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As I mentioned earlier, I bought a 3 in 1 dvd on Saturday and managed to watch all three of them during the weekend. I know all these movies are so last year but I wanted to give my review of them anyway.

Mission: Impossible III

Or should it be Alias: Season 5, Episode #12?

I had great expectations for this third Mission Impossible film and I was generally disappointed with it. J.J Abrams somehow managed to turn this entire movie into one episode out of Alias! It was so much like Alias I half-expected to see Sydney Bristow pop up somewhere in the movie. The action scenes were ordinary and the special effects were mediocre at best. Anybody know what's this Rabbit Foot they're babbling about?

Verdict: Poor

Superman Returns

Although I'm a big fan of Smallville, I'm not really a fan of Superman, tv-series or the movie. So when they released this new Superman the movie sequel I was not exactly excited or rearing to go watch it right away. Save for Spiderman, any superheroes in tight-fitting spandex is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless I'm still curious to know what's the deal with Superman Returns so I watched it anyway.

I hate it too, but they paid me really well to wear this ridiculous outfit.

In this movie, Superman returns to earth after a five year vacation away on Krypton. (apparently the beach party over there is not up to his par). Anyway upon returning home, he learns that Lois Lane is now a mother and won Pulitzer Prize for her article Why the World Doesn't Need Superman (it's because we got Harry Potter now to do all the world-saving). The rest of the movie revolves around Superman trying to stop Lex Luthor world domination plus saving people here and there.

Weeee!! This more fun than Megakidz!

Honestly I think Superman in this Superman Returns movie is too perfect for my liking. He's like too good to be true. He's good with his mom, had no problem with his boss and hit on other people's fiance's and get away with it. Hey even Superman doesn't have all that luck!

I hate to let it out to you Lois but I'm really not into girls..

The first few scenes where Superman saves people and stuff was really cool but after some time, he started to look like a real show-off. I especially don't like the scene where he took Lois for a flight around Metropolis (show-off!). I mean who is Richard White to compete with Superman? Anyway, I liked this Superman movie cause of the positive, not too creepy theme and the happy ending. Look forward for the next sequel.

Verdict: Acceptable

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Dean Man's Chest could have been an entertaining movie if they didn't talk so much. I mean all the actions and special effects are great but the plot dragged a little here and there. I especially love the scene with at the cannibal island, they were hilarious! Other than that I'm somewhat disappointed with this sequel. The cliffhanger ending also didn't help at all.

Verdict: Poor


Exceeds Expectation


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