LastPass: The last password you'll have to remember

I log in to dozens of websites everyday using many different usernames and passwords. Remembering them all would be quite a chore and I don't like to use the same password for every website for obvious security reasons.
Wouldn't it be great if I only have to remember one username and one password for all those sites? That's where LastPass comes in handy. It's a universal password manager that remembers all your usernames and passwords and it even fill out web forms for you.

LastPass is a little browser plugin available for all major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and also Safari and can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux. All you need to do is install LastPass and it will save all your usernames and passwords for you. You just need to enter your LastPass password once and whenever you visits a website that requires login information, it will fill in the username and password and even automatically logs in for you if you wish.
You can also create and enter your profile so that whenever you need to fill up forms, LastPass can automatically fill them for you. No more typing your name, address or email address over and over again for every website. LastPass makes your browsing more secure and a lot easier because it'll be the last password you'll have to remember again. Download LastPass for free here.