Dvds & swings

On Saturday I went dvd-hunting around town. After a stressful and difficult week , I really need to have a break, you know hang out with family, watch some movies. The problem is, dvds or vcds are really hard to come by these days. I suppose the associated ministry had done a really swell jobe in wiping out the vcd/dvd traders and suppliers. I tried searching high and low at Imbi and Low Yat Plaza and found none. I know I can try my luck at Petaling Street but finding a parking spot there is nearly impossible. Then I searched at The Mines also no luck there. I almost gave up hope after that before I decided to pay South City Plaza a visit.

South City Plaza in Seri Kembangan is not exactly the most happening mall in town. Just going through the infamous Seri Kembangan traffic is enough to put off potential visitors. Furthermore there's nothing much to see or do at South City Plaza. The two top floor is like sleepy hollow, there's few shops open and visitors are far and few. The ground and basement level is where most of the shops are located and there we can see a bit more crowd. It's down there at the basement level where we found this little dvd stall right in front of Giant. Just when I thought all hopes are gone, there it is my life saviour at a place where I least expected. I felt like giving Ah Meng there a big bear hug. So I bought two 3 in 1 dvds, 6 movies in all enough for me to watch all this weekend. So guys, if you're looking for some dvds, you know where to look! (hey support the local pirate industry!).

Later Linda suggested that we have dinner at a Marrybrown restaurant nearby. I thought, owh okay why not? Actually, I think she just wanted to eat and sit on the swings inside the restaurant. So we ordered some food and sat at one of those table with swings. Then I remembered why I never go to Marrybrown anymore. The food there are simply tasteless. The fried chicken was bland, the fries was plain and the nuggets was no good either. With food that bad, I'm amazed they managed to stay open all these years. I bet most people who eat there just wanted to enjoy the swings! Furthermore, sitting on the moving swing while eating didn't go very well with my stomach. So much for a romantic dinner for two on the swings :)


  1. Hey you can get those dvd movies at Mines la..the one at the ICT able training center..sumthing like dat..go check it out..

    yea rite support the local pirate market..heh..tak cukup lagi ke kene tahan masuk lokap? hehe

    so eventually what happened? u got away just like that? no way..!! ;p

    so sorry i couldn't bail u out..next time ya

  2. I tried there already but they were like always closed.

    Of course we won't get away just like that, investigation still ongoing. Frankly I'm tired of worrying, just don't care anymore.