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Law - Stopgap

How does it feel
to be used
and discarded?

Cos baby you're a stopgap
Darling you're a stopgap

Now how does it feel
To be so disposable?
Like a razor or a camera
or broken light bulb?
To be so inconsequential?
or to mean nothing at all?

So how does it feel
to be used
and discarded?
How does it feel to be used?

Do you remember the time
when i was so faithful?
Do you remember
when i was so faithful
to you, oh baby
to you
or anyone?

But now you're just a stopgap
I will make excuses for it:
"I don't want commitment"
"I just want to be alone"
Yes i really like you BUT
I must leave you
But i don't hurt you...
Cos i will just fuck around.

So I'm sorry.

download mp3 here.

I first heard this song on Xfresh FM last week but it didn't catch my liking until yesterday. I didn't get to hear the band name or song title so I just googled the lyrics and found this band on their Myspace site. Stopgap is their (first?) single from their second album Timezones available for download (for free!) at their Myspace page. Lead singer Law was previously had a another band called Nakeru but they broke up and he later created Law.

I'm a huge fan of Weezer so when I heard stopgap I thought OMG, is this like their new single or something? When I found out it was not Weezer I'm pretty impressed nonetheless with Law for making such a beautiful song such as stopgap. It's like Weezer meets The Platters. But sadly that's where the similarity ends. After listening all of their songs from Timezones I can summarize Law as more of a pop band than a rock band (they did said that on their site). I mean more than half of their music is pop with only 4 songs that suits my rock taste. I hope that Law would drop their pop side and concentrate on their rock side more. I can't imagine Law performing in a gig with music that sounds like Rabbit or Bjork. This band has got potential to be Malaysia's own Weezer, they just need to be guided to the rock path. Anywho, that's my personal views only and they don't really have to change the sound because of me he he.

Anyway, keep on rocking Law and keep those good music coming. You guys rock!

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  1. Yup!1st aku dgr mcm Weezer..Tapi aku skeptikal,sbb store gitar mmg mcm Weezer,tp stroke tu Rivers Cuomo tak guna lagi since Green album (last dengar dlm album Pinkerton) so aku yakin bkn Weezer..Lagipun Xfresh tak pasang lagu luar..Aku ingat Lo,tapi entah mcm mana aku terdengar dorang sebut 'stopgap' so jumpala Law..Anyway,thanks sbb bagi link free album Law ni..Destination CA layan woo..:p