Confessions of a bad Dad

Okay enough Grease already. I have a confession to make. I'm a terrible dad. Seriously.

People say children can be complete angels until they turn 2 and then all hell will break loose. That is sooooooo true! My precious, Adam Farihin is almost 2.4 years old now, he never listens to me and he regularly screams, shouts, cries, whinges and grumbles about EVERYTHING! It's truly exasperating.

He would turn on, turn off and push the reset button on my pc like he just don't care, threw his toys all over the place, tore pages from my Harry Potter books, spill his drinks on the floor, stand in front of the tv while we were watching not to mention playing with the pots, pans and plates while his mom is cooking. He'd pour his milk everywhere, slams the door shut, plays with foods in the fridge and demands that we bring him along everywhere we go. Just forget about leaving him with my mother or anybody. He won't have any of that.

I must confess I'm not really good with kids. Sure I can change his nappy, clean his poo, bath and feed him and stuff. But I'm a total failure when it comes to entertaining kids. The longest I can play with Adam is 10 minutes before I bore myself completely. I'm just no built into this. It's like waiting for Dora to cross the little red hill. Like, get over the freaking red hill already mannn!!! I can't stand Dora or Blue's Clue. They're pure torture. And it takes forever for him to finish his meal. He would grab a bite, go play with his tricycle, bug his mom in the kitchen, grab another bite, read his book, go upstairs to bug his uncle and then when i wanted to feed him again he'll say tak nak! This is where I put down the food and say whatever kid, and go on with my business.

And the times he would hit and slap me for no apparent reason. First slowly and then they became harder and harder and after about the 12th time, I'd loose it and shout real loud at him. Naturally, he would cry his lungs out, the wife will get angry with me and I'll be annoyed with both of them and we'll all get sulky for the rest of the evening.

Sometimes I just feel I'm not prepared for this. Maybe growing up without a dad got something to do with this or maybe I just totally suck at parenting. Heck, many people I met was surprised to learn that I'm already married with children. They thought I don't have that fatherly or married look. Not that I regret having a family early like this, it's just sometime I felt helpless with Adam. (And this coming from someone who wanted 7 kids!)

To Adam Farihin, I'm so sorry that I shouted at you the other day. Of course I love you very much, it's just hitting people for no reason is A BIG NO NO okay? I wanted to be the coolest dad in the world for you but it'll take time. So we cool now huh? :)

I wonder if other parents went through the same ordeal or is it just me? Sigh.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain ...
... coming down on a sunny day

Grease: Those magic changes

[The swf video has been moved here]

Those magic changes by Sha Na Na is my new all time favourite oldies song. This song is simply magic! Too bad you can hear only a short snippet of the song in the movie during the National Bandstand competition. So I made this video clip featuring scenes from the movie for everyone to see. Enjoy!

What's that playing on the radio?
why do I start swaying to and fro
I have never heard that song before,
but if I don't hear it anymore
It's still familiar to me, sends a thrill right through me
Cause those chords remind me of the night that
I first fell in love to
Those magic changes my heart arranges
A melody that's never the same,
a melody that's calling your name
It begs you please, come back to me
Please, return to me, don't go away again,
oh make them play again
The music I wanna hear is once again,
you whisper in my ear
Oh my darling, aha I'll be waiting by the radio,
you'll come back to me someday, I know
Been so long since our last goodbye, but I'm singin' as I cry
While the bass is sounding, while the drums are pounding
Beatings of my broken heart will rise the first place of the charts
Oh my heart arranges, oh those magic changes,
oooh yeah

Grease: We go together

[The swf video has been moved here]

With the whole gang united, Marty asks "What'll happen after graduation?" The group decides that they will always be friends (We Go Together). The students receive their yearbooks, and Danny and Sandy ride off into the sunset in the newly re-done Grease Lightning as everyone else waves goodbye.

Grease: You're the one that I want

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At the end-of-the-year carnival, Rizzo proudly tells Kenickie that she isn't pregnant after all, and they make up on the Ferris Wheel. Danny reveals to the T-Birds that he's gotten into athletics and he did it all for Sandy to be impressed. Ironically, this is where Sandy comes in with The Pink Ladies, dressed in a sexy black off-the shoulder top and sporting permed hair, smoking a cigarette and wearing a sexy, black leather jacket. Danny is awed and tosses his letterman sweater on the ground, whilst Sandy in turn sexily strips off her leather jacket and carelessly, but very sexily throws it into the crowd.(You're The One That I Want).

Grease: Sandy

[The swf video has been moved here]

A few days later at a drive-in, Danny is out with Sandy, who still seems resentful after what happened at the dance. Danny asks Sandy to wear his school ring, and she seems to forgive him. But soon Danny tries to make-out with Sandy, and she tosses the ring back at him and storms out of the drive-in. Danny laments about how much he really wants Sandy (singing Sandy).

Danny, Danny, you know you can't rush those things. You got to be patient man! Take it easy, one step at a time. (I know lah, wink-wink!)

Grease: Beauty school drop out

[The swf video has been moved here]

One night at The Frosty Palace, Sandy and Danny's date is interrupted by the whole gang joining them. Rizzo and Kenickie have been fighting and eventually at closing time, only Frenchy is left, with a waitress for company. Frenchy confesses that she dropped out of Beauty School because she had a hard time, and is advised by a dreamy teen angel (Frankie Avalon) to go back to high school (Beauty School Dropout).

Grease: Greased lightning

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While having the car repaired, Danny, Kenickie, and the T-birds imagine the car after a paint job and a tune-up (Greased Lightning) and how it will attract the ladies and be the fastest car around.

John Travolta was really awesome in this video clip. His Elvis-like singing was perfection.

Grease: Hopelessly devoted to you

[The swf video has been moved here]

Sandy joins the Rydell cheerleaders, where Rizzo and the Pink Ladies plan to reunite her with Danny. They carry out their plan, but Danny, being in the presence of his gang of lads, the T-Birds, is forced to play it cool for the sake of his image, and Sandy feels insulted and angrily leaves. Finding Sandy crying, Frenchy manages to cheer her up and invites her to a pajama party at her house with the other girls. But things go wrong when Sandy throws up at the first sight of blood after Frenchy attempts to pierce her ears. In her absence, Rizzo makes fun of Sandy singing Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. Later, Sandy got all sentimental and sings Hopelessly devoted to you on the porch, apparently expressing his affection for Danny.

This is where Olivia Newton John sings while wearing my grandma's clothes. No wonder granny's favourite white gown was missing all these years! Sandy should really get help on the wardrobe department.(ask Rina for advice on sexy lingerie ;) That Danny's face- in-the water scene was rather lame and why is it so dark here? Hello!! have you heard of lighting??

Grease is the word

While many people were mad about Heroes or AF5 here at Afif PLC, Grease is the word. Believe it or not, I watched Grease for the first time on 8TV earlier this month and fell totally in love with this movie.

First time I saw this movie, I laughed my head off watching them with their crazy dance moves and their silly hair style, costume and all. But after a while I thought, hey this movie is gooood! I totally love the song Summer nights, Danny was the epitome of coolness and Sandy was simply adorable! A lot of the songs were catchy and good too. So I watched the rest of the movie and even bought myself the vcd (the original one mind you).

Grease begins In the summer of 1958 when Danny Zuko, a member of Rydell High School's boy gang the T-Birds, meets Sandy Olsson, an innocent girl from Australia, at the beach and they fall in love. When autumn nears, Sandy tells him she must return to Australia but Sandy's plans are changed and she ends up attending Rydell High. She quickly makes friends with Frenchy, a beauty-obsessed member of a clique of girls, The Pink Ladies, who introduces her to the other members of the gang – Rizzo, Jan and Marty. As yet, Danny and Sandy are unaware of each other's presence at school, but both are egged on by their friends to tell the story of their summer holiday romance (here they sings Summer Nights).

The rest of the film revolves mostly on the relationship of Sandy and Danny, the problems they face, and the ups and downs of their high school life. The main characters and the unusual pairing of Sandy and Danny makes this movie even more interesting. My favourite part of the film is the music, this film has such a brilliant soundtrack. The songs are catchy and addictive and will be in your head all day long.

Despite the fact that Grease was released some 29 years ago, the movie is still a favourite for so many people (including new fans like me). I can imagine my mom and dad singing to the tunes of Grease back in the 70s complete with those silly costumes and ridiculous hair style! And the way the boys walk, it's like they got springs in their knees.

I just love this movie and could watch it over and over again. Grease has to be the best musical of all time. But don't just take my words for it, you've got to see it for yourself to experience the magic of Grease!

[The swf video has been move here]

Journal entry # 00002

24 March

So Nilai it is. Bujal and Safuan were really impressed of how good Adam behaved on the way to Nilai. Hah, wait till he's really bored! You should see me juggle between the steering wheel, keeping his hand off the gear stick/rear view mirror/handbrake/cd player and stopping him from pulling all the tissues out. It was an all expenses paid trip since Bujal paid for everything, petrol, toll and even lunch. I was powerless to resist (he he).

Nilai 3 is some 45 km away from my office. We got there in the middle of the afternoon and the weather was soOOoo hot. Nilai 3 is like this big whole sale shopping place where they got shops of all sizes selling all kind of stuff. There's a lot of textile and clothes shop, bridal , toys , car accessories, furniture, home decoration and whole load of other domestic stuff. Well my wife would love it here but for me, aside from the toys and car accessories, there's nothing much to see here. It's like Damansara Uptown or KL Downtown minus all the hype. Food at the food court was okay. Did I mention it was a really hot day that day? Adam and I had to walk under the scorching sun and Bujal insisted we visited like every freaking shop there. In the end I bought a tissue box cover, Safuan bought a track suit and a wiper and Bujal bought nothing!

After dropping off those guys at the office I went to pick up wifey at Kelana Jaya LRT and head straight to IKEA. We're thinking of buying a sofa and today is the 2nd last day of the IKEA sale so it's now or never. The place was crowded but i've seen more crowd before. We found the sofa but unfortunately it was toooo small. Linda and I tried to sit on it and it's like already cramped. So we thought let's wait for the KLIPPAN's price to come down. And then something weird happened. Linda had her eyes on this beautiful rug at AS-IS and she suddenly went mad about it and heckled me to buy it. Err, I thought we we're looking for a sofa?? Persistent as she was, we didn't buy the rug or any sofa. Of course she made a sour face all the way back home, but she got over it soon enough. I don't know if it's just her or some women would go mad over a rug? (or a shoe? or a dress?)

25 March

Busy-busy weekend. After breakfast we went to my mother's place in Sri Serdang. Just visiting and helping to type her 67 page assignment. We spent the whole afternoon there and I finished like around 5. Around 6 we went to Linda's office mate house in Taman Puncak Jalil. They had this kenduri kesyukuran and Aqiqah ceremony for their daughter and we simply had to come since we lived nearby.

Being a marketing manager of a hotel in PJ, Linda's friend hubby had no problem getting the nasyid group Rabbani to read the tahlil for them. I've always liked Rabbani and the lead singer's voice was really good. Ustaz Asri sounded very much like what you heard on tv and radio but even better. Of course he didn't come to sing, just to read the tahlil. The caterer was like an hour late so we had to wait that long to eat. Food was good though, I had to restrain myself from taking a second helping :)

Anyway, we went straight to Tesco Puchong to do our monthly shopping. Tesco is like our favourite hypermart of all and in order of preference it goes like this:

1. Tesco
2. Carrefour
3. Jusco
4. Grocery store near house
5. Grocery store further from house
99. Mydin
100. Giant

I never liked Mydin cause they make me take off my jacket and store my stuff at the counter plus they'll do a strip search on me before they let me in.
Okay I'm kidding about the strip search but honestly, they have no trust at all at their customers it's like everyone who goes there is on to steal things from their store. Sure, a lot of the goods is cheap but it's just so much hassle, I stopped going there altogether long time ago.

I don't like Giant cause they're just plain expensive. Don't believe anything you see on tv or on their fliers, it's all lies. Also they make me take off my jacket and store my stuff at the counter. And what's this rubbish talk about being "Made in Malaysia"? Last time I checked, Giant is owned by Hong Kong based Dairy Farm International. Plus all the stories you heard about how they treat their Malay staff like crap is true! I heard it from a friend who used to work there myself. So guys, next time you wanna go shopping, you know where NOT to go!

In term of variety and wide selection of goods, Tesco is the champion. I especially like the in house brand like Tesco Value and Choice. They're just as good as the leading brand but more than half the price since they don't have to spend so much money on marketing and advertising. I don't care much about brand names anyway. As long as they do the job, that's find with me.

By the way, Adam lurves to come to Tesco. He loves to go to play at the play area, play hike and seek around the aisles and just run around the place. Last time he was a bit naughty and he would run away from us, hide behind the aisles and when we threatened to leave him behind he would wave "bye-bye" (so cheeky!). So I thought we would scare him a bit and leave him behind for real. He was cool for the first few minutes and when he realized we were missing, he started calling "mama! mama!" got teary eyed and all before I pretend to "found" him.

After that he'd stick around with me for about two minutes before off he goes again running around the aisles. This time he'd go swimming on the floor, literally doing a breast stroke between the aisles. People would probably think "Aww soooo cute!" OR "Look at that poor kid swimming on the dirty floor, what kind of parent would let their kid do like that?". I thought Adam was probably bored. Studies showed that guys can stand to go shopping for 90 minute top and they'll get extremely bored after that. So to all the ladies out there remember, 90 MINUTES ONLY! I let Adam swim around for a minute before I had to carry him everywhere after that.

26 March

Super busy Monday today. Bujal had to do some stuff at Tanjung Karang so I had to do everything else myself. Although I travelled for 116 km today, the amount of work I've done today was humongous! I was completely knackered at the end of the day.

Dude, where's my c-box?


That was Adam enjoying his Beary Meal.

I was really inspired by I so can totally relate to her. Plus, her blog is so well-designed, it makes me wanna hide my blog far away in a secluded corner of the universe. All I could do was steal a few of her graphics. Shame on me.

Of treats and tradition

This morning around 11:30 our manager En Mazlan called for a meeting with everybody who's involved with the case of the missing computers. Now En Mazlan loves to talk. Even outside meetings he talks a lot. I guess with his ripe old age and so many experience, he's got a lot to share with the younger generation (like us). He could go on for hours when he started talking. That's why we, the older staff quickly make up excuses when we sense our conversation with En Mazlan is starting to drag too long. I dah kena once with En Mazlan when he talked to me about everything, work, life, cars etc for 95 minutes. So for now he's prying on the newer staffs. Not to be mistaken with my boss (who is the M.D), En Mazlan is the only manager here. I still believe he's responsible for hiring me about 7 months ago. I suppose he's a good judge of people's character. (not that I'm that good or anything :), thanks a lot En Mazlan.

But I digress. Our meeting was naturally about the missing
pcs. Then we moved on to other subjects like ongoing works and our job satisfaction and stuff. I hinted that I could do with a little raise to him. Don't know if he got my hint. Of course he had to include tales from yesteryear. How he started from the bottom and build up his career until what he is today plus a few anecdotes from his previous jobs. Now the aircond in the meeting room downstairs was faulty so after an hour or so the room was rather stuffy and hot for my liking. We were really glad when he finally stopped talking around 1 o'clock. Then he surprised us by taking everybody for lunch at KFC.

En Mazlan (left)

It's a norm for people in my company to treat each other from time to time and it's an unwritten rule for new staffs to belanja nasi lemak (or anything) for everybody in his/her department when they started working.

I like that practice very much cause every month somebody will belanja me for breakfast or lunch. It creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the staffs. Of course I did return the favour myself when I got my bonus the other day and treat Bujal, Safuan & Abang Din for lunch. But I dislike that new stuff must buy food rule. It's like they're forcing me to feed them or something. Some of the older staff was rather persistent too about that and it really pisses me off. I'll fed you when I feel like it okay? Now sit, good dawg.

Anyway, we'd like to thanks En Mazlan again for lunch. Same place tomorrow okay?

OMG did I just put my picture here???

Indecent proposal

I found this funny video clip a long time ago and I thought I'd share it here.

I wanna be a just like her dad.

My name is Mukhsin

Well actually my name is Afif but that particular line has been playing in my head over the past few weeks. No I didn't get to watch Muhksin yet but I did found this review from somebody who has actually seen it. So here's there review as Suanie sees it.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the preview for Yasmin Ahmad’s latest offering, Mukhsin at Midvalley. It was a large hall and there were plenty of familiar faces (fellow bloggers lah). The seats allocated to bloggers were fully occupied. So I muka tembok a bit and sat in one of the seats allocated to the press. Bwahahahahaha!!! I made acquaintances with the two girls sitting beside me (who were real press peps), and found out that one of them is Pelf’s sister! Such a small world… Then I spotted hot chick and beckoned her to sit beside me.

Mukhsin and Orked sitting in a tree… not (yet)

is the story of first love, of second chances, of friendship and of relationships. Sounds very Yasmin Ahmad, eh? The protagonists are a 10-year old Orked (Sharifah Aryana) and a 12-year old Mukhsin (Mohd Syafie Naswip) from a nearby village who quickly become fast friends. Misunderstandings caused from jealousy soon ensue and threatens to jeopardise their friendship. Will their relationship last like the evergreen sawah sceneries, or will it falter like Alan Yun’s kayu acting? That, you will have to watch the movie to find out.

Orked and Mak Inom dancing in the rain

So far it has been like Star Wars — the director made the final three movies and decades later, made the first three movies in the series. Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait that long, so let’s recap a bit here.

1. Mukhsin — a young Orked meets a boy named Mukhsin and they fell for each other in a way that only children can
2. Sepet — Orked in her late teens meets Jason, they fall in love and only Yasmin Ahmad knows if Jason died at the end of the movie
3. Gubra — Apparently Jason died, so Orked married Arif. He cheated on her so Orked sought comfort in Alan’s arms. Alan was Jason’s brother. But at the end of the movie, apparently Jason didn’t die. ARGHHH WHY YOU MAKE IT SO MYSTERIOUS AND CONFOUNDING!!!!!

Like that lah.

Orked playing groom to her neighbour (brilliant lil’ actress) playing bride

In MUKHSIN, we see a younger Mak Inom (Sharifah Aleya) and Pak Atan (Irwan Iskandar), Orked’s parents who were already breaking social norms in their kampung. The girls in the family rush out to dance in the rain when daddy and friends play traditional music (’Hujan’, an original composition by Yasmin Ahmad’s dad). Orked attends a Chinese school instead of a national school. She speaketh powderful England, and at one point exclaimed, “cretin”, a word that I myself only understood when I was 20 years old. She would rather read books and watch football matches than to play with her friends. Her family openly laugh at other villagers. That pretty much would ostracise you in many kampungs.

It also shaped Orked to be what she became in SEPET and GUBRA, so it was interesting to see.

Kesian Orked seorang…

I was quite happy that MUKHSIN was not as self-indulgent as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong — I loved SEPET and GUBRA, but I also thought that there were too many ‘wank fest’ moments. Most of the time I was grinning to myself, lost in my own childhood memories that Yasmin Ahmad so brilliantly captured, even though we don’t know each other, let alone grew up together. Some sceneries were breath-taking, such as the ones at the open green paddy fields. The main actors and actresses were brilliant in their roles; I especially love Mohd Syafie Naswip as the bright-eyed MUKHSIN. It was almost unbelievable that he had never done this before. Apparently he fell in love off-screen also lah, so maybe that helped his performance ;)

Adibah Noor as Kak Yam is always lovable and entertaining. Irwan Iskandar as Pak Atan was cute; though hard to imagine he would be Harith Iskandar later on… hahahah…

Some of the supporting actresses were awesome too, such as Orked’s next door neighbour and her pregnant mother, and Mukhsin’s auntie as pictured gossiping with Kak Yam below.

And anyone knows who is the YOUNGER JASON?!?!?! OMG SO KIUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Kak Yam and Mukhsin’s aunt making ice-cream

Some parts I am not too happy about:

- Kak Inom’s wardrobe. For example, check out the photo above where she was dancing with Orked. To me she was wearing something quite modern, and I had thought that this would be a movie set in the 80s, if you were to keep up with the storylines of Sepet and Gubra lah. They didn’t have those kind of clothes in the 80s… not even in England where she had studied! Just something that kept coming back to my mind, not quite right lor. Sorry lah, it just bugs me like that.

- Bits and pieces where I felt the writer/director was trying too hard to prove her point. There was a scene where Kak Inom pretended to punish Orked, and when the uneasy tell-tale guests left, the whole family burst into laughter, not bothering to hide their amusement from their guests. Cute idea, but I felt the implementation was a bit too forced and corny.

- The whole thing with the actor/actress who played Orked and Jason in SEPET. Someone said it was sweet to bring back the two, but I felt that their presence was unnecessary. Again, like trying too hard, too forced like that. May have not been her intention, perhaps she just felt like it, but to me it was like the whole bit tak ngam. Story flow and attention broken. Just not right lah.

I’m sure there are others, but not significant enough for me to list down here.

There were also many parts that I liked, some of them involving subtle digs at Yasmin Ahmad’s critics. Who can forget the infamous ‘pencemar budaya’ phrase? Well now it’s immortalised in Mukhsin, so… :D

The manner of which Mukhsin falls in love with Orked — that was quite something too. Not once did Mukhsin tell Orked of his love, but his actions and the feelings he brought forth were so powerful and touching that words would just be a hindrance.

Overall, I liked what Yasmin Ahmad has done with MUKHSIN, more than Sepet and Gubra. The good storyline and script coupled with the actors/actresses’ stellar performances made the movie very sincere to the point of nakedness — where everything that could be offered has been offered and there is nothing more to give. Yasmin put so much heart in her movies that they touch the hearts of the audience, sometimes more than she could know. I’m glad that she won accolades at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival. Thousand of miles better than any reptile wannabe :P

(Hahah, I am so not getting an invite to watch Cicak-man 2 :P )

MUKHSIN was written and directed by Yasmin Ahmad, and produced by Grand Brilliance. You should watch it like, now!


This movie is so good even Einstein here is a fan!

OSTMp3 ringtones

p/s: My mp3 ringtone is currently the envy of my entire office! :)

Gadis Sunsilk

Look who Sunsilk hired as their new model...

Now that's what I call natural beauty :)

Why the world doesn't need Ina Naim

Yesterday I was doing a routine maintenance job at a client's office in KL. The radio was playing in the background and everything was fine until I heard this noise coming out from the radio...

Ina Naim perasan lawa

It was definitely not a song, it's more like a screeching/wailing/ squeaking noise playing on air. After further investigation, I found out it was none other than Ina Naim croaking on air! If you thought William Hung was bad, Ina Naim is like 900 times worse. What's more I had to endure the full length of her entire song cause I had nowhere to go! Imagine the agony of listening to her attempted singing, I tell you it was a nightmare.

Look at me, I'm beautiful!

Why, just because you're Mawi's ex-fiance you think you can sing? Puhleeeeeezz!! My pet toad can sing better than you. No wonder people threw eggs and stones at her show. Plus I'm sick of hearing her whining to the media about her sappy, pathetic love story all the time like we already got the idea man! Nobody wants to know how you met Mawi under that old durian tree, WE DON"T CARE!!

No wonder Mawi left her

So do us a favour and don't even think about singing ever again. You suck, seriously.

Sneak preview

Voici une prévision de mouchard de mon blog secret superbe, Jedi Archives.

J'ai fait un total fais l'excédent pour ce blog en utilisant cette peau fraîche à partir

C'est sorte d'une affiche d'énigme pour tous que vous peuplez dehors là (cause vous n'allant jamais la lire ha ha !). Je sais, je suis si mauvais :)

Bien, tout le monde à moins que vous sachiez qui vous êtes : P

Movie reviews

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a 3 in 1 dvd on Saturday and managed to watch all three of them during the weekend. I know all these movies are so last year but I wanted to give my review of them anyway.

Mission: Impossible III

Or should it be Alias: Season 5, Episode #12?

I had great expectations for this third Mission Impossible film and I was generally disappointed with it. J.J Abrams somehow managed to turn this entire movie into one episode out of Alias! It was so much like Alias I half-expected to see Sydney Bristow pop up somewhere in the movie. The action scenes were ordinary and the special effects were mediocre at best. Anybody know what's this Rabbit Foot they're babbling about?

Verdict: Poor

Superman Returns

Although I'm a big fan of Smallville, I'm not really a fan of Superman, tv-series or the movie. So when they released this new Superman the movie sequel I was not exactly excited or rearing to go watch it right away. Save for Spiderman, any superheroes in tight-fitting spandex is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless I'm still curious to know what's the deal with Superman Returns so I watched it anyway.

I hate it too, but they paid me really well to wear this ridiculous outfit.

In this movie, Superman returns to earth after a five year vacation away on Krypton. (apparently the beach party over there is not up to his par). Anyway upon returning home, he learns that Lois Lane is now a mother and won Pulitzer Prize for her article Why the World Doesn't Need Superman (it's because we got Harry Potter now to do all the world-saving). The rest of the movie revolves around Superman trying to stop Lex Luthor world domination plus saving people here and there.

Weeee!! This more fun than Megakidz!

Honestly I think Superman in this Superman Returns movie is too perfect for my liking. He's like too good to be true. He's good with his mom, had no problem with his boss and hit on other people's fiance's and get away with it. Hey even Superman doesn't have all that luck!

I hate to let it out to you Lois but I'm really not into girls..

The first few scenes where Superman saves people and stuff was really cool but after some time, he started to look like a real show-off. I especially don't like the scene where he took Lois for a flight around Metropolis (show-off!). I mean who is Richard White to compete with Superman? Anyway, I liked this Superman movie cause of the positive, not too creepy theme and the happy ending. Look forward for the next sequel.

Verdict: Acceptable

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Dean Man's Chest could have been an entertaining movie if they didn't talk so much. I mean all the actions and special effects are great but the plot dragged a little here and there. I especially love the scene with at the cannibal island, they were hilarious! Other than that I'm somewhat disappointed with this sequel. The cliffhanger ending also didn't help at all.

Verdict: Poor


Exceeds Expectation


Journal entry # 00001


"But honey, I'll look fat in that pink shirt!" I said. "And who's fault is that?" Linda replied. I don't like it when she pointed out my obvious flaws but I have to accept the fact now that I looked fat in all my shirts regardless of colour.

What!! The road leading to Puncak Jalil is already jammed and it's not even 7 o'clock yet! There's now way I'm going to crawl all the way to Bukit Jalil in that traffic. So I make a u-turn at the nearest junction and headed straight to the Hospital Serdang - Seremban highway route. Last week during the school holiday, the roads was literally empty. Little traffic and no traffic jams at all! Now it's first day of school and the traffic jam is like back with a vengeance. Seriously, I think all schools should open after 11:00 or better still we should pack them off to boarding school.

+ Graphic stolen from

Nothing happens today. No cops came to arrest anybody. Found out my boss doesn't even make a police report yet. Count on
Bujal to be an overly dramatic drama queen. Frankly I'm tired of worrying. I dearly wish we can quickly get over this and move on with life. If they wanna arrest us, so be it. We're tired of all this uncertainties. My boss is not in today so there's a more relaxed atmosphere in the office particularly in my dept. Rumours has it, he will lodge a report this evening, according to Bujal that is. Whatever.

Bujal has gone to see like 5 bomohs already and all of them saw like 5 different suspects for the case. Bujal is like easy prey for the bomohs. He's so desperate, he'd believe everything.

It rained really-really-really heavily last night and it didn't stop right until this morning. If we're living in Seattle, we'd be covered with 8 inches of snow already. Lucky for us we live in Seri Kembangan :) Thank God the car didn't smell of vomit this morning. Adam cried his heart out while waiting for his mommy last night and soon enough, he regurgitated everything he ate yesterday. Lucky for me I had a towel ready for that. My car seat is still safe (for now).

Went to site office in Section 17 PJ. The parking rate at CP Tower was cutthroat. RM 3 for first hour and another 3 more for subsequent hours. As usual it's quiet and empty there at LS. Their staff is either on site or on leave. Their receptionist is pretty cute I must say. But once you got to know her, her manners sucks. I've expected a more polite demeanor from someone with a face like that.

After getting so much inspiration from Karen, I brought my family to Tesco in Puchong last night, treat them dinner and bought Adam a bundle of toys. Adam was excited of course but it only last like half an hour or so. Then he continued to bug his mom and plays with my pc.

Quiet morning at the office. The wife had to work today until 5. Her boss made her do it. I could bitch about her boss all day long. She told me so many things she disliked about her boss, how he treated the staff like crap.

It took me 5 months to like Cassie's long way to go. It's one of those songs that I didn't like at first and then one day it just hit me, hey this song is not bad!

Think we might be going to IKEA later today to look at some sofas.

Bujal and Safuan asked me to come along with them to Nilai this afternoon to do some shopping. Said better go with my car cause it got air-cond. I don't really wanna go but since I'll be doing nothing at home anyway, I said yes. Of course I had to bring along Adam with us. What's so special about Nilai anyway? We got everything we needed from Tesco.