Ximplify Web-hosting review

If you happen to buy any genuine HP or Compaq notebooks recently, chances are you'll be given a free 10GB web hosting subscription from local IT company, Ximplify.
The free subscription is for a one year period and after that if you'd like to continue you'll have to pay RM59 for the renewal fee. A year subscription with Ximplify gives you the following benefit:

- An international domain name (.com,.org.,.net etc), for example www.afifplc.com
- 1GB personal mailbox (Webmail & POP3)
- Web SMS Tool with free 10 SMS credits
- 10GB web space for blog, multimedia album, etc.

The first thing you need to do when you receive your Ximplify CD kit is to register at the Ximplify website (www.ximplify.com/register). Enter the 16 digit PIN number and Verification ID at the registration page. After that you'll have to complete the registration process where you need to specify your preferred domain name (like www.afifplc.com), contact info, password, etc. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from Ximplify saying that your registration had been successful.

After 48 hours, you'll received another e-mail stating that your chosen domain is complete and you're ready to modify and upload files to your new website.
The Ximplify control panel is similar to popular blog hosting sites such as Blogger and Wordpress so if you've got a blog already, the user interface should be very familiar.
Like Blogger and Wordpress, you can choose to add Components or change the template for your Ximplify website. Unlike Blogger or Wordpress though, there's little customization or modification you can do to your Ximplify website. Yes there's about 30 components and templates to choose from but that's it. You can not upload your own template or modify any html coding to your liking.
For RM59 a year, you can subscribe to a decent web hosting company that can give you full access to your site - HTML, PHP, MySQL and a reasonable bandwidth. You can do anything you want with your website, use your creativity to the max and sky's the limit.

The only thing I like with Ximplify is the free top level domain name registration (albeit for one year). However the registered domain name doesn't belong to you and the technical information (DNS and server information) remains the exclusive right of Emerge Systems Sdn Bhd (the owner of Ximplify).

Here's the pros and cons of using Ximplify

- Free one year subscription (for HP/Compaq notebook buyers)
- Free top level domain
- 10GB web hosting
- 1GB personal e-mail space (Webmail & POP3) at your registered domain, e.g: mail@afifplc.com

- Limited customization

Ximplify web hosting is great for beginners who have little or basic experience in blogging or web design (with RM59.oo to spare). But for serious blogger/web designer Ximplify is simply not for them.


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