The case of the missing computers

Last week my colleagues and I were involved in another relocation exercise involving our associate company, let say company P. To cut the story short, we lost 2 computers during the exercise. My boss was understandably mad with all 5 of us so he called an emergency meeting to discuss this.

You don't wanna be in the same room with my boss when he's angry. We felt the full extent of his wrath that fateful morning.

We left point A with 28 boxes and arrived at point B with 1 box short. Where could it be? Bujal and I were pretty sure we counted 28 boxes at point A. We even counted twice ourselves. So they checked the CCTV at point B and sure enough we unloaded only 27 boxes, meaning it got lost somewhere from point A to point B. And to make things worse, the one missing box contains 2 very important computers with priceless data in it. That's why company P is very disappointed with us.

We searched everywhere for the missing box only in vain. So yesterday, my boss lodged a police report at Bukit Aman. It's out of our hands right now. This morning some police officers will be interrogating us at the office. There's a possibility we'll be remanded by the police for further investigation but I pray it wouldn't go that far.

One thing for sure I wouldn't want to work for any company who put us in lock up no matter how brief. I loved this company and I hope there willl be amicable solution for all this. Pray for our safety. Amin.

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  1. oh dear. maybe they accidentally fell off the transportation vehicle on the way from point A to point B kot.