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24 March

So Nilai it is. Bujal and Safuan were really impressed of how good Adam behaved on the way to Nilai. Hah, wait till he's really bored! You should see me juggle between the steering wheel, keeping his hand off the gear stick/rear view mirror/handbrake/cd player and stopping him from pulling all the tissues out. It was an all expenses paid trip since Bujal paid for everything, petrol, toll and even lunch. I was powerless to resist (he he).

Nilai 3 is some 45 km away from my office. We got there in the middle of the afternoon and the weather was soOOoo hot. Nilai 3 is like this big whole sale shopping place where they got shops of all sizes selling all kind of stuff. There's a lot of textile and clothes shop, bridal , toys , car accessories, furniture, home decoration and whole load of other domestic stuff. Well my wife would love it here but for me, aside from the toys and car accessories, there's nothing much to see here. It's like Damansara Uptown or KL Downtown minus all the hype. Food at the food court was okay. Did I mention it was a really hot day that day? Adam and I had to walk under the scorching sun and Bujal insisted we visited like every freaking shop there. In the end I bought a tissue box cover, Safuan bought a track suit and a wiper and Bujal bought nothing!

After dropping off those guys at the office I went to pick up wifey at Kelana Jaya LRT and head straight to IKEA. We're thinking of buying a sofa and today is the 2nd last day of the IKEA sale so it's now or never. The place was crowded but i've seen more crowd before. We found the sofa but unfortunately it was toooo small. Linda and I tried to sit on it and it's like already cramped. So we thought let's wait for the KLIPPAN's price to come down. And then something weird happened. Linda had her eyes on this beautiful rug at AS-IS and she suddenly went mad about it and heckled me to buy it. Err, I thought we we're looking for a sofa?? Persistent as she was, we didn't buy the rug or any sofa. Of course she made a sour face all the way back home, but she got over it soon enough. I don't know if it's just her or some women would go mad over a rug? (or a shoe? or a dress?)

25 March

Busy-busy weekend. After breakfast we went to my mother's place in Sri Serdang. Just visiting and helping to type her 67 page assignment. We spent the whole afternoon there and I finished like around 5. Around 6 we went to Linda's office mate house in Taman Puncak Jalil. They had this kenduri kesyukuran and Aqiqah ceremony for their daughter and we simply had to come since we lived nearby.

Being a marketing manager of a hotel in PJ, Linda's friend hubby had no problem getting the nasyid group Rabbani to read the tahlil for them. I've always liked Rabbani and the lead singer's voice was really good. Ustaz Asri sounded very much like what you heard on tv and radio but even better. Of course he didn't come to sing, just to read the tahlil. The caterer was like an hour late so we had to wait that long to eat. Food was good though, I had to restrain myself from taking a second helping :)

Anyway, we went straight to Tesco Puchong to do our monthly shopping. Tesco is like our favourite hypermart of all and in order of preference it goes like this:

1. Tesco
2. Carrefour
3. Jusco
4. Grocery store near house
5. Grocery store further from house
99. Mydin
100. Giant

I never liked Mydin cause they make me take off my jacket and store my stuff at the counter plus they'll do a strip search on me before they let me in.
Okay I'm kidding about the strip search but honestly, they have no trust at all at their customers it's like everyone who goes there is on to steal things from their store. Sure, a lot of the goods is cheap but it's just so much hassle, I stopped going there altogether long time ago.

I don't like Giant cause they're just plain expensive. Don't believe anything you see on tv or on their fliers, it's all lies. Also they make me take off my jacket and store my stuff at the counter. And what's this rubbish talk about being "Made in Malaysia"? Last time I checked, Giant is owned by Hong Kong based Dairy Farm International. Plus all the stories you heard about how they treat their Malay staff like crap is true! I heard it from a friend who used to work there myself. So guys, next time you wanna go shopping, you know where NOT to go!

In term of variety and wide selection of goods, Tesco is the champion. I especially like the in house brand like Tesco Value and Choice. They're just as good as the leading brand but more than half the price since they don't have to spend so much money on marketing and advertising. I don't care much about brand names anyway. As long as they do the job, that's find with me.

By the way, Adam lurves to come to Tesco. He loves to go to play at the play area, play hike and seek around the aisles and just run around the place. Last time he was a bit naughty and he would run away from us, hide behind the aisles and when we threatened to leave him behind he would wave "bye-bye" (so cheeky!). So I thought we would scare him a bit and leave him behind for real. He was cool for the first few minutes and when he realized we were missing, he started calling "mama! mama!" got teary eyed and all before I pretend to "found" him.

After that he'd stick around with me for about two minutes before off he goes again running around the aisles. This time he'd go swimming on the floor, literally doing a breast stroke between the aisles. People would probably think "Aww soooo cute!" OR "Look at that poor kid swimming on the dirty floor, what kind of parent would let their kid do like that?". I thought Adam was probably bored. Studies showed that guys can stand to go shopping for 90 minute top and they'll get extremely bored after that. So to all the ladies out there remember, 90 MINUTES ONLY! I let Adam swim around for a minute before I had to carry him everywhere after that.

26 March

Super busy Monday today. Bujal had to do some stuff at Tanjung Karang so I had to do everything else myself. Although I travelled for 116 km today, the amount of work I've done today was humongous! I was completely knackered at the end of the day.

Dude, where's my c-box?

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