Next time, go to the teller

Yesterday I dropped by the Maybank branch in Serdang meaning to deposit some money. To my dismay, only one cash deposit machine (CDM) was working and the other one was under repair. Naturally the queue was 15 people long and I had no choice but to wait in line since the bank was already closed.

The queue moved along nicely until it was this one mak cik's (elderly woman) turn to deposit her money. She's got like 450 ringgit in 10 ringgit bills to deposit and the funny thing was she put in some 30 odd bills inside the CDM, one batch at a time, completes her deposit and repeat the entire process with another batch of 10 ringgit bills. The technician working with the broken CDM next to her was rather curious, so he told the mak cik she can put in up to 99 bills into the CDM in any one transaction. But to his (and every body's) surprise, she insisted on putting not more than 30 bills only, saying she lost some of her money putting large quantities of bills into the CDM once and she'd rather not risk it again. Despite the technician's assurance, this elderly lady kept on putting small amount of bills into the CDM with little regard to the queue line which was growing into like 20 people already at that time.

I totally understand that woman's predicament since my own mother used to have the same bad experience with CDMs where she lost a hundred ringgit to the machine. And later when she forwarded the incident to the bank, they said they cannot verify her claim since the camera didn't get a proper look at the whole incident. Although they promised to pay her back the hundred ringgit, they never did until this very day. It's not that the money mattered that much to her, she was just disheartened by the whole ordeal. Since then my mother never trusted another CDM again and she'd rather queue a bit longer at the counter to deposit her money. And to avoid being told to use the CDM by the teller, she would deposit odd amounts like RM97.50 at the counter (quite smart right?).

Anyway back to the mak cik story, the crowd was getting restless for having to wait so long for this one paranoid lady. One pak cik even blurted out loud: "biar lah dia tu nak bayar hutang Courts Mammoth tu, sebab tu lambat skit". The poor mak cik was almost quivering herself and she almost forgot to retrieve her ATM card after she's finished with her deposit. After that she quickly went to the ATM machine meaning to check whether her balance is correct or not.

I felt more sorry than mad at that poor mak cik but nevertheless it's her fault she'd chosen a rather unfortunate time to do her thing. My advice to you mak cik, next time come earlier and do like my mother or you can always came back later when the queue is not so long. I'm just concerned that one day the bank might put this poster at their entrance:

Nanti mak cik jugak yang malu kan? Hehe.


  1. Ala..kesianla kat makcik tu..
    tak baik tau u all perli-perli dia...
    she's nice..i know her..selalu beli nasi lemak at her stall..ala yang dekat bus stop jusco tu..
    takperla nanti i advice her ok?

  2. Ye ke ni? Biar betul jual nasi lemak dapat 400 ringgit sehari!

  3. Betulla...
    i regular customer..everyday i beli from her 2 bungkus what..
    blum campur orang lain beli lagi..