The cheapest car in Malaysia

My parent in law bought a Perodua Kancil 660 (manual) last week. They came down here during the weekend to pick it up.

At 22500 ringgit (USD 6428), I daresay it's the cheapest car in Malaysia. But of course they took out a lot of accessories to make it that cheap.

Among others it has no power window, no gearbox lock, no hubcap, no air bag, no power steering, no central lock, no alarm and (gasp!) no radio.

What it does has is air cond and rear seat belt, that's about it.

This car is made for the average Malaysians in mind, suitable for first time owners with a limited budget. I suppose it's gonna be a hit with college students cause even with 100% loan the monthly installment is only RM260.

Naturally with so many accessories missing, we had to install a few necessary stuff ourselves like central lock, alarm and hubcaps. We got all that for only RM485 in Seri Serdang. For enquiries about this car or any model of Perodua or Proton feel free to contact Hanif at 017 2455622.


  1. Hey that's where i bought my mp3 player!

  2. Really? Well next time don't go there anymore cause they're actually quite expensive than the other shops in Seri Serdang. I found out the prices at the accesorry shop just accross the street is much cheaper.