How to dress like an ePJJ student

Most public universities in the country are not cool. They have a rather strict dress code where you dress like you're going to work at an office. Shirt, slacks, shoes and sometimes ties should make you a darling to the university, lecturers or security guards but also a total nerd too in my opinion. That said, there is an exception if you happens to be an ePJJ student, meaning people who study part time during weekends doing distance learning like me. We can pretty much wear anything we like. Here's how you dress like an ePJJ student.

A. Apart from the usual shirts, t-shirts whether collared or not are commonly worn by us along with jeans.

B. A bag pack is essential to carry our books and also our laptops which we use to do some last minute assignments.

C. Shoes are optional and sandals are perfectly acceptable.

D. Student ID is not compulsory. We just bring them once during final exams.

E. Sweaters or jackets are highly recommended to bring to class because most of them are fricking north pole.

F. It doesn't matter if you want to sport your hair like Mawi or Lenny Krevitz. Any fashion is okay.

G. You can come to class on time, an hour late or not at all. It's totally up to you. The important thing is to submit your assignments, projects and come to the finals.