First day at kindergarten (again)

Today is Adam's first day at his new kindergarten. His previous kindy didn't teach him much for the whole year there, that's why we decided to change. We woke him up around 6:30 AM this morning. We were a little bit concerned at first because Adam was coughing and crying and he demanded that we bring Mia along to the kindergarten. Thankfully his condition improves and when he got there at the gates, he quickly goes inside without even turning to look back.
We arrived at the kindy around 7:15. Adam had to wear this funky maroon uniform. I wish we could loose the maroon skull cap but then Adam would look different from the others. We deliberately bought the L size which is slightly over sized, because we're pretty sure Adam will outgrow his uniform in no time. Before Adam ran inside, I managed to get hold of him and took this picture of him with the principal (owner).
She taught him to arrange his shoes properly in the shoe rack. We only bought that shoe and his stationery yesterday at Jusco. Now is the best time to shop for your school supplies. Everything's on sale.
At first Adam chose to sit at an empty table at the back. Then I encouraged him to sit at the front with his new classmates. He did went in front but at another empty table. Still shy I guess. His formal class lasts only until 11:45 AM. Adam said he didn't learn anything yet today. Her teacher did say this week is orientation week. Today his grandpa and grandma went to pick him up at 11:00. Tomorrow he'll be there with Mia until I picked them up after around 6 .

On his first day, Adam reported some kid pinched him for no apparent reason. Well, you know what to do son. Set your blaster to destroy mode and blast that scum into oblivion. OR you can always report him to your teacher. The choice is yours. (Personally I prefer the former). Since it's only been his first day, still early to evaluate this new kindergarten. We'll report back in a couple of month's time.


  1. shy like father father like son..mana tak tumpahnya lauk jika tak ke nasi? (correct ah the idiom?)

  2. Salah,

    Ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi. Berdiri atas kerusi yer Mak Teh.

  3. adam gooood boy!!

    of coz lar, i oso not recommended that bestari ceria for children 5-6yrs kindergarten. we gonna move our daughter oso to othr kindergarten.

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