McAfee Network Security Seminar

Last week I attended a seminar organized by McAfee Inc called McAfee Network Security Seminar at Hotel Nikko in Kuala Lumpur.

This is the first time I stepped in to Hotel Nikko. It's a nice place but the parking was bloody expensive (RM13.50 for half day). Well, it's KL city - what do you expect?

McAfee is one of the largest computer security firm in the world and they have invited some of their regular customers/reseller to this seminar to give an update on the latest network security concerns in the IT industry today.

That, and also to promote their latest firewall hardware product. The host for this event was Ms Allison Heng, Regional Sales Manager for McAfee.

The keynote address was presented by Mr Jason Lamar, Director for Product Management at McAfee who flew in all the way from Washington D.C. We were briefed about the new Firewall product from McAfee and how they beat Cisco to hold the largest market share for network security product in the world today.

The second presenter was err.. some guy who I already forgot his name. His presentation on Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) was rather forgettable too. I could hardly understand a thing he said with his short breath and thick British accent. Dude, join a gym or something.

The last presentation was by Mr Tan (I think) who provided a hands-on demo on the new McAfee firewall.

And now for the main event, lunch! We had chicken curry, grilled lamb and stingray asam pedas which was simply delicious for lunch. And I don't usually eat fish! Full marks for Hotel Nikko for the superb food.

Before we left, there were a little lucky draw event where the lucky participant will walk home with a brand new Blackberry phone. So the lucky winner was... (drum roll) - some government guy from Putrajaya! Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Well at least I get to have breakfast and lunch and left with a cool black McAfee t-shirt. Thanks.