack. We only bought that shoe and his stationery yesterday at Jusco. Now is the best time to shop for your school supplies. Everything's on sale.
At first Adam chose to sit at an empty table at the back. Then I encouraged him to sit at the front with his new classmates. He did went in front but at another empty table. Still shy I guess. His formal class lasts only until 11:45 AM. Adam said he didn't learn anything yet today. Her teacher did say this week is orientation week. Today his grandpa and grandma went to pick him up at 11:00. Tomorrow he'll be there with Mia until I picked them up after around 6 .

On his first day, Adam reported some kid pinched him for no apparent reason. Well, you know what to do son. Set your blaster to destroy mode and blast that scum into oblivion. OR you can always report him to your teacher. The choice is yours. (Personally I prefer the former). Since it's only been his first day, still early to evaluate this new kindergarten. We'll report back in a couple of month's time.

Afif PLC turns two!

Another year, another milestone. If Afif PLC was a human being, she'd be 2 years now. Still very young, still has much to improve. I started this blog as a medium to channel my thoughts on things, share some of the knowledge I have with the world, chronicle all the important events and news in my life. 2 years on, it still serves those purpose.
One thing for sure is, Afif PLC has indeed grown, readership wise. I do get an average of 200 hits per day. That would not happen without the support of readers like you, you and yes, you there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and visitors to Afif PLC and also Afif Chronicles. The regular followers, my friends, colleagues, you know who you are and you guys are STARS!

So for another (hopefully) exciting and good year ahead. Thanks for coming.