How to set up mobile template for Blogger blogs

More and more people are using their smartphones to surf the Internet and read news and blogs. Most of these sites however may be difficult to see on the small screen of the mobile phone and you will likely have to pinch, zoom and scroll many times to see the entire site.

That is why creating an alternative mobile template of your site or blog for smartphones is increasingly important especially for serious bloggers. The good news is, bloggers who uses Google's Blogger platform can now easily setup new mobile templates for their Blogger blogs in two easy steps.

First you have to sign in to Blogger in Draft by going to Blogger in Draft is a special version of Blogger where they try out new features before they release them to everyone. After signing in, you will see a special version of Blogger Dashboard which is slightly different what your normally see.

After that select your blog, go to Settings and click on Email & Mobile. Next click yes on Show mobile template, click Save and then you're done. Now when anyone goes to your blog using their smartphones, they will see the compressed and specialized mobile template of your Blogger blog instead of the regular desktop version. For now the template only support 6 variants of the Simple template and also 6 more for the Awesome template.

If you'd like to explore more of the experimental but cool features of Blogger in Draft, feel free to do so. Amongst the graduates from Blogger in Draft include features like embedded comment form, reactions, Google gadgets, video upload and polls. Just sign in at the usual to revert back to the usual dashboard. Check out the official Blogger in Draft blog for more info.

Play Angry Birds in your web browser

The world's most popular multi-platform, grumpy avian game is set to invade web browsers near you with the release of Angry Birds for Chrome yesterday (much to the horror of bosses and employers everywhere).

This web client is built in WebGL so it is playable on most modern web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari apart from Chrome of course. Google Chrome users however get special Chrome-specific levels featuring Chrome graphics for blocks and bombs. You can choose to play either the SD or HD version with the former tailored for low-end PCs with slow graphics.

The good news is, this game is playable offline once you bookmarked the website and played it once.

Hurry and bookmark Angry Birds for Chrome today before they're blocked by your Network Administrators soon! :-)

Postbox Express - free email client for Mac & Windows

For those who are tired of using Microsoft Outlook or its free counterpart - Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Express is another great desktop email client for your Mac or PC.

Postbox Express is based on the premium version of Postbox but with a lot less features. Some of them include:
search history suggestions
conversation view
simplified account & folder views
status update to Facebook & Twitter
support for POP, IMAP & RSS
easy account setup wizard
anti-phishing & malware services

Bear in mind though, Postbox Express is no longer under active development and the last shipping version is 1.01. Apart from that this software does use some major CPU resources when sending or receiving emails so it's no good for low-end systems.That said, if you'd like to use a different, sexy yet functional email client, Postbox Express is worth a try. This software looks awesome on Mac OS and not too shabby in Windows. Get Postbox Express here.

How to install Windows from a USB drive

Novicorp WinToFlash is a little program that creates a bootable USB flashdrive for Windows installation. This program is really useful if you uses a netbook which doesn't come with an optical drive or simply when your computer's existing drive is broken.

WinToFlash supports most modern Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 7. To create a bootable USB flashdrive with this program you will need the Windows installation CD or DVD and an empty USB drive, 4GB minimum. The target computer or notebook obviously need to support booting from USB drive which most modern Intel Core 2 Duo systems do.

To get started, download the free Novicorp WinToFlash program from their website here. Run the program and choose the Windows Setup transfer Wizard.

Next choose the path for the Windows CD/DVD and the path for the USB flash drive.

Then accept the Windows License agreement.

WinToFlash will now copy all the necessary files to your flash drive. This process will take from 45 minutes to an hour depending on your system speed. The advertisements you see is normal and that's how they make a living.

After the wizard is finished, you can now boot from your USB drive to install Windows.

You probably need to configure your BIOS to boot from the USB port first. Check your manual for which key to press, which is probably Delete or F1.

Finally, boot into your removable/USB drive to start Windows installation.

Find alternatives to popular software at AlternativeTo

Let's say you would like to find some alternatives to popular office productivity software like Microsoft Office. You could Google for it or you can head on to which list some great alternatives to many popular software, apps or games.

AlternativeTo works based on user recommendations which list software according to popularity or user "likes" with the more popular being listed further up the list.

For example if you enter Microsoft Office, this website will list some of the more popular alternatives to that software like Google Docs, OpenOfficeorg and LibreOffice with many of them either free or open source.

You can search many different software or apps at AlternativeTo and the search result will include multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and even smartphone platforms like Android & iOS.

AlternativeTo is great for searching free or better alternatives for popular software, apps and games. If you don't have much money to spend on genuine software or just trying to look for other alternatives to a particular software, this is website is the place to go.