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The reason

When I was a kid I was not really into football, either local or international. In fact I’m not interested with anything sporty at all and prefer to spend my spare time reading storybooks and doing other stuff (so lame, I know). FYI I used to study at a boarding school in Kelantan and a lot of the boys there were regular followers of everything football. One day when I was hanging around at one of the dormitories I saw a pin up poster of this guy on somebody’s locker. For some reason I was immediately awestruck by that picture. The guy in the poster looked so masculine, macho and dashing, in short he’s like the epitome of coolness. From that moment on I decided to be exactly like him, I wanna keep my hair cut short and cropped all the time and I’ll support the team he’s playing for.

Later I found out Stan ‘The Man’ Collymore plays for Liverpool Football Club and from that year on I became an ardent supporter of The Reds. During my first season of supporting The Reds, we did pretty well in the premiership and was on top of the table for several times and although we were rather unlucky to finish 2nd that year. Nonetheless I was thoroughly entertained with the style of football displayed but Liverpool FC. It was the glory days for the likes of Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman and Paul Ince while Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard (who were both my age) were just beginning to shine after coming through the ranks from the academy.

Although Collymore left for Aston Villa a season later, my loyalty for the club remained unaffected. And although I still admire and idolize Stan Collymore and still look forward to seeing him play every time, I’ve made up my mind to be a Liverpool supporter for life. I’ve stick to Liverpool FC for 12 years now, through the good times and the bad times and while some people find it fashionable to change their support to the winning teams (like Man U or Arsenal or Chelsea) my allegiance to The Reds has never wavered at all. As a matter of fact after God and my family and my loved ones, Liverpool FC comes next in line.

Nevertheless I’m not claiming to be the world’s greatest Liverpool fan. Heck I don’t even claim myself to be the best supporter in Seri Kembangan. I don’t follow or stay up to watch every single Liverpool game on TV nor do I register myself as an official Liverpool Supporters Club member. I don’t subscribe to Astro or the Internet to get the latest result and I rarely go out (if ever) to gatherings with other Liverpool supporters here in this country. The night that we won in Istanbul, I was alone all by myself in my living room. Furthermore, the only Liverpool jersey that I own was bought at Petaling Street for 25 bucks around three years ago.

But before you start calling me a terrible supporter, let’s just say I’ve my own reasons for not doing all of the above. I don’t have Astro or internet subscription simply because I can’t afford to. Not right now at least. I don’t go to big match gatherings because the idea of hanging around with booze-drinking fans till the wee hours of the morning doesn’t really appeal to me. Plus my previous job required me to work in shifts and staying up late outside to watch games will produce dire consequences for me the next day. The day after we won in Istanbul, I was so sleepy at work I took two hours of recess instead of one. Today I have a small kid at home and I would have incurred the wrath of my wife had I went out to those gatherings leaving them alone at home. I don’t have much Liverpool jersey first because it got Carlsberg clearly visible across the chest (which is against my creed) and for the fact that they cost a bomb. Finally although it’s my lifelong dream to watch the lads play at Anfield, I don’t know if I could afford to do that in this lifetime.

Nevertheless, even if I can’t call myself a true Liverpool fan, at least I could call myself a very passionate fan. I have shivers down my spine every time I hear “You’ll Never Walk Alone” being sung by the crowd at the beginning or the end of a match. I watch with despair (and sometimes horror) every time we lost to the Mancs or to Chelsky and I cry with tears of joy whenever we achieve something remarkable (like the last Champions League & FA Cup). So you see I was kinda flattered when Anfield Devotee linked me to his Kopite site cause to be honest I don’t post that much article about Liverpool FC here (compared to some other Liverpool supporters). I’m afraid that a lot of Kopites would be disappointed just to find me rambling about my boring life instead of some lively discussion about The Reds.

Anyway now you know my friends, why I kept I shave my head every two weeks or so. It’s not because I’m into those skinhead gang or me trying to emulate ‘El Gordo’ Ronaldo of Brazil or because my hair is turning grey everywhere. It was because of Stan Collymore, the guy who’s responsible for introducing me to the greatest football club ever. Even if we screw up in the Premiership again this or miss out on all the silverwares you know which team I’ll be rooting for next year and the next and the next right? Remember what they say: Form is temporary, class is permanent.

You’ll never walk alone.

The latest trend in wedding dresses

Before you start accusing him of being weird or tasteless, there used to be a sleeve there on that dress. Rumours has it the guy got carried away at the gym a month before his wedding.

Either that or he's just one big SHOW OFF!!

"Whatcha looking at buddy? Got problem with my sleeves?"

"It's my wedding and I can dress however I like!!"

"Don't worry dad, I'll crush anyone who dares make fun of me like a bug!!"

The pursuit of PDA

This is the part of my life that I call being stupid.

I’ve been dreaming of getting a notebook or a PDA for as long as I can remember. Many times when I’m doing nothing like waiting in queue or just lepak-lepak, I wish I have a device (like a notebook or PDA) where I can do something productive like write a blog post or read an e-book or start that super secret book I’ve been thinking of writing for so long. Therefore when the wife presents me with a credit card a few weeks ago, it was like the Malay saying: orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal. Suddenly I can afford to buy anything without saving for it slowly every month like I used to do.

It was the 3rd day of Ramadan and I was off from work due to a serious cold. Later that evening I dreamt that I bought a PDA, like how weird is that? And when I woke up I was feeling all happy and cheery for a while before it occurred to me that owh shite, it’s only a dream. It was then that I heard a voice, softly whispering use me, use me, it’s okay, you can pay for it later. That was my credit card talking to me!

Okay - okay I made that final sentence up but the urge to get myself the PDA was so strong that time I just couldn’t resist driving myself to Mines Shopping fair right there and then. To make matter worse I instantly laid my eyes on this cool O2 XDA II mini pocket pc phone for sale for only 700 ringgit. And after trading in my trusty slvr L7 I had to pay only 450+ for the PDA. It took me like just 2 minutes to decide. That decision proved to be one huge mistake, a faux pas that I really wished I hadn’t made.

I knew something was amiss when that guy quickly makes way with my credit card and swipe it at his machine when I was not even finished testing the phone yet. So stupid of me, first rule of credit card: never give away your credit card to anyone especially to shady hand phone seller. When I found out there’s something wrong with the phone’s speaker it was already too late, that guy already came up to me with a receipt in hand. He gave me another pocket pc which I did test and found to be working but only for 2 days when the screen started flickering whenever I charge my phone. I went back to that guy only to be told that I probably dropped the phone and something and he ain’t fixing it. I felt like strangling him right there and then but common sense tells me I’d probably get into more trouble than solving any.

So today’s lesson is: don’t buy any phone from The Mines Shopping Fair. Heck even the folks at Pertama Complex or Low Yat is more trustworthy than them. At least they don’t sell broken phones to people. Lesson number two: next time when you hear voices from your credit card, ignore them! They’re probably the devil's whispering.

My wife, was not mad at all with me. She’s just hugely disappointed with me and we didn’t talk much for a day or two following that incident. Yeah I know it’s me who’ll be paying for all that but still she’s upset that I got duped by those unscrupulous salesman. But we’re cool now. Let this be a lesson for us all. I should be really happy right now that I finally got a PDA of my own but instead I’m still feeling terribly guilty and wrong whenever I look at that thing. Sigh.

I want my L7 back!!


O2 XDA II Mini specs:

  • Intel Xscale PXA272 (416 MHz)
  • 64 MB SDRAM, 64 MB ROM
  • 2.8" Transflective 65,536 colour LCD (240×320 pixels)
  • I/O: cable (USB), IrDA, Bluetooth, SD & SDIO flash card
  • Integral 1.3 MP camera
  • Tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz

The blessed month

Ramadan is an Islamic religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year. Prayers, sawm (fasting), charity, and self-accountability are especially stressed at this time; religious observances associated with Ramadan are kept throughout the month. Ramadan ends with the holiday Eid ul-Fitr, on which feasts are held.

The most prominent event of this month is the daytime fasting practiced by most observant Muslims. Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world get up before dawn to eat and perform their fajr prayer. They break their fast when the fourth prayer of the day, Maghrib (sunset), is due.

The month of Ramadhan is not like any other month; its purpose is to rid man of those habits which he has accumulated throughout the rest of the year. It is a month that prepares man for the remaining eleven months by teaching him discipline and self control. Thus, Allah has made some acts which are beloved to man, like eating, drinking and fulfilling one's desires, Haram (forbidden). If man can control these desires in this month, which are usually permissible for him, then he can surely control himself from other desires which are not permissible throughout the remaining months.

As for me I actually look forward for the month of Ramadan to come. Okay I'm not claiming to be all religious and good but for me I have no problem whatsoever with fasting and all. If I can pray five times a day then fasting everyday for a whole month is like second nature to me (ye ke?). I just don't get it with people who don't fast for no apparent reason, like how pathetic is that? Furthermore I also look forward for Ramadan cause I know, come the end of it there's Hari Raya! Yayy!!

Since both of us are working, we simply don't have the time to cook for berbuka (breaking of fast) so we did what every normal urban folks do, buy our food from the bazaar Ramadan. We weren't so lucky on our first visit there cause we got there kinda late (around 6:45) and the place was packed with people and most of the food stuff was sold out already. In the end, we bought our food at Restoran Maulana nearby. We went to the same bazaar Ramadan again on Sunday, this time much earlier and lots of food to choose from. I bought my one of my all time favourite food, the ayam percik (spicy barbecue chicken) and some onde-onde. The chicken was not that good lah, they just can't make it like they do in Kelantan. What's more, I think all those bazaar Ramadans are a bit overrated. Just about anybody can set up stall there and some of the food stuff are of questionable quality or just plain bad. Give me pasar malam anytime.

Today is already the sixth day of fasting and Alhamdulillah, I went through them without any incidents. It's work as usual here and I even had to stay back late once (till 7:oo p.m) to finish my work. So to everyone, happy fasting and may you have a blessed Ramadan!

The cheapest car in Malaysia

My parent in law bought a Perodua Kancil 660 (manual) last week. They came down here during the weekend to pick it up.

At 22500 ringgit (USD 6428), I daresay it's the cheapest car in Malaysia. But of course they took out a lot of accessories to make it that cheap.

Among others it has no power window, no gearbox lock, no hubcap, no air bag, no power steering, no central lock, no alarm and (gasp!) no radio.

What it does has is air cond and rear seat belt, that's about it.

This car is made for the average Malaysians in mind, suitable for first time owners with a limited budget. I suppose it's gonna be a hit with college students cause even with 100% loan the monthly installment is only RM260.

Naturally with so many accessories missing, we had to install a few necessary stuff ourselves like central lock, alarm and hubcaps. We got all that for only RM485 in Seri Serdang. For enquiries about this car or any model of Perodua or Proton feel free to contact Hanif at 017 2455622.

My first card

As a Jusco Credit Card's holder, you can earn 50% more J Card points when you charge your purchases to your Jusco Credit Card at Jusco outlets in Malaysia. If you are a frequent shopper, at Jusco it means you are that much closer to redeeming your favourite item offered through the Jusco Redemption Programme.

Use your Jusco Credit Card together with J Card to earn 50% more J Card points. For more information about J Card benefits.

You can also enjoy fantastic benefits such as Free Rebate and Discount Vouchers, specially priced supermarket items, exclusive invitations for J Card Member's Day, Free Pearl Magazines, Free Insurance Coverage, members' privileges at more than 100 participating Outlets/Merchants nationwide and exclusive birthday promotions.

Ok enough of that crap, actually I just wanna show y'all my first ever credit card :)

My wife loves Jusco so much she decided to get a Jusco Credit Card herself and was kind enough to get a supplementary card for me.

Ok that's all, back to work now.

Used Ferrari for sale


Used Ferrari for sale

Price: 50 cent OTR (negotiable)

Year: 1980

Free: wiper

Condition: Excellent, well except for the air conditioning unit which takes forever to cool you down. Old body paint so it's optional for you to wash at all (maintenance free!)

Accident free (Unless you count that one time he rammed into a buffalo in Gedangsa)

Contact: Miss Bubu/Mr. Jal 012 243669X


Saper-saper yang fail GDL test semalam sila hubungi Kak Doly untuk pendaftaran semula, tq

Anybody who failed their GDL test yesterday please contact sis Doly for re-registration, thanks.

Quiconque qui n'a pas passé leur essai de GDL hier satisfont des sis Doly de contact pour le re-enregistrement, merci.

Cualquiera que falló en su prueba de GDL ayer satisface los sis Doly del contacto para el re-registro, gracias.

Jedes, das ihren GDL Test gestern verließ, gefallen Kontakt sis Doly für Re-ausrichtung, Dank.

GDLテストを昨日失敗した誰でもは再登録、感謝のための接触のsis Dolyを喜ばす。

The new sidekick

Meet Irwan, the latest addition to our humble little department. His job description is same like mine, meaning he’ll be my new sidekick and partner in crime.

Irwan is a fresh graduate from IKRAM, a college near UNITEN in Kajang. He never worked before so this is like his first job ever and being a fresh grad and all, Irwan does need to learn a lot of stuff in this IT field. But worry not my friend, I’m more than happy to teach you everything there is to know for six easy payment of RM99.90!

Okay just kidding about that. I must admit Irwan almost hasn’t got a clue on how to do stuff at work but at least he’s a keen and fast learner and he’s willing to start from the bottom you know. One month along and I like this guy already.

He used to drive a beat up Proton Putra to work and once the car stalled right before the USJ toll booth and we had to frantically jump-start the car while everybody behind us honk impatiently. Thank God it did start again or else we had to push the car aside or something. And many times we can’t turn the aircond on cause it’ll make the car shake, rattle and roll har har!

Anyway that’s old news now. Today we ride around in his brother’s cool Chevrolet Optra. I tell you, his folk’s rich mannn! I hope he sticks around for many years to come. So come on Irwan, to the bat cave!!

So what's your excuse?

Muslims are required to perform the Solat (prayer) 5 times a day even if they're terminally ill and bedridden or paralyzed and can only move their eyelids. That's how important the Solat is to Muslims. If these people can then what's your excuse?


Return of the funny captions

"Are you sure this is the way to the Shrek's auditions?"

"We do look like Bigfoot."

"Look mom, naked seaweed monsters!"

"Bob, are you sure this will keep the mosquitoes off?"


"I don't have to go to the bathroom anymore, Mom."

"Britney decided that 25 children was far too many."

"Would you PLEASE let go of my hands so I can let your father out of the backpack."

"Children: "But Mom, we don't want to go to America!"
Mom: "Shut up and SWIM!"

"After I do these two I still have the kittens in the backpack."

"No, Mom really ... come on in. The water only smells funny."

"Where is that shark, anyway?"

"Mom, we're just kidding about seeing Barney The Musical, seriously!!"


"Don't worry sir, we will have you fully inflated in a minute."

"Will the two of you be having the buffet?"

"Fries with that, Sir?"

"At the 'I sued McDonalds' club."

"Please get up sir, my wife is sitting in that chair.."

"What do you mean did I ate the waitress? You trying to be funny eh?"

"If the Atkins diet worked for me, it can work for you too!"

"Sure, we'd love to visit the Togo, but aren't there cannibals there?"

"Well, I think you two look great ...just don't chew my arm."


"What do you mean the World Trade Organization canceled its meeting?"

"I dress to complement my jail cell and that's why I'm hot"

"You may have caught me this time, Batman ... but these bars won't hold me forever!"

"I'll be the Joker or the Riddler, I don't care, either way I'm in the next Batman Movie!"

"The new Ronald McDonald look in the Congo."

"Meet Mugabe Akoweki, all new episode this Tuesday on 'The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

"Who says I'm not Irish?"


"Now is NOT the time to make snow angels, Luke."

"Hmmm, I thought I just saw Barney over there."

"Huh? You want me to put my mouth WHERE?"

"You put your left hand, you put your right hand in... aww wake up Han, you're no fun..."

""Luke, I'll get you some help...but first let me findo Waldo"

"I think he took his wallet!""

"What's Yoda doing in the hotel?!?"

"Please, I'll give you the secret plans, anything! Just stop tickling me!"

"Yep! I can see Disneyland from here!"


"There he is. Set to stunned."

"I want to go home and rethink my life!"

"I'd sooner kiss a Wookiee!"

"Don't look at me like that. It makes me uncomfortable."

"This was never part of our agreement!"

"I think you just can't bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight!"

"The day Tom became a Star Trek Fan"

"You should've seen us at the convention centre -- he displayed his true feelings for me."



"Oh yeah, man. I only like high tech. State of the art. Yep, that's me."

"You like my phone holder? You won't believe how many other uses it has!"

"Damn it! I hear it ringing, but where'd I leave it?"

"And for only 3 payments of $14.95, you will also receive this amazing hands-free cell phone."

"God, these free Hotlink minutes are killing me!"

"Guys, check out my new bionic ears! Cool huh?"