Faiz's Wedding

Today is my brother Faiz's big day. If he had it his way, Faiz would have married that girl from Sungai Buloh and we'd be having roti canai and curry at his place every weekend. But fate had other plans for him. So today he's going to marry this young girl from Tanjung Malim instead.
Most of my uncles and aunts were here for the wedding including my grandmother from back home. We gathered at my uncle's place in Kota Damansara before leaving for Tanjung Malim.
I know travelling on the road a day before the 2nd biggest holiday celebration in the country is asking for trouble but since Faiz had it all planned out for today, we had no choice. Sure enough we were caught in a terrible crawl from just after Kota Damansara all the way to Slim River, that's two different states mind you. And the sun was merciless on us today. It was simply scorching hot.

Faiz's Wedding from Afif Rais on Vimeo.

The akad ceremony was supposed to start at 12:30PM but we kept the Imam waiting a full hour because of traffic. But everything went on smoothly from there onwards. After hearing a mini-sermon from the Imam, Faiz proceeded with the akad-nikah ceremony and shortly after he is somebody's husband. Check out the video above that I captured. You can hear father of the bride almost choking in tears while handing over his daughter for marriage. I know it's never easy giving away your precious daughter that you raised and looked after all these years.
From the mosque, we visited the bride's place right in the middle of Felda Besout. So here she is, the newest addition to our family - Siti Mariam. Only 18 years of age. And I thought I married young! They were simple people leading a really simple life. Faiz met her father while going out for tabligh together and one thing lead to another and before you know it we hear Faiz is ready to settle down and get married.
In the end it was a real simple yet merry wedding. There was no dais, tents, catering, karaokes or elaborate ceremonies, just a simple meet and greet session and lunch, just the way the bride's family wanted.

Okay Faiz, you're a big man now with even bigger responsibilities. I hope that you will be a good husband, father and not forgetting a good son too. Congratulations and may you live happily ever after.