Why the world doesn't need Ina Naim

Yesterday I was doing a routine maintenance job at a client's office in KL. The radio was playing in the background and everything was fine until I heard this noise coming out from the radio...

Ina Naim perasan lawa

It was definitely not a song, it's more like a screeching/wailing/ squeaking noise playing on air. After further investigation, I found out it was none other than Ina Naim croaking on air! If you thought William Hung was bad, Ina Naim is like 900 times worse. What's more I had to endure the full length of her entire song cause I had nowhere to go! Imagine the agony of listening to her attempted singing, I tell you it was a nightmare.

Look at me, I'm beautiful!

Why, just because you're Mawi's ex-fiance you think you can sing? Puhleeeeeezz!! My pet toad can sing better than you. No wonder people threw eggs and stones at her show. Plus I'm sick of hearing her whining to the media about her sappy, pathetic love story all the time like we already got the idea man! Nobody wants to know how you met Mawi under that old durian tree, WE DON"T CARE!!

No wonder Mawi left her

So do us a favour and don't even think about singing ever again. You suck, seriously.


  1. aren't u a little harsh...sian si Ina tergigit2x lidah dia. lol

    seriously jus for opinion sake, yeah i think she sux big time too.

  2. "ye bang ye bang"
    did u watched that exclusive program on ina and mawi?
    bodo gile..what's her problem man?

  3. "Aku tak punya siapaaaaaaa" ARGHHH!!! I still can't get her voice out of my head!