Sneak preview: Casa Riana

Today we finally managed to go inside our future home at Casa Riana apartment. We have signed the Sale & Purchase Agreement last month so now we are waiting for the transfer to go through with the developer, the owner and us. Our lawyer said, it'll take at least another 2 months until we can move into the house. Buying a house is really a time and money consuming thing.
Our real estate agent, Mr Lim accompanied us to visit the place. Many residents have already moved in to their properties there judging by the number of cars on the parking lot. So this is the front door of our home. That little window there next to the door will be handy to see our visitors.
This is the master bedroom with 3 windows and a toilet attached to it.
This is one of the 2 toilets.
This is the second bedroom where Adam will be staying. The third bedroom is the smallest one in the middle.
And this the view that we have from our balcony and also master bedroom. Not bad I think although I do hope they will develop the balding patch of land next to the hill into something better. Either way, this is better than the swimming pool view.
This is the kitchen area. Small but it will do. I can already imagine our IKEA kitchen filling this space (I wish!).
Next to the kitchen is another small balcony, presumably for our washing machine or something.
Finally this is the living room which connects to the dining area at where I am standing. 813 square feet is not that big but I think it's enough for the four of us. And for RM115K I think it's a bargain too. Last time I check the price for this property has gone up to at least RM130K since the last 3 month.

Somehow the owner decided to hand over the house keys and the parking sticker to us right away today although the purchase is far from completed. Either he's a really-really nice guy or he trusts us completely. Of course we don't plan to move in or do anything with the property. It is not ours yet. My only complain is the parking space is right in the middle of the courtyard next to the swimming pool. Imagine how it's going to be during rainy days. Apparently the assigned the parking bays at random. or something.

So another 2 months before we move in to our dream home. Money... I wish they would grow on trees.

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