Postbox Express - free email client for Mac & Windows

For those who are tired of using Microsoft Outlook or its free counterpart - Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Express is another great desktop email client for your Mac or PC.

Postbox Express is based on the premium version of Postbox but with a lot less features. Some of them include:
search history suggestions
conversation view
simplified account & folder views
status update to Facebook & Twitter
support for POP, IMAP & RSS
easy account setup wizard
anti-phishing & malware services

Bear in mind though, Postbox Express is no longer under active development and the last shipping version is 1.01. Apart from that this software does use some major CPU resources when sending or receiving emails so it's no good for low-end systems.That said, if you'd like to use a different, sexy yet functional email client, Postbox Express is worth a try. This software looks awesome on Mac OS and not too shabby in Windows. Get Postbox Express here.