Posterous: Blogging for real busy people

How many of you likes to blog but just don't have the time to do it? Blogging usually takes a considerable amount of time and if you're tied with work or family commitments you'll be hard pressed to find time to update your blog.
I myself fell into that category too. But that was before I found Posterous. The beauty of Posterous blogging platform is you can post everything by email.
Just register yourself with Posterous (for free of course!), create and name your blog page and you're ready to blog, via email or the Posterous website itself.
You can post the usual text plus photos, documents, audio and also video clips up to 100MB to your Posterous blog all via email or the Posterous website.
Posterous supports all major audio and video format such as mp3,avi,mpg,mp4,flv and they will do all the converting for you.
Apart from the usual full page version, Posterous will also create a smaller, mobile-friendly version of your blog for smartphone users. Since Posterous automatically converts your audio and video for you, you can watch them back without any problems with your smartphone even if it doesn't support Flash (like the iPhone/iPad).
Now you don't have any excuse for not updating your blogs. Blogging is now as easy as writing an email. Just attach any photos, audio or videos to your email and Posterous will do all the converting and organizing for you. Visit Posterous to set up your new blog now!

Mad Men

Mad Men is a television series set in the 1960s at the fictional Sterling-Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. The focal point of the series is Don Draper (Jon Hamm), creative director at Sterling-Cooper and a founding partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, as well as those in his life, both in and out of the office. The show regularly depicts the changing moods, social mores, and political correctness of 1960s America. Mad Men has received critical acclaim, particularly for its historical authenticity and visual style, and has won multiple awards, including thirteen Emmys and four Golden Globes. It is the first basic cable series to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, winning it in 2008, 2009, and 2010.
In another word, Mad Men is the hottest television series there is out there at the moment. Everybody is raving about Mad Men right now and if there's any TV shows worth watching or downloading, it's Mad Men. Don Draper/Jon Hamm is the sexiest man alive on television today. Everybody wants to be like Don Draper, successful, confident, charismatic, SEXY, he gets any girl he wants. Yet his life is flawed, bereft of true happiness, filled with lies and cover-up and mired in sadness. Season 4 of Mad Men has just finished airing in the U.S and you can get it at your favorite torrent site or watch it online at TV Shack (just ignore the reported attack site warning). Check out the season 1 promo and recap below to get a taste of what Mad Men is all about.

LastPass: The last password you'll have to remember

I log in to dozens of websites everyday using many different usernames and passwords. Remembering them all would be quite a chore and I don't like to use the same password for every website for obvious security reasons.
Wouldn't it be great if I only have to remember one username and one password for all those sites? That's where LastPass comes in handy. It's a universal password manager that remembers all your usernames and passwords and it even fill out web forms for you.

LastPass is a little browser plugin available for all major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and also Safari and can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux. All you need to do is install LastPass and it will save all your usernames and passwords for you. You just need to enter your LastPass password once and whenever you visits a website that requires login information, it will fill in the username and password and even automatically logs in for you if you wish.
You can also create and enter your profile so that whenever you need to fill up forms, LastPass can automatically fill them for you. No more typing your name, address or email address over and over again for every website. LastPass makes your browsing more secure and a lot easier because it'll be the last password you'll have to remember again. Download LastPass for free here.


Aah Dexter Morgan, everyone's favourite serial killer. If you think his face looks familiar, Michael C. Hall used to play that gay funeral home director in Six Feet Under. I still can't believe I watched all six seasons of the wretched show. Anyway this show is about Dexter Morgan, a charismatic blood spatter analyst who works in the forensics at the Miami Metro Police Department. On the outside, Dexter seems like the perfect guy - he has a sister, Debra, that adores him and a steady girlfriend, Rita, with two kids that look up to him. However, what they don't know is that Dexter moonlights as a serial killer, only he isn't your typical killer. Basing his life on the teachings of his foster father, Dexter only kills people who truly deserve it: he ensures that those who got away with horrible crimes will never kill again.
Season 1 tells of the hunt for the ice-truck killer who kills women, mostly prostitutes, drains their blood dry and cut them into tiny little pieces. The ice-truck killer was actually Dexter's biological brother Ryan who like Dexter turned into a serial killer following their mother's brutal murder. When Ryan tried to make Dexter kill Debra, he killed his big brother instead making it look like a suicide.

In season 2 the Miami-Metro police dept accidentally stumbled into a few dozen cut up bodies in garbage bags in the ocean which were Dexter's lifetime of handy work. His colleague Sargent James Doakes succeeded in tracing the murder back to Dexter but Dexter's new but mentally unsound girlfriend Lila managed to finish him off before Dexter get to figure what to do with him. In the end Dexter also kills Lila because of her violent tendencies.

Season 3 saw Dexter finally tying the knot with his long time girlfriend and mother of 2, Rita who was pregnant with their child. Dexter somehow befriended a prominent assistant District Attorney, Miguel Prada. They became so close that he eventually found out about Dexter's after hours hobby and tried killing a man himself just for kicks. Miguel got carried away with his newfound past time and started to kill more people. Dexter decided to stop the monster he helped created by killing Miguel in the end.

In season 4, Dexter, Rita and their 3 children moved to a new neighborhood. Dexter struggles to balance his new role as parent and work. An veteran serial killer called the Trinity killer (because he kills in 3s) showed up in town and Dexter managed to track him down and befriends him. In the end Dexter succeeded in killing the Trinity killer (as always) but comes home one night to find his wife Rita dead in a pool of blood in their bath tub.

Season 5 is currently airing halfway through in the U.S but I'd rather wait till the season finishes before watching them at TV Shack. There's no way any local TV station is going to show Dexter here anytime soon so the only place you can see Dexter is from the Internet. Go on and watch Dexter, I'd highly recommend it. Just don't get carried away with all the killings okay.


Fringe is a mystery-sci-fi TV series which revolves around the FBI fringe science division. special agent Olivia, "mad scientist" Walter Bishop and his son Peter got roped in to investigate a series of strange and unexplained events, rare diseases, chimeras, mutants, psychic abilities, teleportation, parallel universe, you named it. Yeah it's pretty much like X-Files but way cooler.
Fringe is my new favourite sci-fi TV show. You can catch it on NTV7 or Fox. Season 3 has just began in the U.S but you can already catch it free on TV Shack.