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"But honey, I'll look fat in that pink shirt!" I said. "And who's fault is that?" Linda replied. I don't like it when she pointed out my obvious flaws but I have to accept the fact now that I looked fat in all my shirts regardless of colour.

What!! The road leading to Puncak Jalil is already jammed and it's not even 7 o'clock yet! There's now way I'm going to crawl all the way to Bukit Jalil in that traffic. So I make a u-turn at the nearest junction and headed straight to the Hospital Serdang - Seremban highway route. Last week during the school holiday, the roads was literally empty. Little traffic and no traffic jams at all! Now it's first day of school and the traffic jam is like back with a vengeance. Seriously, I think all schools should open after 11:00 or better still we should pack them off to boarding school.

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Nothing happens today. No cops came to arrest anybody. Found out my boss doesn't even make a police report yet. Count on
Bujal to be an overly dramatic drama queen. Frankly I'm tired of worrying. I dearly wish we can quickly get over this and move on with life. If they wanna arrest us, so be it. We're tired of all this uncertainties. My boss is not in today so there's a more relaxed atmosphere in the office particularly in my dept. Rumours has it, he will lodge a report this evening, according to Bujal that is. Whatever.

Bujal has gone to see like 5 bomohs already and all of them saw like 5 different suspects for the case. Bujal is like easy prey for the bomohs. He's so desperate, he'd believe everything.

It rained really-really-really heavily last night and it didn't stop right until this morning. If we're living in Seattle, we'd be covered with 8 inches of snow already. Lucky for us we live in Seri Kembangan :) Thank God the car didn't smell of vomit this morning. Adam cried his heart out while waiting for his mommy last night and soon enough, he regurgitated everything he ate yesterday. Lucky for me I had a towel ready for that. My car seat is still safe (for now).

Went to site office in Section 17 PJ. The parking rate at CP Tower was cutthroat. RM 3 for first hour and another 3 more for subsequent hours. As usual it's quiet and empty there at LS. Their staff is either on site or on leave. Their receptionist is pretty cute I must say. But once you got to know her, her manners sucks. I've expected a more polite demeanor from someone with a face like that.

After getting so much inspiration from Karen, I brought my family to Tesco in Puchong last night, treat them dinner and bought Adam a bundle of toys. Adam was excited of course but it only last like half an hour or so. Then he continued to bug his mom and plays with my pc.

Quiet morning at the office. The wife had to work today until 5. Her boss made her do it. I could bitch about her boss all day long. She told me so many things she disliked about her boss, how he treated the staff like crap.

It took me 5 months to like Cassie's long way to go. It's one of those songs that I didn't like at first and then one day it just hit me, hey this song is not bad!

Think we might be going to IKEA later today to look at some sofas.

Bujal and Safuan asked me to come along with them to Nilai this afternoon to do some shopping. Said better go with my car cause it got air-cond. I don't really wanna go but since I'll be doing nothing at home anyway, I said yes. Of course I had to bring along Adam with us. What's so special about Nilai anyway? We got everything we needed from Tesco.

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