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That's right, now you can send free sms from your browser to any mobile phone or pcs at most world destinations.

How can they afford that? Here's how: "We're partnered with select sponsors in a number of world regions. Each message you send is appended with an 'ad tag' from our sponsors. MobiK will not deliver a text message unless there is an 'ad sponsor' in your region. View our coverage page for our latest summary of 'ad sponsored' regions." Good news for Internet users in Malaysia, we do have a sponsor here for Mobik meaning we can use the service to send free sms.

Just fill up a simple registration form and you're set to use Mobik. No need to validate anything in your e-mail inbox.

You can send text messages to multiple numbers with a limit of 120 characters each. Remember to use the international number format when entering the phone numbers, e.g: 60173487700. Happy messaging!


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