The new sidekick

Meet Irwan, the latest addition to our humble little department. His job description is same like mine, meaning he’ll be my new sidekick and partner in crime.

Irwan is a fresh graduate from IKRAM, a college near UNITEN in Kajang. He never worked before so this is like his first job ever and being a fresh grad and all, Irwan does need to learn a lot of stuff in this IT field. But worry not my friend, I’m more than happy to teach you everything there is to know for six easy payment of RM99.90!

Okay just kidding about that. I must admit Irwan almost hasn’t got a clue on how to do stuff at work but at least he’s a keen and fast learner and he’s willing to start from the bottom you know. One month along and I like this guy already.

He used to drive a beat up Proton Putra to work and once the car stalled right before the USJ toll booth and we had to frantically jump-start the car while everybody behind us honk impatiently. Thank God it did start again or else we had to push the car aside or something. And many times we can’t turn the aircond on cause it’ll make the car shake, rattle and roll har har!

Anyway that’s old news now. Today we ride around in his brother’s cool Chevrolet Optra. I tell you, his folk’s rich mannn! I hope he sticks around for many years to come. So come on Irwan, to the bat cave!!

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