Posterous: Blogging for real busy people

How many of you likes to blog but just don't have the time to do it? Blogging usually takes a considerable amount of time and if you're tied with work or family commitments you'll be hard pressed to find time to update your blog.
I myself fell into that category too. But that was before I found Posterous. The beauty of Posterous blogging platform is you can post everything by email.
Just register yourself with Posterous (for free of course!), create and name your blog page and you're ready to blog, via email or the Posterous website itself.
You can post the usual text plus photos, documents, audio and also video clips up to 100MB to your Posterous blog all via email or the Posterous website.
Posterous supports all major audio and video format such as mp3,avi,mpg,mp4,flv and they will do all the converting for you.
Apart from the usual full page version, Posterous will also create a smaller, mobile-friendly version of your blog for smartphone users. Since Posterous automatically converts your audio and video for you, you can watch them back without any problems with your smartphone even if it doesn't support Flash (like the iPhone/iPad).
Now you don't have any excuse for not updating your blogs. Blogging is now as easy as writing an email. Just attach any photos, audio or videos to your email and Posterous will do all the converting and organizing for you. Visit Posterous to set up your new blog now!