Grease: Hopelessly devoted to you

[The swf video has been moved here]

Sandy joins the Rydell cheerleaders, where Rizzo and the Pink Ladies plan to reunite her with Danny. They carry out their plan, but Danny, being in the presence of his gang of lads, the T-Birds, is forced to play it cool for the sake of his image, and Sandy feels insulted and angrily leaves. Finding Sandy crying, Frenchy manages to cheer her up and invites her to a pajama party at her house with the other girls. But things go wrong when Sandy throws up at the first sight of blood after Frenchy attempts to pierce her ears. In her absence, Rizzo makes fun of Sandy singing Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. Later, Sandy got all sentimental and sings Hopelessly devoted to you on the porch, apparently expressing his affection for Danny.

This is where Olivia Newton John sings while wearing my grandma's clothes. No wonder granny's favourite white gown was missing all these years! Sandy should really get help on the wardrobe department.(ask Rina for advice on sexy lingerie ;) That Danny's face- in-the water scene was rather lame and why is it so dark here? Hello!! have you heard of lighting??

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