i-City - it's just some blinking lights

i-City is a new hightech township which will incorporate retail and commercial hub with advanced information communication structure in section 8, Shah Alam. The first phase of the multi-billion project is already completed in 2008 while the entire township is expected to finish by 2015.
In conjunction with Chinese New Year, i-City has installed millions of LED lights at it's CityWalk and CityPark which has became a popular tourists attraction at night. If you plan to come here, you are advised to come early to avoid traffic and the huge crowd. FYI the place opens to public from 7:00PM till late. And one more thing, you might want to enter through the back entrance and park at the tiered parking area. The front entrance is almost always congested with cars and people.
Apart from the outdoor lights showcase, there's also a small indoor LED lights exhibition next to the parking lot. Looking at the rein deers, igloos and snowman, I'm guessing the theme for this little exhibit is Christmas. You'll have to take turns to get into the small place.
If you're really into lights, then this is the place to be. Dozens of digital maple and pine light trees make for a colourful forest that delights the eyes.
At one end of CityPark, visitors will walk between rows of Chinese cherry blossoms and spot LED peacocks and other creatures of the forest at a nearby pond shrouded by the digital lights.
Walking under the CityWalk section, visitors will be wowed by rows upon rows of red lanterns lending the place a traditional Chinese New Year atmosphere with a modern twist.

If you're wondering how much those glow in the dark Mickey Mouse or devil's ears costs, it's 5 ringgit and you can find a handful of people selling them around the park.
As I said before, if you enter from the front - brace yourself for long queues and blaring horns.
With so much electricity used, i-City will be TNB's best friend forever! They must have spent millions to foot the electric bill every month. I guess this is one of their marketing plan to attract potential customers or investors.
You are not advised to touch the LED lights for fear of electrocution.
Overall, I think i-City's LED light showcase is an interesting place to visit for first timers. But after a while it kinda lost it's awe and charm. Will I visit this place again in the future? Probably not. Well, unless I have some business to attend to here. I have no idea how long this showcase will last but if you're planning to come here, come early and use the back entrance. Entrance and parking is free, for now at least. To get here, take the Federal Highway and turn right at the Padang Jawa exit and then just follow the signboard to i-City.