Confessions of a bad Dad

Okay enough Grease already. I have a confession to make. I'm a terrible dad. Seriously.

People say children can be complete angels until they turn 2 and then all hell will break loose. That is sooooooo true! My precious, Adam Farihin is almost 2.4 years old now, he never listens to me and he regularly screams, shouts, cries, whinges and grumbles about EVERYTHING! It's truly exasperating.

He would turn on, turn off and push the reset button on my pc like he just don't care, threw his toys all over the place, tore pages from my Harry Potter books, spill his drinks on the floor, stand in front of the tv while we were watching not to mention playing with the pots, pans and plates while his mom is cooking. He'd pour his milk everywhere, slams the door shut, plays with foods in the fridge and demands that we bring him along everywhere we go. Just forget about leaving him with my mother or anybody. He won't have any of that.

I must confess I'm not really good with kids. Sure I can change his nappy, clean his poo, bath and feed him and stuff. But I'm a total failure when it comes to entertaining kids. The longest I can play with Adam is 10 minutes before I bore myself completely. I'm just no built into this. It's like waiting for Dora to cross the little red hill. Like, get over the freaking red hill already mannn!!! I can't stand Dora or Blue's Clue. They're pure torture. And it takes forever for him to finish his meal. He would grab a bite, go play with his tricycle, bug his mom in the kitchen, grab another bite, read his book, go upstairs to bug his uncle and then when i wanted to feed him again he'll say tak nak! This is where I put down the food and say whatever kid, and go on with my business.

And the times he would hit and slap me for no apparent reason. First slowly and then they became harder and harder and after about the 12th time, I'd loose it and shout real loud at him. Naturally, he would cry his lungs out, the wife will get angry with me and I'll be annoyed with both of them and we'll all get sulky for the rest of the evening.

Sometimes I just feel I'm not prepared for this. Maybe growing up without a dad got something to do with this or maybe I just totally suck at parenting. Heck, many people I met was surprised to learn that I'm already married with children. They thought I don't have that fatherly or married look. Not that I regret having a family early like this, it's just sometime I felt helpless with Adam. (And this coming from someone who wanted 7 kids!)

To Adam Farihin, I'm so sorry that I shouted at you the other day. Of course I love you very much, it's just hitting people for no reason is A BIG NO NO okay? I wanted to be the coolest dad in the world for you but it'll take time. So we cool now huh? :)

I wonder if other parents went through the same ordeal or is it just me? Sigh.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain ...
... coming down on a sunny day


  1. Hey..baru nak pinjam your harry potter book 'half blood prince'!!

  2. hmm... semua abah rasa cam tue... not good at handling kids... but the feel of having kids is priceless...

  3. it's jus a phase. They call it Terrible Twos. He learns by example you know, so bnyklah bersabar. Nobody said parenting is a piece of cake. Cheer up! It's also normal for us parents to 'lose it' once in a while.

    rina: din know you READ in the first place! ;)

  4. Thanks guys, glad to know I'm not alone in this.

    Hey if you'd like to read Half Blood Prince , you can get it here

    But be forewarned though that it’s rather LONG and it got absolutely NO PICTURES at all! :)

    Also check out The Da Vinci Code here if you decide to take up reading after this (ha ha!)

  5. kena bagi die kawan kot. my nephew dulu buas gile tapi dpt adik pmpuan je kurang dah ganas tuh.. hehehe..

  6. Mana nak dapat adik yer? Boleh recommend tak kedai mana ada jual ha ha!

  7. hai..dah gaharu cendana pula dah tahu bertanya pula..kan ada kilang baby sendiri buat apa nak susah2x outsource?? hehehe..

  8. Oooh kilang baby cap ayam tu ek? Kat area Glenmarie kalau tak silap kan??