Eid-ul Fitr 2009

After a dreadfully long and arduous 500 kilmeters journey, we finally made it safe and sound to my hometown in Pasir Mas. What to do lor, everybody chose or had to go back on the last two days of fasting. The roads everywhere sure to be packed one.

We made a brief stop at Linda's folks place in Tanah Merah first. The journey this time took 11 hours and 90 ringgit of petrol. Usually it's only half of that. Sometimes I was so sleepy during my driving that I can barely open my eyes. Thankfully I got 7GB of music to sing along to out loud for most part of the journey. We arrived in Pasir Mas just in time for fast breaking. I already ordered my favourite percik chicken beforehand and we also had a variety of other delicacies that is too many to mention.

On Hari Raya (Eid-ul Fitr) we went to the town mosque for the customary Eid-ul Fitr prayers. This time I brought Adam along and I prayed that he didn't make any fuss or go running everywhere while we pray. Fortunately he didn't. In fact he even prayed along by my side. Giving him the iPhone to play before and after prayers sure helped.

Then we head to the local graveyard to visit my great-grandmother's final resting place before finally returning home for our other annual ritual. Asking for forgiveness and duit raya (money) giving ceremony.
This year my Uncle Din's and sister's Lina family were absent but the house quite noisy and merry nevertheless.

Eid-ul Fitr this year is somewhat special for me too because for the first time in years I can finally wear a complete baju melayu dress with samping and actually look good in it! Last year I bought a complete set too but I decided not to wear it on the last minute because I looked really fat in that dress. This year has been a very special year for me. Hopefully next year will be the same too :)
I took this opportunity to ask for forgiveness to all my friends and readers of this blog if I have said or wrote anything that hurt you all. I know I'm never perfect so in conjunction with this special and holy day, let us forgive and forget all our wrongs and mistakes. Until next time, so long and Selamat Hari Raya!

Buka Puasa at IOI Mariott Putrajaya

Just when this blog is about to be filled with cobwebs, at last something happened that is worthy to blog about. This evening some of my colleagues and I had buka puasa dinner at the IOI Mariott hotel near Putrajaya.
Almost every year, my company would organize this buka puasa event at a hotel somewhere. Unlike the previous year however, this year's event was sponsored by our kind suppliers.
Since I had to pick up the kids and wife from the train station first (including getting stuck in traffic for half an hour) I only got to the hotel 5 minutes from time. While waiting far Maghrib time, my friends had nothing to do but stare at each other.
I had a plate of briyani rice and mutton and another plate of pasta for dinner and that's about it. After a couple of cakes and 2 glass of drinks I just can't take anymore food. Generally, all the food we tasted here today were quite good. Worth every penny that our sponsors paid for.
These are some of my colleagues who came sitting at the other, not so cool table. To my surprise, over half of my colleagues decided not to come to the event today especially from the CFMS department. Too cool to eat buffet? Had other business? Beats me.
And this is the VIPs table (sort of) where my Boss and the sponsors sit. Thanks a lot guys. I'm still waiting for our next sponsored trip to oversea!
This is me sitting at the seriously cool table. Sitting next to me is Bro Din showing off his magic glass. This glass, if I finish all the drink in it today I can get refill for free he said.
After done eating some of my friends like to clap and sing along to the live band that's playing in the background. How merry!
Don't be fooled by her petite size. Siti Nadia definitely can eat a lot! See all those plates over there? That all belongs to her.