Day off

Today I'm taking my first official day off from work as a confirmed staff. Not that I've never taken any day offs before, I did but they were one Emergency Leave and one Sick Leave so they don't count. Six months here and I didn't come to work for only two days? I surprised even myself there. I guess when you love your job so much, you'll enjoy coming to work everyday. Like somebody said: "If you found a job that you love doing, you'll never have to go to work anymore". I think that's so true. For me, I have no problem waking up everyday coming to work doing what I do best.

Now that we're living in Taman Universiti, we have to leave home even earlier. At 6:30 am went to the nursery to drop off Adam and I had to drive all the way to Bukit Jalil to drop off Linda at the LRT station there. I usually traverse the Equine-Puncak Jalil-Kinrara route to get to Bukit Jalil. Even at 6:45 in the morning I dare not ply the Seri Kembangan-Serdang Raya route afraid that we'll get stuck in a terrible traffic jam. The Kinrara road is much better with less traffic but we still got stuck at the junction leading out from Kinrara because of the traffic light. Today I arrived at office around 8 o'clock but still I'm always the first one to get there and had to wait for somebody to unlock the doors.

Today I send my car for it's 2nd scheduled service. Got there at the Puchong Proton Service Centre around 7:35 am. I like this particular workshop cause the service is fast and efficient, it's like you hand over your car and in 90 minutes it's all done plus you get free car wash some more. But today though I had to wait some 3 hours there since they had to fix my gear knob and the electric socket. Also there's no restaurant or stalls in sight so I had to walk a mile to the nearest restaurant. Even then I still got 2 hours to wait for the car (thank God for AXN).

Later I drove straight to Low Yat Plaza stopping at the Caltex station near the Sunway toll. That Bangla guy mistakenly gave me RM40 worth of fuel when I actually paid only for RM30 and he didn't even realize it. Ten years ago during my naughtier days I wouldn't think twice about this and drive away as fast as I can but today I debated with myself whether to do the right thing or not. After one full minute of thinking, my conscience got the better of me and I paid another 10 ringgit to the cashier. He was pleasantly surprised and couldn't thank me enough. Guess he didn't meet much honest customers nowadays did he? :) Ten ringgit may not be much for the rest of us but it could mean the world to that poor Bangla dude.

Anyway I got to Low Yat Plaza around 11:15 am, the right time to do go shopping there where there's not much crowd and most of the shops are open already. The number one rule for shopping at Low Yat Plaza is, you have to visit every shop there to find the best price for anything. So I did that and found two good price for one Sony DVD writer and another Imation DVD writer. Since many of my tech savvy friends recommend Imation, I decided to go with their recommendation and bought one Imation DVD writer for 115 ringgit. It's amazing how hardware prices come down every year. 2 years ago the same DVD writer would have cost around 300 bucks. Regular CD writers costs as low as 80 ringgit today. It's always like that. They'll cost a bomb at first and then they'll go down slowly until the reach a certain threshold where they don't come down any lower. After that they'll remain at that same low price for the next several years. The Imation DVD writer turned out to be really good buy for me. It's super fast and reliable and it took my less than 2 minutes to burn 18 tracks on my cd. Now I can burn all my favourite mp3 collection, create a VCD or even a DVD movie at home.

Later I pick up Adam from the nursery, treat him a Beary Meal at A&W PJ and pick up wifey from work. Hmm, I think that's about it for now until next time, stay alive and stay tuned to Gitu-gitu di Era.

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