Afif PLC turns two!

Another year, another milestone. If Afif PLC was a human being, she'd be 2 years now. Still very young, still has much to improve. I started this blog as a medium to channel my thoughts on things, share some of the knowledge I have with the world, chronicle all the important events and news in my life. 2 years on, it still serves those purpose.
One thing for sure is, Afif PLC has indeed grown, readership wise. I do get an average of 200 hits per day. That would not happen without the support of readers like you, you and yes, you there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and visitors to Afif PLC and also Afif Chronicles. The regular followers, my friends, colleagues, you know who you are and you guys are STARS!

So for another (hopefully) exciting and good year ahead. Thanks for coming.

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