2018 Minimalist calendar

I don't know whether you noticed but free calendars are hard to come by these days. And since I'm too cheapskate to buy one, I've been looking around for some nice printable calendars to use from the web. Naturally, I'm looking for a simple, minimalist calendar design and out of the dozens that I found, only this one from Kal's Kickstarter page that ticks all the boxes. It is a really nice minimalist calendar with classy Helvetica font and lots of white space. The only problem is, it's not printable. I can't find a single printable document or template for that design anywhere. And since I'm not about to spend £19 for this calendar, I decided to design one myself.

graphic from Kal's Kickstarter page

graphic from Kal's Kickstarter page

Using the easiest tool I know - Microsoft Word, I designed the calendar from scratch. A 7 by 7 box and then the numbers and days. I had to manually type every single day of the calendar year and check and double check they are all correct so it took me over an hour to finish. The result? Not bad at all, almost a mirror image of the original but for £19 less. You'll have to print the calendar yourself, suitable for A4 and A3 printing although you'll have to set the print job to fit the A3 printout. If you'd like to edit the original Word document, feel free to do so. Links to download below.

Afif Minimalist calendar 2018 PDF

Afif Minimalist calendar 2018 red weekend PDF

Afif Minimalist calendar Nov and December 2017 PDF

Hana's CIC convocation

When Hana enters kindergarten-going age 2 years ago, I thought we were just going to send her to a regular kindergarten near her nursery. But my wife calculated that it’ll cost us just us much sending her there or one of those franchise kindergarten like at CIC (Children Islamic Centre). So I thought, what the heck. At least the latter should expose her to more international environment and she’ll get to learn more English than the regular kindergartens.

Fast forward 2 years later, Hana is about to end her stint at the kindergarten. I have to say the place gave a well-balanced education between standard kindergarten syllabus and Islamic education. It is fair to say that her teachers did a job well done educating Hana. I would totally recommend sending your kids to CIC, including this one in Taman Puncak Jalil.

For her convocation ceremony, they booked an auditorium in University Malaya (UM). As with most other functions with the school, this one cost 70 ringgit for each parent just for attending not including the graduation fees of more than a hundred ringgit. I used to complain (silently) about these extravagant fees but now I understand that to get quality education and graduation ceremonies, you’ve got to spend good money. Besides, compare that to the one where I work, it’s basically nothing. A typical school fee for a semester in my school cost north of 70,000 ringgit, what is 70 ringgit for a convocation ceremony.

Linda was naturally excited to be back in her alma mater again after so long. I too had some fond memories of the place during our dating days. The auditorium was huge and spacious and freezing cold. That said, the place was not filled to capacity because I saw quite a few empty seats. Beforehand, the organizer distributed snacks from A&W - nuggets, a piece of fried chicken among others. They were all cold and a bit soggy of course. I didn’t expect oven fresh meal that late in the afternoon anyway. Hana’s performance was first in line. She practised for months and even then she and her classmates didn’t get all the parts right (no judgment of course). A few hours later, she walked on stage to receive her (fake) diploma and then we go home.

Next year she’ll be starting standard 1. I’d be lying if I say I’m not anxious for her. Will she fit in quickly, make new friends and cope with the demands of primary school? I’m sure she’ll do fine but still, I am a normal worried parent.