Nani's wedding

Last Saturday my wife dragged me to her friend's wedding in Seremban. I don't really feel like going to any weddings (or anywhere for that matter) at times like this (in the middle of the month) but I did go anyway.

Many of Linda's friends are my friend also especially her former housemates in Vista Angkasa. We became friends since way back in 2001 and we've been through a lot together so it's most appropriate that we went to each other's weddings and stuff.

So congratulations are in order to Azam and our friend Nani for their wedding yesterday in Pantai, Seremban. Met several old friends from Vista Angkasa at Nani's wedding.

Mak Cik (Masitah) is still single. No takers yet for Siti Nurhaliza's number one fan :)

The bride's sister, Nina is pregnant (again) with her third child.

Rini (right) came alone that day without her hubby and two kids.

Nisa (bottom right) also came alone yesterday with her daughter Aina. Looks like all the husbands got away from attending this wedding except me! I need to have a little chat with them sometimes :).

This the bridegroom sitting all alone by himself. I feel you dude. I felt exactly like that about three years ago. No one to talk too, everybody gawking at you, asking the same question over and over again...

Anyway, may you guys have a happy and blissful life together.

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