Balik Kampung 2

As usual we departed to Kelantan before sunrise. We didn't stop for a break until we reach the Gua Musang R&R area. A full tank could take us 420 kilometers with our Proton Savvy. That's from Seri Kembangan to Kuala Krai with our trunk fully loaded with stuff and 2+2 adult and children passengers. One reason why we chose to stop at the Gua Musang R&R is because the restroom is pretty clean. However there's only like 2 eateries open and unfortunately both of them charge near cutthroat prices for their food. A huge difference from what they put on the menu board. We paid RM16.00 for 2 lousy plate of rice, 2 bowls of beef soups and a little veggies. Even after my wife haggled with them about the price,they only gave us 1 ringgit less. Plus drinks, the food at the R&R costs even more than at McDs. Yeah they probably made a handsome profit sucking our blood like that but they just loose this one customer forever. Next time we'll be stopping there to just use the restroom.
We stopped in Kuala Krai to pick up Linda's sister and to fill up on fuel before stopping again in Tanah Merah for a little rest and to freshen up. Now I haven't been to Kota Bharu in a long time so I don't remember my way much around the state capital. Thank God for my Nokia E61i and Celcom Broadband though. I found my way to Kota Bharu Hospital easily enough using the Google Maps application downloaded to my phone. Not that the hospital is that hard to find. It is located right smack in the city centre and all the locals should know had I asked. Anyway with Google Maps and mobile Internet on my phone I don't think I'll ever get lost again.

We were really lucky to find a parking spot the moment we entered the hospital. Parkings are hard to come by in the crowded hospital and most visitors had to park around the stadium nearby. My dad in law was placed in the Cempaka ward on the 2nd floor. It's a basic 3rd class ward with rows of beds, no TV or air-cond just a regular ceiling fan to keep you cool. And the atmosphere in the ward can be really humid and hot indeed. We were all sweating because of the heat when we stayed inside long enough.
Of course we were sad to see Linda's dad have to go through all that but what can we do? We definitely cannot afford to send him to a private hospital and he didn't have any insurance coverage as well. If you're a civil servant in less developed states like Kelantan you have very little choice concerning health care. It's either the government's clinic or the government hospital. No wonder my sister was willing to travel all the way to Putrajaya Hospital for her delivery because she knew it's a lot better than the Klang Hospital which is not very different from the Kota Bharu Hospital.

After 50 years of independence, is this is the best our caring government can give us? Forget about being a developed nation by 2020, try improve the basic amenities first. If we could just take a million from the Monsoon Cup, another million from PKFZ and the 'astronaut' program a few million from the compensation that we had to pay for the failed crooked bridge, a couple of million from the bailout they gave to crony companies, we'd had a world class hospital and infrastructure for the people in every state. Ah well, we voted for this government for the past 50 years so I guess we all truly deserve it.

Ximplify Web-hosting review

If you happen to buy any genuine HP or Compaq notebooks recently, chances are you'll be given a free 10GB web hosting subscription from local IT company, Ximplify.
The free subscription is for a one year period and after that if you'd like to continue you'll have to pay RM59 for the renewal fee. A year subscription with Ximplify gives you the following benefit:

- An international domain name (.com,.org.,.net etc), for example
- 1GB personal mailbox (Webmail & POP3)
- Web SMS Tool with free 10 SMS credits
- 10GB web space for blog, multimedia album, etc.

The first thing you need to do when you receive your Ximplify CD kit is to register at the Ximplify website ( Enter the 16 digit PIN number and Verification ID at the registration page. After that you'll have to complete the registration process where you need to specify your preferred domain name (like, contact info, password, etc. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from Ximplify saying that your registration had been successful.

After 48 hours, you'll received another e-mail stating that your chosen domain is complete and you're ready to modify and upload files to your new website.
The Ximplify control panel is similar to popular blog hosting sites such as Blogger and Wordpress so if you've got a blog already, the user interface should be very familiar.
Like Blogger and Wordpress, you can choose to add Components or change the template for your Ximplify website. Unlike Blogger or Wordpress though, there's little customization or modification you can do to your Ximplify website. Yes there's about 30 components and templates to choose from but that's it. You can not upload your own template or modify any html coding to your liking.
For RM59 a year, you can subscribe to a decent web hosting company that can give you full access to your site - HTML, PHP, MySQL and a reasonable bandwidth. You can do anything you want with your website, use your creativity to the max and sky's the limit.

The only thing I like with Ximplify is the free top level domain name registration (albeit for one year). However the registered domain name doesn't belong to you and the technical information (DNS and server information) remains the exclusive right of Emerge Systems Sdn Bhd (the owner of Ximplify).

Here's the pros and cons of using Ximplify

- Free one year subscription (for HP/Compaq notebook buyers)
- Free top level domain
- 10GB web hosting
- 1GB personal e-mail space (Webmail & POP3) at your registered domain, e.g:

- Limited customization

Ximplify web hosting is great for beginners who have little or basic experience in blogging or web design (with RM59.oo to spare). But for serious blogger/web designer Ximplify is simply not for them.

When your Celcom Broadband connection is super slow...

If you're using a Huawei E220 USB Modem like me, click on your Mobile Connect software and don't click Connect just yet. Click Settings > Choose Connection Type and select 3G Only. Then click Connect and watch your connection change from snail speed GPRS to HSDPA in no time.
Previously I never changed my modem's default settings (which is 3G Preferred) and somehow, my connection mysteriously changed to GPRS Only since the beginning of the month. So today I called Celcom's Careline at 1300-111-000 (local charges apply) meaning to give them a piece of my mind. So the customer service representative checked the coverage and connection status in my area and then he patiently told me how to troubleshoot my connection problem. I felt like a complete idiot afterward (like how am I supposed to know that?).

So moral of the story here, when you have no idea how to do something - it's always a good idea to ask. If you're experiencing any problems with your Internet connection, call your Internet Service Provider first. It might just be a little something wrong in your connection settings after all.

Old Town White Coffee - Egg Noodle

I had this egg noodle for lunch on my last visit to Old Town White Coffee. It was on promotion for only RM5.90 (before tax). The egg noodle tasted slightly better than Maggi instant noodle and it got some vegetables and dumplings.
By now it started to dawn on me that most of the menu here at Old Town White Coffee is actually really expensive! The drinks alone costs an average of 4 ringgit per glass/cup. And that is before we add the 5% government and 10% service tax. So I think from now on, my visit to Old Town will be few and far in between.

Besides, the state religious department just revoked their halal status a couple of days ago (March 2010).

Music of the day

Law - Stopgap

How does it feel
to be used
and discarded?

Cos baby you're a stopgap
Darling you're a stopgap

Now how does it feel
To be so disposable?
Like a razor or a camera
or broken light bulb?
To be so inconsequential?
or to mean nothing at all?

So how does it feel
to be used
and discarded?
How does it feel to be used?

Do you remember the time
when i was so faithful?
Do you remember
when i was so faithful
to you, oh baby
to you
or anyone?

But now you're just a stopgap
I will make excuses for it:
"I don't want commitment"
"I just want to be alone"
Yes i really like you BUT
I must leave you
But i don't hurt you...
Cos i will just fuck around.

So I'm sorry.

download mp3 here.

I first heard this song on Xfresh FM last week but it didn't catch my liking until yesterday. I didn't get to hear the band name or song title so I just googled the lyrics and found this band on their Myspace site. Stopgap is their (first?) single from their second album Timezones available for download (for free!) at their Myspace page. Lead singer Law was previously had a another band called Nakeru but they broke up and he later created Law.

I'm a huge fan of Weezer so when I heard stopgap I thought OMG, is this like their new single or something? When I found out it was not Weezer I'm pretty impressed nonetheless with Law for making such a beautiful song such as stopgap. It's like Weezer meets The Platters. But sadly that's where the similarity ends. After listening all of their songs from Timezones I can summarize Law as more of a pop band than a rock band (they did said that on their site). I mean more than half of their music is pop with only 4 songs that suits my rock taste. I hope that Law would drop their pop side and concentrate on their rock side more. I can't imagine Law performing in a gig with music that sounds like Rabbit or Bjork. This band has got potential to be Malaysia's own Weezer, they just need to be guided to the rock path. Anywho, that's my personal views only and they don't really have to change the sound because of me he he.

Anyway, keep on rocking Law and keep those good music coming. You guys rock!

The Hillsborough Disaster – What’s it’s all about

Imagine your husband and your son going to the stadium to watch a football match. Now imagine that both of them never got back and you’ll never get to see any of them ever again. That’s what happened to the family of the 96 Liverpool supporters 20 years ago at this very day whose lives were lost during the Hillsborough disaster
On 15th of April 1989, 93 Liverpool supporters died following a horrific human crush during an F.A Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. Two more died later at the hospital and another one never recovered from his coma to put the figure at 96. Prior to the kick-off, an estimated 5000 fans was building up outside one of the entrance of the stadium eager to get in quickly before the match begins. Entry into the stadium was very slow partly because the turnstiles at the gates were overwhelmed by the enormously large crowd.
Back in those days, most stadiums in Britain and much of the world still have standing sections instead of the all-seater stadiums we normally see today. The police force, unable to contain the growing crowd any longer, opened one of the exit gates to the stadium to let the fans in and that’s when all hell broke loose. People started streaming into the stadium non-stop, especially into that particular standing area of the stadium causing many of the people up front being crushed to death when they pressed up against the fencing by the weight of the crowd behind them. Fans were packed so tightly in the pens that many died standing up of compressive asphyxia. The pitch quickly started to fill with people sweating and gasping for breath and injured by crushing, and with the bodies of the dead. The police, stewards and ambulance service present at the stadium were overwhelmed. Uninjured fans helped as best they could, many attempting CPR and some tearing down advertising hoardings to act as makeshift stretchers.
As these events unfolded, some police officers were still being deployed to make a cordon three-quarters of the way down the pitch, with the aim of preventing Liverpool supporters reaching the Nottingham Forest supporters at the opposite end of the stadium. Some fans tried to break through the police cordon to ferry injured supporters to waiting ambulances, and were forcibly turned back. 44 ambulances had arrived at the stadium, but police prevented all but one from entering, and that one was forced to turn back due to the vast number of people who needed help.
Following the disaster, Lord Justice Taylor was appointed to conduct an inquiry into the disaster. Taylor's inquiry sat for 31 days and published his findings. As a result of the report, fences in front of fans were removed and many of the top stadiums were converted to become all-seated. Taylor’s report stated that the official cause of the disaster was the failure of police control

Justice for 96

In the aftermath of the tragedy, certain parties tried to divert the blame to the Liverpool fans. The police pointed out in defence that the crowd outside the stadium was getting out of control so they just had to open the gate into the stadium. They further accused drunken, misbehaving and ticket-less Liverpool fans contributed to the disaster. Although the Taylor Report acknowledged that these aggravated the situation, he stressed that they were only minor factors.
Merely 4 days after the tragedy The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper used the front page headline "THE TRUTH", with three sub-headlines: "Some fans picked pockets of victims"; "Some fans urinated on the brave cops"; "Some fans beat up PC (Police Constable) giving kiss of life".
The story accompanying these headlines claimed that "drunken Liverpool fans viciously attacked rescue workers as they tried to revive victims" and "police officers, firemen and ambulance crew were punched, kicked and urinated upon". A quote, attributed to an unnamed policeman, claimed that "a dead girl had been abused" and that Liverpool fans "were openly urinating on us and the bodies of the dead". These allegations contradicted the reported behaviour of many Liverpool fans, who actively helped the security personnel to stretcher away a large number of victims and gave first aid to many injured.

Lord Taylor’s report concluded that the police had failed 'to take effective control of the disaster situation. He also recognised that there had been a police-led campaign of vilification against Liverpool fans. Listing the allegations published in the Sun he concluded, 'not a single witness' supported any of them.
Following The Sun's report, the newspaper was boycotted by most newsagents in Liverpool, with many refusing to stock the tabloid and large numbers of readers cancelling orders and refusing to buy from shops which did stock the newspaper. The then editor of The Sun, Kelvin Mackenzie still refuses to apologize for his lies and vicious reporting up until today.

Survivor's account

“We couldn't move left, right or anything. There was no help coming to us and we knew we weren't going to get any. The police were just ignoring the screams for help. Somehow, I managed to wriggle up a little bit. I crawled over the heads of all the people, escaping through a gate in the perimeter fence.

I remember kneeling down on the pitch and getting grass stains on my knees. I broke down, started to cry, but got myself together quickly and then helped carry the injured on the advertising boards.

Afterwards, the Sun newspaper said it was our fault, which clearly it wasn't.
The allegations were that the fans were pick-pocketing the dead, urinating on a policeman while he was giving the kiss of life - even repeating the allegations is hard work. They're not even believable, are they?

I just cannot describe the rage about that. It's still there and always will be.”

- Damian Kavanagh

“I was in the front row of the stand above where it all happened. I had a bird's eye view. We saw a lad about 12 or 13 down below and I shouted: "Get him out of there." My friend managed to pull him out. Others started pulling up people to try and help them.

I went into shock afterwards. I'd be shaking quite a lot. The worst bit was when someone at work tried to tell me what had happened.
They said: "It was just the fans trying to get in." I was stunned.”

- Kenny Derbyshire

"It was already clear that people were injured. A boy of aged about 15 years was wondering alongside the touchline before the game started. His arm was broken at right angles both below and above his elbow forming a Z shape. He reached the halfway line before stewards led him away.

Fans were trying to climb out of the middle section of the End over the front railings and over the sides and fans from the stand above were pulling people up from the back. This was occurring in large numbers, not just the occasional person. Policemen were standing by the railings trying to prevent people from climbing over. I could clearly see that they were pushing people back into the stand. Even from where I was sitting, you could see that many people were in a lot of difficulty.

When the game was stopped by the referee, the Police had by then realised that many people were injured and stopped trying to push people back into the stands. However, they did not appear to be doing anything to help. Their main actions were aimed at shoving people off the pitch and preventing anyone from progressing down the pitch. As time passed, the numbers of fans on the pitch increased and the number of injured people increased"

- Daniel Bennett

“'I saw a young boy go down and knew that was it for him. He went under people's feet but no one could do anything about it. The pressure was so great.' Fans screamed at the police on the perimeter track to open the small evacuation gates on to the pitch, 'but they just seemed transfixed. They did nothing.' As fans tried to climb the overhanging perimeter fence, officers on the track pushed them back into the crowd.”

- Anonymous

“That crush barrier was a few feet to my right, but I didn't see it. Because the light was slowly closing around my head. By now I was gasping for breath, and worried that my neck wasn't moving freely. Within feet of me people were standing dead, bolt upright. Three men had long stopped breathing and were now staring, with a fixed, almost disinterested expression, into the distance. Their faces were bleached white, but turning blue, their lips a cold violet. The only comfort I could find was that thousands of people who were still alive were now shouting for help, screaming, "There are people dead in here!" There were CCTV cameras trained on us. And there were police just a few feet in front of the fence who must have realised that metal crush barriers in our pen were bursting out of the ground.”

- Adrian Tempany

Liverpool FC on Hillsborough

"The people were absolutely magnificent in enduring Hillsborough and then in the aftermath the people of Merseyside and football people in general were fantastic in the support they gave everyone and in the way they turned up to the ground to pay their respects. Even now, the eternal flame burns outside the ground and has never been vandalised in any way, shape or form. I think that's a tremendous mark of respect from football fans who come to Anfield, because it is at the away end. It shows people want to pay their respects to those who lost their lives. The more time people spend talking about the good things the better"

- Kenny Daglish, Liverpool manager in 1989

"On the day of the disaster I was still living in Spain and have to admit that at first we didn't realise the magnitude of what had happened. It was only afterwards, when I heard the stories on the news that I realised the full extent of it.

The first time I attended the annual service at Anfield was very emotional. It was amazing to see the support of the people and the respect that they were showing. It is the same every year. As a father and a family man, you think about this when you are reading the names of those who lost their lives. You look at the families and you can see what it means for everyone involved. When you think about your own daughters and imagine what it would be like for yourself, it is then that you realise the scale of such a disaster.

I'm really impressed with the families and their efforts to ensure their memory is never forgotten. The staff and everyone involved at the club will always be there trying to help them in any way we can. They should know that the club will always be behind them and we will try to support them as much as possible.

- Rafael Benitez, Liverpool Manager

"I was only nine years old when it happened. I was really, really shocked and deeply saddened to have seen the scenes live and heard the news over the radio. Unfortunately for myself and my family we got the dreaded knock the next morning to say that a member of our family was at the game and had been tragically killed.

Hillsborough is very important to this club. The 96 will never ever be forgotten, but it is important these people are remembered individually and not just as a number. This club has fought for justice ever since and will continue to do so. We have stuck together because we are not just about what happens on the pitch but we are all one off the pitch as well. Time has gone by, but the scars will never ever be healed and the fans will never forget. You can always rely on our supporters to be there for you when you need them.

I think it was such a big tragedy, that the majority of the players who have arrived from other countries are already aware of it. The players are brought up to speed about what happened at Hillsborough and they pay their respects every year, just like the rest of the staff of Liverpool Football Club."

- Steven Gerrard, Liverpool FC Captain

"As the early moments of the game developed people started to come over the barrier and we began to realise there was a problem. We just thought it was an overspill and that once it was cleared up the game would carry on. It wasn't the case and we know the sad story that unfolded after that.

In the days that followed the people of Merseyside were fantastic and the support for everyone was great. I also have to commend the players and Kenny for the way they approached things. Families would come into Anfield and we would meet them and talk to them. We went to different funerals and quite a strong bond developed between ourselves and the families. Merseyside reacted with great dignity. Not just the Liverpool side of things but Everton too. There was a great respect and a great response from the world of football.

I hope we learn from it. It's disappointing no-one has been big enough to admit mistakes were made. There were probably mistakes from all sides of it. Sometimes in life you have to be honest and hold your hand up. The blame was forced on to the fans and they didn't deserve that. They deserve justice."

- Roy Evans, Former Liverpool player, coach and manager

"I must have been 10 or 11 years old when it happened. I was quite young but old enough to understand what was going on. In those days the semi-finals were played on the same day and at the same time, so with me being an Everton fan I was at Villa Park watching Everton play Norwich.

I just remember an announcement at half-time that the Liverpool game had been abandoned. It was before the technology of mobile phones etc so no-one really understood what was going on. It wasn't until we were on our way back to Liverpool that we heard what had really happened on the car radio.

It is essential that we don't forget those who lost their lives that day. We hold the memorial at Anfield every season, and rightly so. We should never forget. The Hillsborough families have conducted themselves superbly. For people to send family and friends away to a game and for them to not return is a terrible thought. It terrifies you just thinking about it. What those people have gone through is unbelievable and the way they have conducted themselves since is impeccable.

It's hard to believe we are now marking the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough. I just hope the families keep fighting for what they believe in. No-one will ever forget what happened. We will always be there supporting the families by doing everything we can to help"

- Jamie Carragher, Liverpool FC vice-captain

Letters from the heart

Earlier this year, the Liverpool FC official cub website contacted some of those relatives and friends of the fans whose lives were tragically cut short to ask if they'd like to write a few words to their loved ones on the 20th anniversary of the disaster.
The response was truly humbling. Within days of their initial request, the letters started arriving. They came from all over Merseyside, all over England and all over the world. They came from wives, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, aunties, nieces, nephews and friends. Some were handwritten, others typed. Some took up pages; some were nothing more than a few lines. Some were poetic, some were angry but all of them appear here unedited, just as they arrived.

A letter to Adam Spearitt, who died aged 14 at Hillsborough, written by his mum

Darling Adam,

20 years since the day you left home with your dad. I remember you, full of excitement and anticipation, your first away match saying, 'Dad they're warning people to watch out for pickpockets'. If only that had been the worst thing to have happened.

Did you enjoy the lovely drive over the Pennines in the bright spring sunshine with your dad and his friends laughing and joking all the way?

Were you worried when you saw the crowds at the turnstiles? But then feel OK when your dad said, 'We'll just wait here to the side till it eases off, it won't matter if we miss the start.'

Then were you both surprised when the large exit gate opened and you were all allowed to go through and not even asked for your tickets?
Then delighted to find yourselves right at the front near the goal.

But then the disaster caused by 'The failure of the police to control the crowd'.

Should we have 'moved on' (in other words put it all behind us)? How could we when those to blame didn't have the courage to stand up and own up, but heaped blame on yourselves and the fans who tried so hard to save lives, ferrying the injured the length of the pitch to be given help although only a handful of you were taken to hospital, the same fans who were tarnished with obscene headlines by a certain newspaper.

Some of the police did their best on the day and have our thanks like the special constable who found a faint pulse in you, went with you to hospital and stayed a while with you after you died. As for the others, let's hope we are a constant thorn in their sides.

Love and miss you Adam

Your Mum xxx

A letter to Philip Steele, who died aged 15 at Hillsborough, written by his mother


We watched you walk away on that lovely sunny day, not a care in the world, chatting happily with your brother. So excited because you had tickets to watch your beloved LFC in the semi-final.

A wave of your hand, a smile and you were gone. How could we have known that would be your last smile to us?

You brought so much sunshine into our lives and if I close my eyes and sit quietly, I can still see your lovely smile and hear your laughter.

In our hearts every minute of every day.

Rest in peace and God bless, precious son.

Your very proud mum, Dolores

A letter to Arthur Horrocks, who died 41 at Hillsborough, written by his wife Sue

Dear Arthur,

Where do I start? 20 lonely years have passed since I last saw you and not a day goes past that I don't miss you. So much has happened in that time; your two gorgeous boys are now men of 27 and 29, and you would be so proud of them. Although I made a huge mess of my life for a while, and feel I let everyone down, I hope you can forgive me.

I have some great friends who have been there for me through thick and thin - I just wish you could meet them. Anyway struggling to write any more. It is so painful. I know I dont show my feelings easily and haven't been to any of the Memorial Services or got involved with the families but I am a private person and keep my feelings to myself. Wish I could see you just one more time and tell you how much I loved you. Until we meet again.

Your Loving Wife Sue x x x

A letter to Nicholas Joynes, who died aged 27 at Hillsborough, written by his family

Dearest Nick,

It is 20 long years without seeing your smiling face. We should have been a happy family all of us together.

With you and Mark (your brother who was killed in South Africa) I hope you are both together. We think about you both every single day, in our prayers, you are always in our hearts.

You have new family members now, Jessica, Sean and baby Emily. You remember Ian and Laura and your loving brother Paul, Sister Michelle.

We have very cherished memories of you both; we look for you in rainbows. Our loving arms will hold you when we meet again.

Thinking of that day at Hillsborough, I hope the South Yorkshire Police hang their heads in shame about what happened that dreadful day.

Your loving Mum, Dad, Paul, Michelle and family

A letter to Keith McGrath, who died aged 17 at Hillsborough, from his sister Anne-Marie

My big brother Keith,

Today it's 20 years since they took you away. My beautiful big brother. I was six then but the pain then is still as strong as it is today. All those birthdays and Christmas's without you. I only went to the shop with dad, when I got back mum was staring at the TV. I knew something was wrong.

The next few days were strange. Everyone crying, strange people around. Growing up without you is so hard. My 16th, my 18th, my 21st. Tears shed. We searched for justice but so many hurdles put in our way.

I will always love you.

Your little sister
Anne-Marie x

A letter to David John Benson, who died aged 22 at Hillsborough, from his daughter Kirsty Jade Benson

To my daddy who went to live with the angels,

Wow, 20 years without you in my life and that same star still shining so bright in the sky at night. I know deep down you are watching over me but sometimes I get a niggle. An angry niggle playing on my mind. Why me? I was only a baby at two years old who was never given the chance to remember you. Why you? At 22 years old, you were just building our future. Why my mum? The only love she knew. But all these questions racing through my mind never have an answer.

Last year your grandson, Cody, made an entrance into this world. I ached for you to be here to celebrate this magical moment in my life and to be able to hold him and cherish him forever. However, beyond my tears, was a feeling. A deep feeling. Even though you are not here in sight, you are never far away from us. You are always there to guide us and protect us.

Our little Cody, now turned one, waves night night to his grandad angel in the sky. He will always know who you are and that you are his secret friend just like you are mine and that all he has to do is whisper and you will be there to lead him the right way.

I may not have my own memories of you but through pictures and talk, I have images and they are unbreakable. No one can take them away from me.

You will continue to shine through Cody.

My daddy with the angels.

You will never be forgotten.

All my love

Kirsty xxxx

On April 15, 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters travelled on a bright summer's day to watch the team they love play in an FA Cup semi-final. Because of the incompetence of the authorities on the day, they never returned home to their families. For 20 years we have been striving for justice and our fight will go on because justice has never been done. Our thoughts today and always will be with the families and friends of our fellow fans who lost their lives on that dreadful day. The 96 will never walk alone and will always be in our thoughts.

Malaysian Pop mp3

163 mp3s from my Malay pop music collection. Of course I bought all those artiste's CDs and ripped them to mp3 format for safe-keeping muahaha! What, me? Illegal download? No idea what you talking about. Enjoy.

Also check out my Malay rock mp3 collection.

1. 4U2C - Darling I love you

2. 4U2C - I miss you

3. Adam - Jatuh

4. Adam - Tak tahu

5. Ahli Fiqir - 2 x 5

6. Ahli Fiqir - Samseng

7. Aishah - Antara cinta & kasih

8. Aishah - Camar yang pulang

9. Aishah - Kasih kita

10. Aizat - Hanya kau yang mampu

11. Akbar - Manusia lupa

12. Adam - Benar-benar

13. Adam - Robot

14. Altimet - Chantek

15. Amelina/Eva - Bulan cinta

16. Amy Mastura - Bicara hati

17. Amy Mastura - Cinta

18. Amy Mastura - Kasih

19. Amy Mastura - Kasih suci

20. Amy Mastura - Kasihku sinar

21. Amy Mastura - Siapalah aku

22. Anding & Edlin - Ceria bersamamu

23. Anita Sarawak - Juara carta

24. Anita Sarawak - Seksis

25. Antz & Elyana - Cinta remaja

26. Anuar Zain - Bila resah

27. Anuar Zain - Jangan bersedih lagi

28. Anuar Zain - Keabadian cinta

29. Anuar Zain - Kembalilah kasih

30. Anuar Zain - Mungkin

31. Anuar Zain - Musim berlalu

32. Anuar Zain - Perpisahan

33. Anuar Zain - Semua untukmu

34. Apek - Aspalela

35. Awie & Ziana Zain - Senja nan merah

36. Billy-Zulkarnain - Hati terluka

37. Burn - Kasih ibu

38. Dafi - Bila terasa rindu

39. Dayang Nurfaizah - Dayang sayang kamu

40. Dayang Nurfaizah - Kasih

41. Dayang Nurfaizah - Seandainya masih ada cinta

42. Dia Fadila - Aku masih setia

43. Dia Fadila - Jat da da da

44. Diddy - Hilang

45. Diddy & Yanie - Saling terpesona

46. Duta & Baizura Kahar - Cinta antara kita

47. Elyana - Missed call

48. Elyana - Pakai kanta cinta

49. Erra Fazira & Yusri - Ucapkanlah

50. Ezlyn - Hi bye bye

51. Ezlyn - Jikalau aku

52. Fabulous Cat - Bawaku terbang

53. Fabulous Cat - Gila-gila bola

54. Faizal Tahir - Coba

55. Faizal Tahir - Gemuruh

56. Faizal Tahir - Kasih tercipta

57. Faizal Tahir - Maha karya cinta

58. Faizal Tahir - Sampai syurga

59. Farah Ashikin - Kembali lagi disisimu

60. Faradhiya - Bertakhta dihati

61. Farahwahida - Tanpamu

62. Fauziah Latif - Aku sebutir pasir

63. Fazley - Bila April

64. Feminin - Hanya sekali

65. Feminin - Kini

66. Feminin - Untukmu

67. Flava - Kenapa singgah kalau tak masuk

68. Hazami - Mungkir bahagia

69. Hazrul Nizam - Kaulah segalanya

70. Hetty Sarlene - Kau tetap kucinta

71. Imran Ajmain - Seribu tahun

72. Indigo - Gadis misteri

73. Indigo - Istimewa

74. Indigo - Percaya asmara

75. Indigo - Suraya

76. Indigo & Juliana Banos - Sehidup semati

77. Indigo & KRU - Seperti yang kujangka

78. Innuendo - Belaian jiwa

79. Innuendo - Gemawan

80. Innuendo feat V.E & Ruffedge - Nanti

81. Jaclyn Victor - Cinta tiada akhirnya

82. Jaclyn Victor & Rio Febrian - Ceritera cinta

83. Juliana Banos - Tiap detik

84. Juwita Suwito - Menuju puncak

85. Kaer - Izinkan kupergi

86. Karen - Cinta Hello Kitty

87. Khadeeja - Dia milikku

88. KRU - 2

89. KRU - Aku benci

90. KRU - Aneh

91. KRU - Babe

92. KRU - Berat

93. KRU - Di dalam dilema

94. KRU - Emilia

95. KRU - Impak maksima

96. KRU - Janji tinggal janji

97. KRU - Mengerti

98. KRU - Perpisahan terasing

99. KRU - Salah siapa

100. KRU - Sampai

101. KRU - Sayang

102. KRU - Terhangat dipasaran

103. KRU - Ulangkan sekali lagi

104. Linda Rafar - Sedikit waktu

105. M. Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza - Bagaikan sakti

106. M. Nasir - Bonda

107. M. Nasir - Juwita citra terindah

108. M. Nasir - Kias fansuri

109. M. Nasir - Tujuh nafas lagi

110. Malique feat Cat Farish - Ok

111. Malique feat M. Nasir - Mantera beradu

112. Maya Karin - Erti cinta

113. Maya Karin - Sederhana

114. Melly Goeslow feat Yusri - Dibius cinta

115. Mila - Aku lebih tahu

116. Mila - Mila bila cinta

117. Mila - Persis mutiara

118. Moin - Kau kusayang

119. Nana & Achik - Memori berkasih

120. Nana & Achik - Paling comel

121. Negaraku

122. Ning Baizura - Curiga

123. Ning Baizrua - Dugaanku

124. Nora - Desa tercinta

125. Nora - Hanya satu

126. Nora - Menyemai cinta bersamamu

127. Nurul - Cinta azali

128. Nurul & Ajai - Serasi bersama

129. Phyne Ballerz - Hasrat

130. Rabbani - Assalamualaikum

131. Rabbani - Intifada

132. Rabbani - Pergi tak kembali

133. Raja Ema - Angan-angan

134. Ramli Sarip - Nyanyian serambi

135. Ruffedge - Da bomb

136. Ruffedge - Bila rindu

137. Ruffedge - Goyang

138. Ruffedge & Linda Onn - Tipah tertipu

139. Saiful - Ku jua mencintaimu

140. Sarah - Bersamamu

141. Sarah - Saat hilang cintamu

142. Sarah - Kesetiaan

143. Sean Ghazi - Hujan ditengah hari

144. Sean Ghazi - Ku impikan bintang

145. Sean Ghazi - Sabar menanti

146. Senario - Joget toleh-menoleh

147. Senario - Zapin usik-mengusik

148. Too Phat & Siti Nurhaliza - Dua dunia

149. Too Phat & Yusni Hamid - Ala canggung

150. V.E - Ayu

163. V.E - Ikhlas tapi jauh

151. V.E - Detik bersama

152. V.E - Pop ye ye

153. V.E - Tak mengapa

154. Vince - Andai ia tahu

155. Vince - Andai kau mengerti

156. Vince - Mengapa harus cinta

157. Vince & Burn - Selain diriku

158. Waheeda - Melodi ahlan

159. X-Factor - 7251364

160. X-Factor - Sehingga ke akhir hayat

161. Yusri - Jika kau tiada

162. Zahid - Milkku

Fast & Furious 4 review

I love Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. I watched that movie like 3 times already. Therefore I had high expectations for Fast & Furious 4 (FF4). It can only get better right? Wrong! After watching FF4 yesterday I must say I'm deeply disappointed with this movie.
FF4 takes off right after 2 Fast 2 Furious and before Tokyo Drift. It told about Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) who hijack trucks for a living and thus became a wanted criminal (like duh). Brian O' Connor (Paul Walker) previously a cop now became an FBI agent now on a hunt for a drug lord (Braga). Watching FF4 is like watching Bruce Wayne without his Batman suit, Batmobile or his fancy gears. Just plain old Bruce Wayne talking and yakking all through the movie. Like Tokyo Drift, I'd expected to see a lot a beautiful cars, thrilling high speed racing and some fancy maneuvering but sadly FF4 lacks almost all that. Yeah there's a few racing scenes in the movie but they're hardly noteworthy. The storyline is really boring and the action scenes is quite forgettable. I'd give this movie a miss if I were you.

Freshness rating: 50%

If they don't win tomorrow

They've got nearly unlimited financial resources to support their campaign, built instant development and bribe the voters. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people is not easily bought anymore.

They've shamelessly utilized every government machinery available to their advantage. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people finds this abuse of power utterly disgusting.

They've got the mainstream media - papers, radio and TV to spin lies and shower propaganda to all the people nationwide. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people can smell the bull from miles away.

They overthrew a democratically elected, legal government via threats and monetary rewards yet they have the audacity to ask the people for their blessings? If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that none of the people approved of that dastardly act.

They paid 13 so called 'independent' candidates who are actually former BN party members in an attempt to split the opposition votes. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that they've grossly underestimated our intelligence.

They played the racial card and sow the seeds of fear amongst the multi-racial Malaysian. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people have seen through this timeless but obsolete tactic.

They tried to portray PAS as a fundamentalist and extreme party to scare off the non-Muslim voters. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people is enlightened of the true colours of PAS who has only the people's interest at heart and know that 'extremist' PAS is many times better than racist and arrogant UMNO.

They've got the feel good factor of the newly elected prime minister and the return of the highly influential Tun Dr M to their fold. If they still don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people doesn't approve of the new premier and they still remember how the latter destroyed democracy and the judiciary and oppressed freedom in this country.

They robbed the people and the country of the rights and wealth in broad daylight for the past 50 years or so. If they don't win tomorrow then we'll know that the people have had enough of that and the winds of change is blowing well and strong.

They've got the police, EC, the judiciary on their side, harassing peaceful and harmless opposition ceramah, allowing dead and phantom voters to vote. If they still don't win tomorrow then we'll know maybe God is indeed on our side.

They've got all of the above and they still don't win? Then I don't know-lah.

National Zoo

Last weekend I brought my family to the National Zoological Park (Zoo Negara) in Hulu Klang, Selangor. I think the first and only time I went to this zoo was like 20-21 years ago? Yup, it's been so long so it's about time I come here again. And my wife and kids, this is their first visit ever.
We got there early (10:30AM is early) and the crowd has started to build up. The zoo is open daily from 9:00 to 5:00PM and admission is RM15.00 for adults and RM6.00 for children 3-12 years old and senior citizens (above 60). School children with uniforms only pay RM4.00. You'll be given this little arm band to wear as tickets/proof of purchase.
Naturally my 5 years old, Adam was most excited to see all those animals that he only get to see in books previously.
I think we visited and saw nearly every animal in the zoo today, all 120 acres on foot also mind you. Trams are for lazy (and old/pregnant) people.
This hippo is really HUGE. If you think Bujal is big, this one is 10 times bigger than Bujal. No kidding.
I called this tortoise meaning to give some peanuts to him but since he walks so slooooowly, I said just forget it.

(Just kidding. And you're not supposed to feed the animals).
We saw all kinds of animal at the Zoo today, mammals, reptiles, birds and fishes. Still Adam kept asking "where are all the frogs? I don't see any frogs here? I demand to see the frogs!!"
Those crocodile looks a lot smaller than they appear on TV. Hey, is that Steve Irwin?
I'd half expect this giraffe to turn around and sing I like to move it - move it.
The Asian elephant is much smaller than it's African cousin. This one is happily munching the sugar cane thrown by the visitors who actually paid for them (sugar cane). Duh, like those elephants don't have enough to eat every day already.
Despite it's cute and adorable looks, Bambi here stinks like my friend B.
Whatever happens to it's feathers I wonder.
Mia was fast asleep halfway through the park.
What are you doing laying around there doing nothing? Get up and walk about a little. Hello, we didn't pay just to see you laze around all day you know.
The tigers are really beautiful. Good thing they placed a pond surrounding its enclosure. Who knows some idiot might jump in there and play kitty-kitty with the big cat.
This tiger decided to take a bath while we walked past him. One time he was swam so near to us, I seriously thought he'd going to jump out from the pond. Fortunately he didn't and nobody became his lunch today (at least).
It's sad that the only place my kids can see a real cow is in the zoo.
The biggest rat in the world. You seriously don't want them anywhere near your house.
I thought these camels looked a lot better in the movies.
You think having people staring and yelling at you all day is fun? Try ask him.
Oh come on, guys, please get a room! There are kids watching!
Of all the stinking animals we saw at the zoo today, I think the bear stinks the most. This sun bear is not so bad but the one next door is simply nauseating. In fact you can see their droppings everywhere. Stay away from the bear enclosure if you've just eaten.
There are a few restaurants and stalls in the zoo like The Wild here. As expected their menu is a lot more expensive than outside so we wisely opted not to buy anything in there. Whatever happen to KFC?
The freshwater aquarium is the last place we visited today. Of course you won't find sharks or dolphins in there.
The animal show at their little amphitheater only run twice a day, at 11:00AM and 3:00PM which we missed both. Ah well, maybe next time.
After 2 hours of walking Adam started to lag behind in fatigue. We spent nearly 3 hours at the zoo today. Tired but definitely happy. Nevertheless I'm a tad disappointed that I didn't see any Dodo birds, dragons, unicorns, trolls, yetis or big feet in there. I want my money back!

Strangely enough, I had a mixed feeling after walking out of the zoo. Yes I'm glad that my family get to see all those interesting animals in one place but my heart also goes out to all those poor animals trapped in their little cages and enclosures, away from their natural habitat. Imagine if us people were made to live like that. Would you? Yes I know we might never get to see all those animals in their natural habitat but at least they should consider moving them to a much bigger place. Give them some more free space to roam and live.

You hang on there guys, I'm submitting a petition to my caring MP - Mr Gobind Singh Deo.