When my wife first asked me to try boat noodle at one of their outlet in Sunway Pyramid the other day, I was somewhat hesitant to do so. I told her about the tiny portion of the noodle and the bowl

but she said she just wanna try it anyway. We didn’t have any boot noodles that day but deep inside I felt somewhat guilty for that because I know my wife been meaning to try them out for some time now.

That’s why when we visited IKEA and today, I’ve decided to have dinner at the boot noodle place next door in MyTown. The restaurant is located down at basement level. It’s a small place but always filled with customers. Ordering the noodle is a breeze thanks to the informative & helpful menu. You choose your noodle type, chicken or beef and then the extras. We decided to try a little bit of everything although two of the items on the menu is not available.

We waited close to 10 minutes for our noodles two finally arrive. A bit slow for something seemingly easy to prepare. Just as I suspected, the boat noodle comes in a tiny bowl in an even tinier portion. Like I said, I knew beforehand from all the photos posted on Instagram about the tiny portions but still I ordered just two bowls, half expecting them to be slightly bigger and more. I know we are supposed to order a dozen bowls each or something but its still stupid. I’d rather pay 10 ringgit for a large bowl of noodle then the same price for 4 tiny bowls. The noodles themselves were good but I’m still pissed at the entire concept.

All in all, I think boat noodles are overhyped and overrated. Sure they will look good on Instagram or Facebook but to have a fulfilling lunch or dinner? I don’t think so. Will I come again? Pretty unlikely Al. I have to say the atmosphere is appealing for eating with friends or partners. For the average Joe like me, I'll have my mi celup anytime.