Just did it

After much procrastination and so many excuses, I've finally started my exercise routine yesterday. I've been meaning to start exercising since January but then I waited to move into our new home, put off until I bought a proper running shoes and when I did got the shoes, my right ankle was hurting quite bad that I had to delay my exercise for another week until it got better.

Yesterday however, I decided to do a Nike and just do it. So I rushed home quickly after work, asked my bil, Pak Tam to look after Adam and just run around the neighbourhood. Well, I didn't actually run, just walk briskly for starters. Don't wanna risk injuring my ankle some more you know.

So people, if you happened to see one phat guy running around Taman Universiti Indah that would be me! You can always wave or honk for support or just say hi. I walked for about 45 minutes yesterday and in that short amount of time I was greeted by at least 20 barking dogs and met half a dozen stray ones. Lucky for me those stray dogs didn't try anything funny like chase me for instance. They just stare harmlessly from a distance.

I covered a few blocks yesterday from Jalan 1/22, 1/11A past 1/19 and back. At Jalan 1/19, there's this cute girl in pink who sweeping her lawn. I didn't think much about her at first but the second time I passed that street I can clearly see she's smling quietly while watering her plants. Maybe she's just mocking me you know, this chubby guy puffing along and dragging his phat ass in front of her house (twice). I bet she's thinking I would never last more than a week and quit really soon. Or maybe it's just me :P

Anyway I have one thing to say to wifey, Pak Tam and that girl in pink at Jalan 1/19, you'll just wait. In a few months you'll be amazed to see how I transform from phat to fit. I did it before with just my sheer will power and there's no reason why I can't do it again right? 6 months, you'll see.

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  1. Apip gi jogging ke usha awek?