These ads make me wanna wax legs

Because celebrities endorsement simply have no effect on me and plain old regular ads just turn me off. A really creative/witty ad however would spur my curiosity and if I have absolutely nothing else to do with my money, I just might try one of these stores. Just because their ads are good.

The Strip waxing store is at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia.

Apple iPad: The tablet computer you've been waiting for

After nearly a decade of rumors and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled their latest creation: the Apple iPad. Quick specs: 9.7" LED Backlit Multi-touch display, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooh 2.1, UMTS, GSM, weighs from 0.68 kilos and comes in 16, 32 and 64GB capacity flash drive.
The iPad is basically like an iPod Touch except it's bigger. The Ipad runs on iPhone OS 3.2 and if you are already familiar with the iPhone, using the iPad shouldn't be a problem. Everything you can do on your iPod touch you can do as well on the iPad, Safari, Mail, iPod, Apps, games, you name it. All the apps and games made for the iPhone/iPod touch is compatible with the iPad. Unlike the iPhone though, you can't make or receive calls with the iPad and the lack of camera also means no video conferencing either. I'm guessing Apple will duly add a camera on the next iteration. Why put everything on the first product when you can do incremental update and make loads of money right?
Video games and movie watching experience will be a lot better obviously, with the larger screen. You can also download and read eBooks on the iPad with the iBook app, just like Amazon's Kindle except this one is in full glorious colour.
Still no multi-tasking with the iPad, you can only run one app at a time. Apple claims that the battery will last up to 10 hours so maybe that's the reason for lack of multi-tasking, to save power.
So how do you use the iPad? You simply hold it with one hand like reading a book, put it on your lap or use the standalone dock. You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard to type on the iPad other than the huge onscreen virtual keyboard. There's also a special version of iWork productivity suit for the iPad so that you can do all your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation right on the tablet, something which is clearly lacking with the iPhone.
The iPad sells for USD499 for the 16GB model, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB and the most expensive one, 64GB with 3G is going to be $829. There will be 2 types, one with WiFi only and the other WiFi with 3G which will cost an extra $130. The WiFi iPad will be in stores in the U.S in 60 days and the 3G model in 90 days. The rest of us will probably have to wait til June to get our hands on the tablet.

So what does this mean? The iPad is going to send shock-waves all over the netbook market. People love the iPhone for it's sleek design, super ease of use and user-friendly interface and the user experience with the iPad will be just as pleasurable. Previous tablet PC manufacturers and Microsoft make the mistake of cramming the complicated desktop environment on a tablet but Apple corrected it by putting the iPhone experience on the tablet. While I'm sure other companies can and will come out with a similar tablet like the iPad one thing they don't have is the iTunes and App Store with over 150,000 apps and 4 billion downloads so far. That's something nobody can imitate as yet.

When I first heard the name iPad mentioned by Steve Jobs at the unveiling ceremony this morning, my mind immediately raced back to this hilarious parody of the similar product by Mad TV (check out the YouTube link above). Yes people will still be making parodies and jokes about the iPad but since it's from Apple and it just oozes with class, this product will sell really-really well just like the iPhone. Apple has just re-invented tablet computing and the iPad will bring Apple computing to the masses.

Old Town White Coffee - Nasi Lemak Special

This year we'll continue with our review of Old Town White Coffee menus. Today I had this nasi lemak special meal. Nasi lemak, with fried chicken and a really spicy sambal. I really liked the sambal, really hot and spicy.
Too bad they're RM8.40 after government and service tax. Else I'd be having them every single day.

Find Windows drivers with

If your job requires you to format and re-install Windows on computer once a week like I do, you'd probably know that finding all the drivers for the PC/notebook can sometimes be a really frustrating experience. This is especially so for non-branded computers or self-assembled systems.
This is where website comes really handy. This website will scan your newly set up Windows PC for the right driver using an ActiveX plugin with Internet Explorer. Other browsers can download the plugin instead and use it offline.
Just head on to the website and click on the big green Run Detection link and follow the onscreen instruction. will analyze all your computer's hardware and display the details there on their website. You will only then need to click on the corresponding links to download the correct drivers. I have tried this website with 3 computers already and so far they have been 100% correct with the drivers.

For a technician like me, websites/apps like this is really God-sent. Visit to try it out for yourself.

[From Ghacks]

My workstation show and tell

Hi there boys and girls! How you doing? Today uncle is going to show and tell my workstation at work. Sounds boring right? Why, that is because this is a very boring blog! If you'd like to read something interesting like gossip, rumours, places of interest, shoes, handbags, scandals and people who eat a lot then go to Maya's blog!
1. My bottle of mineral water that I always keep handy. Spritzer is my preferred brand. Seamaster drinking water tastes like drain water.

2. My KFC chicken-bank where I collect mainly 5 cent coins.

3. Tray.

4. My two indispensable phones. Both Nokia, one free.

5. My alarm clock. Bought one from Tesco for 9 ringgit because the cmos battery of my computer had gone kaput.

6. There used to be an Ubuntu-loaded computer here where I do all my research and development. Not anymore after Bujal took it away from me.

7. My computer. Actually this Dell SX260 PC belongs to my company. I just use it for work. 2.0GHz Pentium 4 with 1GB RAM and 40GB of HDD.

8. This is the birthday card that my darling gave me for my 29th birthday.

9. My 2009 HP calendar. Surprisingly, I haven't got a single calendar this year! What is wrong with you people?

10. This old subwoofer is given to me by my good friend Manesa.

11. My familiar Adidas track top which I wear during cold days and visits to the Data Center.

12. I always try to keep my desk clear, tidy and clutter-free.

Why Nexus One is a damn good phone and why I still don't care

Google's much anticipated Nexus One phone has just been released earlier this week and as expected, is a damn good Android phone. 3.7" - 480x800 pixels AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera with flash, 512MB RAM & ROM, 4GB Micro SD (expandable to 32GB), Android 2.1, compass, GPS and a blazing fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it just simply kicks the Droid's ass. But the question is, is it going to kill the iPhone anytime soon?
I doubt it. Not anytime soon. As powerful and feature-packed the Nexus One is, it still lack multi-touch, 100,000 apps to choose from, an all-in-one iTunes like application and most of all, it's still not as beautiful or as hip as the iPhone.

Besides, $530 is still too expensive for me and the phone won't be making it way to our shores anytime soon.

Plus the new iPhone due out later this year will surely smoke this Android hands down.

How to remove tint film glue from your car's windows

One of the perils of using cheap window tint for your car is they tend to get damaged after a 3-4 years. They either fade to an undesirable brownish tint or develop the dreaded bubbles underneath. For my car, it's the latter.
When either of that happen, you might want to just rip off the tint from your windows. Now, not many people knows there's a proper way to take the tint off your windows. Do it the wrong way and you'll have this ugly gooey mess on your windows.
There's a few way to remove this glue from your car's windows. You can use a combination of sun light, plastic bag, ammonia, steam iron, razor blade or hair dryer. If you are using sun light and plastic bags, the tint film must still be attached to your windows or else it won't work. I can't find ammonia for sale anywhere and I tried using a hair dryer to heat up the glue and wipe it clean but it's a painfully slow process.
So in the end I used the good old razor blade and thinner solution. You start by slowly scrapping the tint glue off the windows using the razor blade and then wiping it clean with the thinner solution. For your rear windows, be careful not to scrap off the heating strip as well. From my experience, this method is also painstakingly slow and tedious but it works perfectly. After a good 1 hour and half scrapping the glue, I managed to clear out my entire rear windows. The blades will be blunt after some time so make sure you buy at least a box for each window pane.

Afif PLC Turns Three

Happy 3rd Birthday Blog!
Here's to another 30 more years blogging. Cheers!