My cousin's wedding

Last month I went to my cousin's wedding in Bandar Utama. She was the only girl in her sibling of six so her wedding was extra special. The wedding took place at the One Club golf resort in Bandar Utama. I was invited since I am her cousin (duh).

Actually I will not mention any names here since I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings or anything. Who knows someone might get offended about what I write here. Last time I blogged about her engagement, it came out top on Google search and I think I was being too blunt in my writing. I don't want that awkward you know when we actually meet during Raya or whatever. So, no names. Then why blog at all? Well, since this blog rating has gone down the drain and almost nobody reads this blog anymore so what the heck right?

Here I am posing with my family in an all green theme. My grandma specifically told me to get something green for my cousin's wedding so we did. About 3 weeks from the wedding I found out the theme was actually cream. Well, that's too bad. And in the morning I asked my mom if it's alright to just wear sandals to the ceremony and what everybody else was wearing. She said okay, just wear anything and show up. Guess what? Everybody else wore proper shoes and I stood out like a sore thumb in green and sandals. Remind me not to trust anything my mom said again.

The hall at One Club Bandar Utama was huge and spacious. A fitting venue for the richest people in my family. Well, the groom does come from a well-off family so no surprise here.

Naturally family members from both sides came to the wedding. Here are my uncle and aunt who came all the way from Pasir Mas. The funny thing is 80% of my family members came from within Selangor where they make a living instead of Kelantan. Funny? No?

Close family members have something to do today, tasks were assigned months in advance. I got the exciting job of filming the wedding with a video camera. Well, actually more of a backup video camera guy because her brother is also filming the event with his camera, not to mention 2 more professional video filming crew.

I arrived around 11:00 PM. The bride and groom didn't arrive until late in the afternoon in a big shiny Mercedes. Ah I remember on my wedding day I went to the bride's house in a big and shiny Proton Wira. Fond memories. So basically I spent a few hours waiting for them to come. I when they did arrive, we waited another hour for them just to come out of the car.

Before you start calling me a jerk, bear in mind that I was not feeling very well that day. It was the beginning of my week-long fever. The bloody hall was freezing cold and I had a throbbing headache to boot. Waiting for hours for them to come didn't exactly help. It was really a miserable day for me and if it wasn't for my uncle who'd done so much for me, I wouldn't have come.

Adam & Mia was assigned to be two of the flower kids. We only got a red and cream dress for Mia instead of all-white like everybody else and we can't afford to buy a new one so... nevermind.

Anyway, the bride and groom arrived in their most charming wedding dresses. I thought my cousin looks better during her engagement than on her wedding day. Somehow the make-up artist seems to overdo it. But hey, who am I to judge right?

Today I also get to meet my relative from Kedah that I have never met before. They were my mother's half sisters and brothers from the same father, my deceased grandfather. Maybe we should go visit them some day. Right.

And look we've even got a ninja in the house!(Just kidding Faiz!). Do you know how hard it is for someone who's covered like that to eat at public functions? Most of the time they'll just skip eating at all. That's why my sister in law here doesn't usually come to such events unless it is really necessary.

So I took about an hour long video and excused myself to leave around 4-ish. By that time I could hardly stay awake due to fatigue. It is unfortunate that I was having the worst fever in the last 5 years or so that day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best to my cousin and her husband. I'm sure long distance marriage would be hard at first for you guys but Malacca isn't all that far and you can always get together on weekend. Congratulations.