National Zoo

Last weekend I brought my family to the National Zoological Park (Zoo Negara) in Hulu Klang, Selangor. I think the first and only time I went to this zoo was like 20-21 years ago? Yup, it's been so long so it's about time I come here again. And my wife and kids, this is their first visit ever.
We got there early (10:30AM is early) and the crowd has started to build up. The zoo is open daily from 9:00 to 5:00PM and admission is RM15.00 for adults and RM6.00 for children 3-12 years old and senior citizens (above 60). School children with uniforms only pay RM4.00. You'll be given this little arm band to wear as tickets/proof of purchase.
Naturally my 5 years old, Adam was most excited to see all those animals that he only get to see in books previously.
I think we visited and saw nearly every animal in the zoo today, all 120 acres on foot also mind you. Trams are for lazy (and old/pregnant) people.
This hippo is really HUGE. If you think Bujal is big, this one is 10 times bigger than Bujal. No kidding.
I called this tortoise meaning to give some peanuts to him but since he walks so slooooowly, I said just forget it.

(Just kidding. And you're not supposed to feed the animals).
We saw all kinds of animal at the Zoo today, mammals, reptiles, birds and fishes. Still Adam kept asking "where are all the frogs? I don't see any frogs here? I demand to see the frogs!!"
Those crocodile looks a lot smaller than they appear on TV. Hey, is that Steve Irwin?
I'd half expect this giraffe to turn around and sing I like to move it - move it.
The Asian elephant is much smaller than it's African cousin. This one is happily munching the sugar cane thrown by the visitors who actually paid for them (sugar cane). Duh, like those elephants don't have enough to eat every day already.
Despite it's cute and adorable looks, Bambi here stinks like my friend B.
Whatever happens to it's feathers I wonder.
Mia was fast asleep halfway through the park.
What are you doing laying around there doing nothing? Get up and walk about a little. Hello, we didn't pay just to see you laze around all day you know.
The tigers are really beautiful. Good thing they placed a pond surrounding its enclosure. Who knows some idiot might jump in there and play kitty-kitty with the big cat.
This tiger decided to take a bath while we walked past him. One time he was swam so near to us, I seriously thought he'd going to jump out from the pond. Fortunately he didn't and nobody became his lunch today (at least).
It's sad that the only place my kids can see a real cow is in the zoo.
The biggest rat in the world. You seriously don't want them anywhere near your house.
I thought these camels looked a lot better in the movies.
You think having people staring and yelling at you all day is fun? Try ask him.
Oh come on, guys, please get a room! There are kids watching!
Of all the stinking animals we saw at the zoo today, I think the bear stinks the most. This sun bear is not so bad but the one next door is simply nauseating. In fact you can see their droppings everywhere. Stay away from the bear enclosure if you've just eaten.
There are a few restaurants and stalls in the zoo like The Wild here. As expected their menu is a lot more expensive than outside so we wisely opted not to buy anything in there. Whatever happen to KFC?
The freshwater aquarium is the last place we visited today. Of course you won't find sharks or dolphins in there.
The animal show at their little amphitheater only run twice a day, at 11:00AM and 3:00PM which we missed both. Ah well, maybe next time.
After 2 hours of walking Adam started to lag behind in fatigue. We spent nearly 3 hours at the zoo today. Tired but definitely happy. Nevertheless I'm a tad disappointed that I didn't see any Dodo birds, dragons, unicorns, trolls, yetis or big feet in there. I want my money back!

Strangely enough, I had a mixed feeling after walking out of the zoo. Yes I'm glad that my family get to see all those interesting animals in one place but my heart also goes out to all those poor animals trapped in their little cages and enclosures, away from their natural habitat. Imagine if us people were made to live like that. Would you? Yes I know we might never get to see all those animals in their natural habitat but at least they should consider moving them to a much bigger place. Give them some more free space to roam and live.

You hang on there guys, I'm submitting a petition to my caring MP - Mr Gobind Singh Deo.


  1. macammana aku leh masuk dlm ini cerita...... huk huk huk....

  2. Good Dad, you really spend quality time with your family and this educational excursions. Congratulation. Many of us are volunteering our services and also taking part in Earth Day event on the following Sat 18 April there. Your well documented visit hopefully will inspire more people to appreciate our other fellow residents in this planet earth,