Find alternatives to popular software at AlternativeTo

Let's say you would like to find some alternatives to popular office productivity software like Microsoft Office. You could Google for it or you can head on to which list some great alternatives to many popular software, apps or games.

AlternativeTo works based on user recommendations which list software according to popularity or user "likes" with the more popular being listed further up the list.

For example if you enter Microsoft Office, this website will list some of the more popular alternatives to that software like Google Docs, OpenOfficeorg and LibreOffice with many of them either free or open source.

You can search many different software or apps at AlternativeTo and the search result will include multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and even smartphone platforms like Android & iOS.

AlternativeTo is great for searching free or better alternatives for popular software, apps and games. If you don't have much money to spend on genuine software or just trying to look for other alternatives to a particular software, this is website is the place to go.