Old Town White Coffee - Curry Mee

Since Old Town White Coffee restaurants is now certified halal, I'm going to make it a mission to sample each and every one of their dishes. That means I'm going to eat at one of their outlets at least once a month. Since they've got about a hundred different meals on their menu, I predict I will cover all of them in approximately 10 years time. Unless of course somebody at Old Town finds my effort truly inspiring and worthy of recognition and decided to give me like, free treats there everyday or something? Yeah right. Dream on.
Anyway, my first meal in this serial review was the Old Town White Coffee Curry Mee (curry noodle). It's basically noodle served with thick curry sauce and vegetables. Emmm yummy! The Curry Mee here is pictured with Old Town 'Cham' iced coffee for RM 6.80 and RM3.50 each.