Grease is the word

While many people were mad about Heroes or AF5 here at Afif PLC, Grease is the word. Believe it or not, I watched Grease for the first time on 8TV earlier this month and fell totally in love with this movie.

First time I saw this movie, I laughed my head off watching them with their crazy dance moves and their silly hair style, costume and all. But after a while I thought, hey this movie is gooood! I totally love the song Summer nights, Danny was the epitome of coolness and Sandy was simply adorable! A lot of the songs were catchy and good too. So I watched the rest of the movie and even bought myself the vcd (the original one mind you).

Grease begins In the summer of 1958 when Danny Zuko, a member of Rydell High School's boy gang the T-Birds, meets Sandy Olsson, an innocent girl from Australia, at the beach and they fall in love. When autumn nears, Sandy tells him she must return to Australia but Sandy's plans are changed and she ends up attending Rydell High. She quickly makes friends with Frenchy, a beauty-obsessed member of a clique of girls, The Pink Ladies, who introduces her to the other members of the gang – Rizzo, Jan and Marty. As yet, Danny and Sandy are unaware of each other's presence at school, but both are egged on by their friends to tell the story of their summer holiday romance (here they sings Summer Nights).

The rest of the film revolves mostly on the relationship of Sandy and Danny, the problems they face, and the ups and downs of their high school life. The main characters and the unusual pairing of Sandy and Danny makes this movie even more interesting. My favourite part of the film is the music, this film has such a brilliant soundtrack. The songs are catchy and addictive and will be in your head all day long.

Despite the fact that Grease was released some 29 years ago, the movie is still a favourite for so many people (including new fans like me). I can imagine my mom and dad singing to the tunes of Grease back in the 70s complete with those silly costumes and ridiculous hair style! And the way the boys walk, it's like they got springs in their knees.

I just love this movie and could watch it over and over again. Grease has to be the best musical of all time. But don't just take my words for it, you've got to see it for yourself to experience the magic of Grease!

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