Of treats and tradition

This morning around 11:30 our manager En Mazlan called for a meeting with everybody who's involved with the case of the missing computers. Now En Mazlan loves to talk. Even outside meetings he talks a lot. I guess with his ripe old age and so many experience, he's got a lot to share with the younger generation (like us). He could go on for hours when he started talking. That's why we, the older staff quickly make up excuses when we sense our conversation with En Mazlan is starting to drag too long. I dah kena once with En Mazlan when he talked to me about everything, work, life, cars etc for 95 minutes. So for now he's prying on the newer staffs. Not to be mistaken with my boss (who is the M.D), En Mazlan is the only manager here. I still believe he's responsible for hiring me about 7 months ago. I suppose he's a good judge of people's character. (not that I'm that good or anything :), thanks a lot En Mazlan.

But I digress. Our meeting was naturally about the missing
pcs. Then we moved on to other subjects like ongoing works and our job satisfaction and stuff. I hinted that I could do with a little raise to him. Don't know if he got my hint. Of course he had to include tales from yesteryear. How he started from the bottom and build up his career until what he is today plus a few anecdotes from his previous jobs. Now the aircond in the meeting room downstairs was faulty so after an hour or so the room was rather stuffy and hot for my liking. We were really glad when he finally stopped talking around 1 o'clock. Then he surprised us by taking everybody for lunch at KFC.

En Mazlan (left)

It's a norm for people in my company to treat each other from time to time and it's an unwritten rule for new staffs to belanja nasi lemak (or anything) for everybody in his/her department when they started working.

I like that practice very much cause every month somebody will belanja me for breakfast or lunch. It creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the staffs. Of course I did return the favour myself when I got my bonus the other day and treat Bujal, Safuan & Abang Din for lunch. But I dislike that new stuff must buy food rule. It's like they're forcing me to feed them or something. Some of the older staff was rather persistent too about that and it really pisses me off. I'll fed you when I feel like it okay? Now sit, good dawg.

Anyway, we'd like to thanks En Mazlan again for lunch. Same place tomorrow okay?

OMG did I just put my picture here???

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