My first card

As a Jusco Credit Card's holder, you can earn 50% more J Card points when you charge your purchases to your Jusco Credit Card at Jusco outlets in Malaysia. If you are a frequent shopper, at Jusco it means you are that much closer to redeeming your favourite item offered through the Jusco Redemption Programme.

Use your Jusco Credit Card together with J Card to earn 50% more J Card points. For more information about J Card benefits.

You can also enjoy fantastic benefits such as Free Rebate and Discount Vouchers, specially priced supermarket items, exclusive invitations for J Card Member's Day, Free Pearl Magazines, Free Insurance Coverage, members' privileges at more than 100 participating Outlets/Merchants nationwide and exclusive birthday promotions.

Ok enough of that crap, actually I just wanna show y'all my first ever credit card :)

My wife loves Jusco so much she decided to get a Jusco Credit Card herself and was kind enough to get a supplementary card for me.

Ok that's all, back to work now.


  1. hello are you a promoter for jusco or what? if u get paid then it's okay lah..but i don't think so..


    how much is your total point to date?

  2. Credit cards are evil I tell ya...

    p/s : nice blog..cheers.

  3. No lah, not promoter, I'm just glad to have my first card that's all :) Don't know how much my point either, never check.

    BU: Not if my credit limit is just about the same as my monthly salary, cheers!

  4. I couldn't agree more with BU, credit cards will make all ur hair short make u bald!!

    i myself don't own a credit's disastrous to have one..hehehe

    happy swiping!