Mia Ariana turns two!

Mia Ariana turns two years old today. She walks, runs, talks, fights, laughs, cries like any 2 years old does. Although she tend to cry a lot more now for anything and everything. Our day would not be complete if she doesn't cry at least twice an hour. Some people calls it terrible two, but me I find Mia is just as adorable and beautiful as she was then some 2 years ago when I first held her in my arms.
Happy Birthday Mia Ariana. We love you so much.

Malaysia Agriculture Park

The 817 acres Malaysia Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Malaysia) developed in 1986 is the first agro-forest park of its kind in the world. Located in the Shah Alam city centre, this open for public park is the premier research centre for agriculture, fishery and also farming in Malaysia. The Malaysia Agriculture Park offers various attractions for visitors apart from the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.
Last week I get to bring my family to visit the park in section 8, Shah Alam. You won't find too many signboards to the park but if you come from Federal highway you can take the Padang Jawa exit, turn right and go straight until you find the park entrance.
Parking is free but entrance is 3.00 ringgit for adults and 1.00 ringgit for children and senior citizens. Also you'll have to pay another 3.00 ringgit to enter the Four Season Temperate House.
Since the park is huge, a free bus service is provided for the visitors to the park (unless of course you're planning to run in a marathon or iron man sport and walk everywhere). The bus runs at regular 10 minutes interval and it will take your through the length of the park and also drops you off at the Four Season Temperate House.
Cycling is another way to traverse the park. I'm not sure whether the bicycles is provided for rental or you'll have to bring your own.
Having been living in Malaysia all my life, there's nothing much in here for me to see that I haven't seen yet. I mean all the trees and plants looked pretty much the same to me and I've been to several real forest before around the country.
That said, tourists, especially foreigners will find the Malaysia Agriculture Park a really interesting place to visit. Here they can visit a jungle right in the middle of the city. No need to visit Taman Negara anymore.
The Four Season Temperate House is a popular attraction here especially for the locals whose never been outside the country. Here you can experience summer, autumn, winter and spring in this little indoor building with specially regulated environment.
Too bad it was already spring when we visited the place last week so we didn't get the chance to feel and play with snow and stuff.
Still the place is beautiful nevertheless with all the pretty flowers in full bloom and everything.
Although the building is not that big, you can still find plenty of room to enjoy the scenery and pose for pictures. I'm sure the place would be packed with people during winter.
I found quite a number a pretty little flowers that I managed to capture here.
So spring felt quite chilly to me. I think the temperature is around 17ยบ Celsius or so, that's not much different from my office. I bet if we add a couple dozen more air-conditioners there, my office can also become Four Season Temperate House one!
The last time I visited this place was 20 years ago when I was still little. Surprisingly I don't think the place changed much since then. Malaysia Agriculture Park is a good place to visit for nature lovers and also serious photographers. Unlike the National Zoo, you don't have to walk everywhere and just take the bus. Plus the fees are much cheaper too. Of course you won't find that many animals here save for a few monkeys and birds. Make sure to come on weekdays cause they're be less crowd (duh!).

Nokia 2330 Classic phone for sale [Sold]

For sale: One new unit Nokia 2330 Classic phone.
Phone specs:

- dual band GSM 900/1800

- GPRS/EDGE/Bluetooth 2.0 support

- SMS/MMS/push Email/WAP browsing

- vga camera/video recording

- 1.8" 128 x 160 pixels TFT screen

- FM radio with dedicated key

- 32MB internal memory

- 4 hour 48 minutes talk time, 540 hours standby time
Package contains:

- Nokia 2330 Classic black colour

- Nokia battery BL-5C

- Nokia compact charger AC-3

- Nokia stereo headset

- User guide

All for a low price of only RM150.00 (add another 10 ringgit for Pos Laju). For more info and contact details, kindly email me.

McAfee Network Security Seminar

Last week I attended a seminar organized by McAfee Inc called McAfee Network Security Seminar at Hotel Nikko in Kuala Lumpur.

This is the first time I stepped in to Hotel Nikko. It's a nice place but the parking was bloody expensive (RM13.50 for half day). Well, it's KL city - what do you expect?

McAfee is one of the largest computer security firm in the world and they have invited some of their regular customers/reseller to this seminar to give an update on the latest network security concerns in the IT industry today.

That, and also to promote their latest firewall hardware product. The host for this event was Ms Allison Heng, Regional Sales Manager for McAfee.

The keynote address was presented by Mr Jason Lamar, Director for Product Management at McAfee who flew in all the way from Washington D.C. We were briefed about the new Firewall product from McAfee and how they beat Cisco to hold the largest market share for network security product in the world today.

The second presenter was err.. some guy who I already forgot his name. His presentation on Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) was rather forgettable too. I could hardly understand a thing he said with his short breath and thick British accent. Dude, join a gym or something.

The last presentation was by Mr Tan (I think) who provided a hands-on demo on the new McAfee firewall.

And now for the main event, lunch! We had chicken curry, grilled lamb and stingray asam pedas which was simply delicious for lunch. And I don't usually eat fish! Full marks for Hotel Nikko for the superb food.

Before we left, there were a little lucky draw event where the lucky participant will walk home with a brand new Blackberry phone. So the lucky winner was... (drum roll) - some government guy from Putrajaya! Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Well at least I get to have breakfast and lunch and left with a cool black McAfee t-shirt. Thanks.

Sneak preview: Casa Riana

Today we finally managed to go inside our future home at Casa Riana apartment. We have signed the Sale & Purchase Agreement last month so now we are waiting for the transfer to go through with the developer, the owner and us. Our lawyer said, it'll take at least another 2 months until we can move into the house. Buying a house is really a time and money consuming thing.
Our real estate agent, Mr Lim accompanied us to visit the place. Many residents have already moved in to their properties there judging by the number of cars on the parking lot. So this is the front door of our home. That little window there next to the door will be handy to see our visitors.
This is the master bedroom with 3 windows and a toilet attached to it.
This is one of the 2 toilets.
This is the second bedroom where Adam will be staying. The third bedroom is the smallest one in the middle.
And this the view that we have from our balcony and also master bedroom. Not bad I think although I do hope they will develop the balding patch of land next to the hill into something better. Either way, this is better than the swimming pool view.
This is the kitchen area. Small but it will do. I can already imagine our IKEA kitchen filling this space (I wish!).
Next to the kitchen is another small balcony, presumably for our washing machine or something.
Finally this is the living room which connects to the dining area at where I am standing. 813 square feet is not that big but I think it's enough for the four of us. And for RM115K I think it's a bargain too. Last time I check the price for this property has gone up to at least RM130K since the last 3 month.

Somehow the owner decided to hand over the house keys and the parking sticker to us right away today although the purchase is far from completed. Either he's a really-really nice guy or he trusts us completely. Of course we don't plan to move in or do anything with the property. It is not ours yet. My only complain is the parking space is right in the middle of the courtyard next to the swimming pool. Imagine how it's going to be during rainy days. Apparently the assigned the parking bays at random. or something.

So another 2 months before we move in to our dream home. Money... I wish they would grow on trees.

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