I have a dream..

Do you know someone who fantasizes about being a rock star or daydreams about becoming filthy rich or as a famous footballer?

I'm totally like that.

In fact I bet everyone daydreams or fantasizes about one thing or another right? I think it's perfectly normal for us mortal humans to dream of being somebody else, somebody special. Speaking of which, here are my top ten fantasies for your viewing pleasure:

10. Anakin Skywalker (Jedi apprentice)

Look ma, lightsaber!

Anakin Skywalker was a legendary male Human Jedi Knight in the waning days of the Jedi Order who was believed to be the Chosen One. During his training, he was slowly swayed to the dark side of the Force by his many emotions and, most influentially, by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. He eventually took on the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, thus becoming Darth Vader
shortly before the formation of the Galactic Empire, yakk yakk yakk. I just want to be Anakin so that I can play with those cool light saber, make out with Padme Amidala and kick some intergalactic alien ass (and bring balance to the Force of course). Too bad my midi-chlorian count is so low.

9. Kevin Federline (Rapper wannabe/Britney's ex)

He's a freaking back up dancer foor goodness sake!

Oh come on you guys, don't tell me you've never fantasize of doing it with Britney and having her babies!

8. Niniane (Google employee)

All play and little work makes me wannabe a Googler even more.

Nianiane is just a software engineer hailing from California, U.S. What made her special is the fact that she worked for Google. With a handsome payroll, endless parties and so many perks, I'd do anything to work for Google.

7. Tony Wheeler (Travel writer)

You can't buy those t-shirts at Petaling Street

Believe or not, with a beat-up old car and a few dollars, Tony Wheeler and wife made it from Britain all the way across Europe and Asia to Australia overland about 30 years ago. And then the couple decided to write about their amazing experience and came out with the first Lonely Planet guide book. From only 85 cents in their pocket, Lonely Planet now has offices in 3 continents with 500 employees and 300+ authors. I'd really love to do that myself you know, travel the world over and write my experience in a book. Maybe I will try doing that when I retire.

6 .Bill Gates (Very rich person)

He's every girl's fantasy, Bill Gates posing for the cover of Seventeen. (Is that an Apple in the background?)

Yeah I know Bill Gates & Microsoft are evil but I had to respect him for how he turned from a university drop out into a multi-billionaire. Of course, I do believe money alone can't buy happiness but I can buy a lot of things that can make me very happy with loads of money!

5. Marty McFly (Accidental time-traveler)

Don't call him chicken

In the Back To The future movie, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) travelled back to the past and future with a DeLorean car/time machine. How I'd wish I can turn back time like that and make right so many things I screwed up in the past. That'll be totally awesome.

4. Harry Potter (Confused boy wizard)

Yes it's true Hermione, I wetted my bed last night. I can't help it, it's my hormones!

I'd love to go to Hogwarts, learn spells, kick Malfoy's ass, play Quidditch, drink butterbeer at Hogsmeade, fight Voldermort, you know the usual stuff. Maybe, I can also charm my boss for a promotion or cast a spell so that he'll give me a raise, that would be terrific!

3. Kurt Cobain (Legendary rock star)

And so kids, why shoudln't we do drugs? That's right, else you end up like me..

I wanted to be Kurt Cobain when I was in high school you know performing live before screaming fans, rocking the world with his super cool grunge rock music, that kind of stuff. That's when I started to talk like him, tried to grow my hair long (and failed miserably) and bought all their albums. Too bad my guitar playing skill is a good as yours (if not worse).

2. Ronaldo (International footballer)

Yeah, yeah I know I'm fat but so is Afif, big deal!

During my teenage years, I dreamed of being Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima. Marrying supermodels, earning 80,000 pounds per week, playing for top European clubs not to mention lifting the World Cup, I'd trade places with him anytime. FYI I beat Ronaldo and co on a regular basis.. in the FIFA football game that is.

1. Clark Kent (Super-strong alien hunk)

Clark Kent is my favourite fantasy so far. Of all the superheroes in the world, I'd naturally chose Superman over the rest. Strong and fast with x-ray vision and laser eyes, what more can I ask? And I'd prefer the Smallville version of Clark Kent cause he's like totally hot. Brandon Routh is so lame in comparison. I pray that my Clark Kent stays at Smallville and not turn into that spandex wearing guy in Metropolis.

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