My workstation show and tell

Hi there boys and girls! How you doing? Today uncle is going to show and tell my workstation at work. Sounds boring right? Why, that is because this is a very boring blog! If you'd like to read something interesting like gossip, rumours, places of interest, shoes, handbags, scandals and people who eat a lot then go to Maya's blog!
1. My bottle of mineral water that I always keep handy. Spritzer is my preferred brand. Seamaster drinking water tastes like drain water.

2. My KFC chicken-bank where I collect mainly 5 cent coins.

3. Tray.

4. My two indispensable phones. Both Nokia, one free.

5. My alarm clock. Bought one from Tesco for 9 ringgit because the cmos battery of my computer had gone kaput.

6. There used to be an Ubuntu-loaded computer here where I do all my research and development. Not anymore after Bujal took it away from me.

7. My computer. Actually this Dell SX260 PC belongs to my company. I just use it for work. 2.0GHz Pentium 4 with 1GB RAM and 40GB of HDD.

8. This is the birthday card that my darling gave me for my 29th birthday.

9. My 2009 HP calendar. Surprisingly, I haven't got a single calendar this year! What is wrong with you people?

10. This old subwoofer is given to me by my good friend Manesa.

11. My familiar Adidas track top which I wear during cold days and visits to the Data Center.

12. I always try to keep my desk clear, tidy and clutter-free.