When your Celcom Broadband connection is super slow...

If you're using a Huawei E220 USB Modem like me, click on your Mobile Connect software and don't click Connect just yet. Click Settings > Choose Connection Type and select 3G Only. Then click Connect and watch your connection change from snail speed GPRS to HSDPA in no time.
Previously I never changed my modem's default settings (which is 3G Preferred) and somehow, my connection mysteriously changed to GPRS Only since the beginning of the month. So today I called Celcom's Careline at 1300-111-000 (local charges apply) meaning to give them a piece of my mind. So the customer service representative checked the coverage and connection status in my area and then he patiently told me how to troubleshoot my connection problem. I felt like a complete idiot afterward (like how am I supposed to know that?).

So moral of the story here, when you have no idea how to do something - it's always a good idea to ask. If you're experiencing any problems with your Internet connection, call your Internet Service Provider first. It might just be a little something wrong in your connection settings after all.


  1. Celcom BB tak best. benci la... kura2 pon laju.

    sorry tba2 menyampok..

    salam singgah ;)

  2. Celcom oklah jugak daripada Maxis yang tahap siput tu :D

  3. yep.. still bertahan dgn maxis snailbandku.. celcom is better lar :)