OldTown White Coffee - Asam Laksa

Don't know why but I suddenly have this huge craving for a bowl of authentic asam laksa noodle from a kopitiam. I never liked anything laksa before and I'm not even pregnant! I must have been hit but one of those weird cosmic ray thus the strange behavior. I tried looking around the regular food joint and eateries but they don't serve any asam laksa. So in the end I have no choice but to visit this overpriced franchise restaurant called OldTown White Coffee (sounds familiar?).
A bowl of this nice tasting asam laksa is a whooping RM8.90 but it's okay because my friend Bujal treated me for lunch because I looked particularly handsome today. Thanks Bobot!

i-City - it's just some blinking lights

i-City is a new hightech township which will incorporate retail and commercial hub with advanced information communication structure in section 8, Shah Alam. The first phase of the multi-billion project is already completed in 2008 while the entire township is expected to finish by 2015.
In conjunction with Chinese New Year, i-City has installed millions of LED lights at it's CityWalk and CityPark which has became a popular tourists attraction at night. If you plan to come here, you are advised to come early to avoid traffic and the huge crowd. FYI the place opens to public from 7:00PM till late. And one more thing, you might want to enter through the back entrance and park at the tiered parking area. The front entrance is almost always congested with cars and people.
Apart from the outdoor lights showcase, there's also a small indoor LED lights exhibition next to the parking lot. Looking at the rein deers, igloos and snowman, I'm guessing the theme for this little exhibit is Christmas. You'll have to take turns to get into the small place.
If you're really into lights, then this is the place to be. Dozens of digital maple and pine light trees make for a colourful forest that delights the eyes.
At one end of CityPark, visitors will walk between rows of Chinese cherry blossoms and spot LED peacocks and other creatures of the forest at a nearby pond shrouded by the digital lights.
Walking under the CityWalk section, visitors will be wowed by rows upon rows of red lanterns lending the place a traditional Chinese New Year atmosphere with a modern twist.

If you're wondering how much those glow in the dark Mickey Mouse or devil's ears costs, it's 5 ringgit and you can find a handful of people selling them around the park.
As I said before, if you enter from the front - brace yourself for long queues and blaring horns.
With so much electricity used, i-City will be TNB's best friend forever! They must have spent millions to foot the electric bill every month. I guess this is one of their marketing plan to attract potential customers or investors.
You are not advised to touch the LED lights for fear of electrocution.
Overall, I think i-City's LED light showcase is an interesting place to visit for first timers. But after a while it kinda lost it's awe and charm. Will I visit this place again in the future? Probably not. Well, unless I have some business to attend to here. I have no idea how long this showcase will last but if you're planning to come here, come early and use the back entrance. Entrance and parking is free, for now at least. To get here, take the Federal Highway and turn right at the Padang Jawa exit and then just follow the signboard to i-City.

Faiz's Wedding

Today is my brother Faiz's big day. If he had it his way, Faiz would have married that girl from Sungai Buloh and we'd be having roti canai and curry at his place every weekend. But fate had other plans for him. So today he's going to marry this young girl from Tanjung Malim instead.
Most of my uncles and aunts were here for the wedding including my grandmother from back home. We gathered at my uncle's place in Kota Damansara before leaving for Tanjung Malim.
I know travelling on the road a day before the 2nd biggest holiday celebration in the country is asking for trouble but since Faiz had it all planned out for today, we had no choice. Sure enough we were caught in a terrible crawl from just after Kota Damansara all the way to Slim River, that's two different states mind you. And the sun was merciless on us today. It was simply scorching hot.

Faiz's Wedding from Afif Rais on Vimeo.

The akad ceremony was supposed to start at 12:30PM but we kept the Imam waiting a full hour because of traffic. But everything went on smoothly from there onwards. After hearing a mini-sermon from the Imam, Faiz proceeded with the akad-nikah ceremony and shortly after he is somebody's husband. Check out the video above that I captured. You can hear father of the bride almost choking in tears while handing over his daughter for marriage. I know it's never easy giving away your precious daughter that you raised and looked after all these years.
From the mosque, we visited the bride's place right in the middle of Felda Besout. So here she is, the newest addition to our family - Siti Mariam. Only 18 years of age. And I thought I married young! They were simple people leading a really simple life. Faiz met her father while going out for tabligh together and one thing lead to another and before you know it we hear Faiz is ready to settle down and get married.
In the end it was a real simple yet merry wedding. There was no dais, tents, catering, karaokes or elaborate ceremonies, just a simple meet and greet session and lunch, just the way the bride's family wanted.

Okay Faiz, you're a big man now with even bigger responsibilities. I hope that you will be a good husband, father and not forgetting a good son too. Congratulations and may you live happily ever after.

Malay Evergreen mp3

Aside from the usual rock and pop music, I also listen to a lot of other genres including old evergreen songs, local or international. And as my national service to future generations, I have searched and compiled here 189 Malay evergreen songs from all over the Internet before they disappear forever. I hope that someday my kids and his peers can also enjoy these awesome songs as much as I do.

(Also check out my rock and pop Malay mp3s)

1. A. Romzie & S. Roha - Usik mengusik bawa bahagia

2. 2 by 2 - Pak pung Pak Mustafe

3. A. Halim - Salam mesra

4. A. Rahman - Tak mengapa

5. A. Romzie - Katakan padaku

6. Abdullah Chik & Zaleha Hamid - Gurindam jiwa

7. Adibah Noor - Hujan

8. Adibah Noor - Ikan di laut asam di darat

9. Ahmad Daud - Si manis 17

10. Ahmad Daud & Saloma - Sudah kahwin ke belum

11. Ahmad Jais - Gambus Jodoh

12. Ahmad Jais & Rafeah Buang - Selasih ku sayang

13. Ahmad Jusoh - Dia datang

14. Ahmad Mahmud & Rahmah Rahmat - Tanda kasih

15. Aishah - Bahtera merdeka

16. Al-Mizan - Junjungan mulia

17. Ali Mamak - Joget dimanalah jodoh

18. Alleycats - Berita dari rantau

19. Alleycats - Jika kau bercinta lagi

20. Alleycats - Senandung semalam

21. Alleycats - Senyumlah Kuala Lumpur

22. Alleycats - Seribu bintang

23. Ally Noor & Mastura - Alahai anak omak

24. Ally Noor & Mastura - Apa kono eh Anizam Adam

25. Amir - Zikir kasih

26. Anita Sarawak - Ayam den lapeh

27. Anita Sarawak - Joget sayang di sayang

28. Arie Wibowo - Madu dan racun

29. Aris Ariwatan - Cinta tak kenal siapa

30. Azizah Mohammad - Syurga idaman

31. Azlina Aziz - Wajahmu dimana-mana

32. Black Dog Bone - Hatiku luka lagi

33. Black Dog Bone - Joget sindir pesan

34. Black Dog Bone - Kau datang bawa cahaya

35. Black Dog Bone - Si gadis ayu

36. Blues Gang - Apo nak dikato

37. Blues Gang - Oh mama saya mahu kawin

38. Broery Marantika - Hapuslah air matamu

39. Broery Marantika - Senja di Kuala Lumpur

40. Broery Marantika & Dewi Yull - Jangan ada dusta antara kita

41. Broery Marantika & Sharifah Aini - Seiring dan sejalan

42. Carefree - Belaian jiwa

43. Carefree - Dendangan laguku

44. Carefree - Joget Mak Enon

45. Carefree - Rindu bayangan

46. Carefree - Si baju hijau

47. Diana Nasution - Benci tapi rindu

48. DJ Dave - Di desa kasihku tertumpah

49. Dj Dave & Uji Rashid - Rintihan rasa

50. Emilia Contessa - Hitam manis

51. Fatimah M Amin - Oh teruna

52. Fauziah Ahmad Daud - Wajah rahsia hati

53. Fauziah Latif - Aku masih seperti dulu

54. Fauziah Latif - Bukan kemahuan fikiran

55. Flybaits - Kasih berubah

56. Flybaits - Kenangan lalu

57. Francesca Peters & Jamal Abdillah - Kehebatan cinta

58. Francesca Peters - Ku ke udara lagi

59. Francesca Peters - Kau lilin cintaku

60. Francesca Peters - Oo la la tropika

61. Francesca Peters & Roy - Siapa dia sebelum daku

62. Francesca Peters & Roy - Tak kenal maka tak cinta

63. Gingerbread - Ku cari damai di hati

64. Gingerbread - Kau kurindukan

65. Gingerbread - Namun ku punya hati

66. Halim Napi - Anak tupai

67. Harmoni - Penantian

68. Hetty Koes Endang - Kasih

69. Izam & Waheeda - Kompang dipalu

70. J. Sham - Surat untukmu

71. Jamal Abdillah - Kau lupa janji

72. Jamal Abdillah - Penghujung rindu

73. Jamal Abdillah & Amelina - Seri Langkat

74. Jamal Abdillah & Siti Sarah - Sandarkan pada kenangan

75. Jamaliah Sarip & Abdullah Chik - Setangkai kembang melati

76. Jefrydin - Kenanganku

77. Jefrydin - Seruling anak gembala

78. Julie Remie - Bang ayuh bang

79. Kalibers - Nasib malang

80. Kenny Remy Martin - Suratan atau kebetulan

81. Khadijah Ibrahim - Kupendam sebuah duka

82. Kompang

83. L. Ramlee - Dara pujaan

84. L. Ramlee - Siapa bilang aku tak kasih sayang

85. Lagu pengantin - Di renjis - renjis

86. M. Daud Kilau - Cik Mek Molek

87. M. Daud Kilau - Di renjis - renjis

88. M. Nasir - Keroncong untuk Ana

89. M. Nasir - Suatu masa

90. M. Nasir - Hati emas

91. M. Nasir & Yunizar Hussein - Dua insan

92. M. Osman - Suzana

93. Metropolitan - Disebalik rahsia cinta

94. Min Malik - Flora cinta

95. Noor Kumalasari - Selamat pagi sayang

96. Noor Kumalasari - Lagu dari kamar

97. P. Ramlee - Aduh sayang

98. P. Ramlee - Azizah

99. P. Ramlee - Malam bulan dipagar bintang

100. P. Ramlee - Bujang lapok

101. P. Ramlee - Bunyi gitar

102. P. Ramlee - Dalam air terbayang wajah

103. P. Ramlee - Dengar ini cerita

104. P. Ramlee - Dimana kan ku cari ganti

105. P. Ramlee - Engkau laksana bulan

106. P. Ramlee - Gambus jodoh

107. P. Ramlee - Hanya dikau

108. P. Ramlee - Kisah rumah tangga

109. P. Ramlee - Lanang tunang tak jadi

110. P. Ramlee - Malam ku bermimpi

111. P. Ramlee - Menceceh bujang lapok

112. P. Ramlee - Nak dara rindu

113. P. Ramlee - Nasi goreng bubur kacang

114. P. Ramlee - Nujum Pak Belalang

115. P. Ramlee - Pok pok bujang lapok

116. P. Ramlee - Pukul tiga pagi

117. P. Ramlee - Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit

118. P. Ramlee - Senjakala

119. P. Ramlee - Terbang burung terbang

120. P. Ramlee - Tiada kata secantik bahasa

121. P. Ramlee - Tidurlah wahai permaisuri

122. P. Ramlee - Ya habibi Ali Baba

123. R. Ismail - Pengantin bersanding

124. R. Azmi - Pak Hitam

125. Rafeah Buang - Tunggu sekejap

126. Rafeah Buang - Udang sama udang

127. Ramli Sarip - Senandung hidup berbudi

128. Ramli Sarip & Khatijah Ibrahim - Kumiliki bayanganmu

129. Ria Resty Fauzy - Cintaku sampai ke Ethiopia

130. Rina Rahman - Kuingin bahagia

131. Rosemaria - Kisah kisah masa lalu

132. Rosiah Chik - Zapin senandung sayang

133. S. Fauziah - Zapin yaladan

134. Salamiah Hassan - Gelombang

135. Salamiah Hassan - Menghitung hari

136. Salih Yaacob - Puteri remaja

137. Saloma - Istana cinta

138. Saloma - Kain songket

139. Saloma - Kenek-kenek udang

140. Saloma - Perwira

141. Saloma - Pesta muda mudi

142. Saloma - Sekapur sireh sulas pinang

143. Saloma - Selamat pengantin baru

144. Sanisah Huri - Sejakku bertemu padamu

145. Sanisah Huri - Si baju hijau

146. Sanisah Huri - Tari tualang tiga

147. Senaria & Adibah Noor - Zapin cinta SMS

148. Sharifah Aini - Bunga tanjung

149. Sharifah Aini - Dipinggir kayangan

150. Sharifah Aini - Dondang sayang

151. Sharifah Aini - Hatiku dicuri lagi

152. Sharifah Aini - Mawar putih untukmu mama

153. Sharifah Aini - Medley nostalgia

154. Sharifah Aini - Seri Dewi Malam

155. Sharifah Aini - Seri Mersing

156. Sharifah Aini - Terbang helang

157. Sharifah Aini & Herman Tino - Serampang laut

158. Sheila Majid - Hitam putih kehidupan

159. Sheila Majid - Wajah rahsia hati

160. Sohaimi Meor Hassan - Epilog cinta dari Bromley

161. Sohaimi Meor Hassan - Apabila isteriku tertawa

162. Sudirman - Apa khabar orang kampung

163. Sudirman - Ayah dan ibu

164. Sudirman - Bila wajahmu ku bayangkan

165. Sudirman - Hujan

166. Sudirman - Jauh di sudut hati

167. Sudirman - Joget kenangan manis

168. Sudirman - Mak inang Melayu

169. Sudirman - Nilai cintamu

170. Sudirman - Patah hati

171. Sudirman - Pelangi petang

172. Sudirman - Warisan

173. Sudirman & Zaleha Hamid - Seri langkat

174. Sweet September - Hatiku kau guris luka

175. Syura - Joget gadis melayu

176. Tari tualang tiga

177. Tetty Kadi - Sepanjang jalan kenangan

178. Titi Said - Indung indung

179. Titiek Puspa - Marilah kemari

180. Uji Rashid - Semakin hari semakin sayang

181. Wann - Apa guna berjanji

182. Wheels - Dalam kenangan

183. Yaladan

184. Yuni Shara - Mengapa tiada maaf

185. Zainuri M. Dom - Ala emak kahwinkan aku

186. Zaleha Hamid - Bunga rampai

187. Zaleha Hamid - Laksamana mati dibunuh

188. Zam Zam - Bibir mesra jiwa parah

189. Malek Ridzuan - Kuala Lumpur Oh Kuala Lumpur